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We are very lucky to be close to our airport. We are 20 minutes away from BDL. Who has a close airport too. Or who has the farthest airport away.
8:51pm on 9/20/23 by
We're 20 mins from MAN (Manchester, England), slightly less if there's no traffic at all. But I used to work there and it is 90-120 mins in rush hour.
8:23am by
Have fun fishing @MO! We are 1.2 hour from DIA, and 20 minutes from COS.
27 min ago by
90 minutes from LAX. Closer to Orange County/Santa Ana, Ontario and Palm Springs, but they have more expensive flights that are usually not non-stop.
2 min ago by
How are the rooms at Pop compared to All Stars size wise?
29 min ago by
I think they are the same size. And they are pretty much furnished the same way. If you do a google search, you can find out the square footage of all the hotels.
27 min ago by
Never stayed at Pop, twice at Movies. Will be at Pop in May. From photos it looks like rooms with 2 queens are identical. Other than theming and Skyliner I don't see many differences between the properties.
5 min ago by
Curious if any DVC owners have had luck getting a grand villa at 7 month's for Oct? We're going to book our home resort at 11mos but don't have the points for the GV at VGF. Hoping we can bounce to BW or AK or really any GV we can snag at 7 months. Thanks
6 min ago by
Sooooo excited! DH and I will be heading back in just 10 days! Will at least I will...He will be taking the new Brightline train to Boca Raton for a few days of work. I'll be having fun. Now I wish we had that DVC! Lol
2:01pm on 9/20/23 by
*** they were facing the back and traveling the opposite direction if that makes sense.
46 min ago by
Remember old southwest flights where the front seat faced backwards? And you got your boarding card as you arrived to the gate? My uncle was a salesman so always got there early so he got one of those seats so he could meet lots of friends. He's chatty.
41 min ago by
I have no memory of that Southwest seat! But Ive been on trains with them. Yes to motion sickness from facing backwards!
11 min ago by
I'm so glad I kept checking back on the Dining Promo deals - POFQ popped up with a deal for November 1st. You might check other dates if you're booked there. I didn't really want to change resorts and was holding out for FQ.
8:22am by
Nice! POFQ is my fav moderate resort :)
9:24am by
It's my favorite moderate resort too because it's so small, easy to food and transportation. I rarely see it pop up on deals/offers, so wanted to share for others.
46 min ago by
Hoping it pops up on the D+ discount for my end of Nov trip, I'd rather stay there than POR.
14 min ago by
Does anyone else go into your plans on MDE after ADR day and admire your reservations and all your hard work? No, just me?
9:59am by
Oh yeah, 100%.
26 min ago by
I even do this with friends and family's plans...I get excited for them about their trip too! I'm definitely one of your people.
15 min ago by
14 min ago by
How is the passholder shopping event going? I need to live vicariously through Liners who are there.
19 min ago by
We had a lovely first full day yesterday finished off with drinks with @youcanfly and her husband then fireworks on Main Street. https://instagram.com/p/Cwulz3XOR_F/ Starting our Shenkel list:
7:42am on 9/3/23 by
Sadly we leave on Saturday, the whole trip is just over 3 weeks. We will have 24 hours in Fiji on the way home which should help a bit with the long travel time and jet lag.
9:39am by
Plus it's Fiji! How fun! Well I'm sure we will get a chance to visit again when you come back.
10:11am by
I've so loved following along, @land! I hope your last days are just as lovely for you!!
25 min ago by
Which Flippers location delivers to WDW resorts?
25 min ago by
41 & 227. Good morning and have a great day Liner friends!
6:21am by
101 - Dalmatian day! Will ring in the New Year at MK to celebrate my retirement from Miami (Ohio) University!
10:36am by
@shockbl Congratulations on your retirement! My DH retired a year ago in May from UNH and we celebrated with a trip as well. Wonderful 10 days! Hope you have an awesome time!
11:38am by
29 & 436!
30 min ago by
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