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Coming in early afternoon to WL. Have tickets for MNSSHP and plan to go over to MK at 4:00. Looking for the best non park lunch spot. Suggestions?
8:58pm by
If you're at WL I would highly recommend eating at Geyser Point. Good food and a great view!
9:20pm by
Love GP
9:37pm by
Another vote for Geyser Point.
< 1 min ago by
Hello Liners! For our Epcot day, is it possible to get one LL for Remy, one ILL for GOTG and a virtual cue for GOTG all at 7am? TIA!
10:10pm by
If you're onsite, yes. If offsite, you can't buy GotG ILL till park open.
26 min ago by
But there's only one of me, lol! BG first, LL for Remy and then get ILL for GotG?
9 min ago by
That's the order I did it! I wanted Remy for evening and ILL for midday, so it really wasn't even difficult.
7 min ago by
So I have kind of a strange question. I am struggling on whether or not to apply for a DAS. I do have a medical condition that can make it impossible or very uncomfortable at times to have to wait in long lines. This condition is not life threatening or a
7:36pm by
Not all disabilities are visible or can be controlled, so don't feel bad. We cannot control whatever it is that sets off my Dsis' issues. After stressful trips without DAS, using DAS has made our trips far less stressful and far more enjoyable.
53 min ago by
Lots of disabilities are invisible. It's not for others to judge. If you feel you need it get it
48 min ago by
Use it and don't think twice about it. Have a great trip!
7 min ago by
Guys - does the thing still work where you have say EP APR, grab a GOTG BG and then switch APR park, then hop and go back to your BG later in the day?
9 min ago by
How long do you think they will use boarding groups for Guardians?
8:48am by
line (rather than eating, shopping, or otherwise spending money). So it could be part of a new strategy.
3:18pm by
Right now it seems inconsistent to me that they're using it for GOTG but not Rise. It feels like BGs would be much more useful on the ride that's less reliable... We're going this time next month & would prefer no VQ as prefer evening touring at Epcot...
4:19pm by
On the Disney Dish they have speculated that MDE can only support 1 ride at a time as a VBG ride. They removed Rise just before Remy opened and then Remy about a month before GotG
9 min ago by
Help! We arrive Saturday, my in laws were going to pick us up from the airport but just told us they can't. I haven't paid attention to any transportation details. I know mears, sunshine flyer, uber/Lyft, private car. Anything else I should research?
17 min ago by
We did happy limo from mco to akl and then mears back to mco. Both were on time.
12 min ago by
Musings: On my offsite, extended family trip, we got on every significant ride and waited in almost no long lines. All it took was Genie Plus, ILL, a one night throwaway onsite stay bridging AK and Ep days so we could buy ILL,*
20 min ago by
*moving HS day to a weekend for better LL availability and so we could buy ILL, and a former IT professional to think about it endlessly for months in advance. Interestingly, at Universal with EP Unlimited, we waited in longer lines than LL and missed*
18 min ago by
* a key ride, Hagrids, because the line was so long, it didn't take EP, and when we punted to evening, it rained and it never reopened. The other ride that doesn't take EP, Velocicoaster, we waited an hour for. EP costs more than Genie Plus.
16 min ago by
So Uni was way less planning stress, but in my estimation, more waiting in line than if you are willing to pull out every stop at Disney. I would not be willing to pull out every stop other than on a once in a lifetime trip. But still thought I'd note.
14 min ago by
I think one of the best things about staying onsite is having HEA on loop at night. :D alll the feeels
8:03pm by
I love this, too. #enchantmentstinks
9:38pm by
I was just thinking that. Enchantment has started to grow on me a bit but every time I hear the HEA sound track I'm like - nope - doesn't hold a candle. Also there's this channel now where they've got these blogger/ influencer types to do videos in the
22 min ago by
Parks and stuff... and I don't know about you guys but I find them a little too forced... must have been a huge thing for them to be picked though.
21 min ago by
Does genie+ work during deluxe hours or is everything standby? Asking for a friend!
7:45pm by
Standby. You don't need genie plus.
7:47pm by
When making online ADR 60 days out, can you make ADRs for the entire trip the first day? Or do you have to get up super early every day to make the reservations for each day that is exactly 60 days out from that one day?
33 min ago by
You can make ADRs fir your whole trip at 60 days IF you are staying on property @margaret, otherwise day by day.
31 min ago by
And that your whole trip, up to 10 days.
31 min ago by
"What's Cookin'?" Another museum day, we are visiting the Andy Warhol museum and later we will be trying a new to us Italian restaurant with our friends. Definitely looking forward to some delicious pasta! What will you be noshing on today?
2:46pm by
Chicken bacon ranch quesadillas.
8:37pm by
We have cookout. Best shakes.
8:38pm by
Hi @ndn!
39 min ago by
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