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Would love to know if those with later genie + return times are still able to book 120 min after they booked the later time. Also if you booked at 7am could you book another one at 9am?
57 min ago by
Assuming that what I see is truly available, I see BTMR for 1:30. Pull to refresh and got 12:30. I do not have anything selected on the genie and no dining so I don't have conflict with other things. I can check park/attraction if someone would like.
< 1 min ago by
So if you booked one at 7, you could not book again until 2 hours after park opens, or when you tap in for your first LL, whichever is first?
< 1 min ago by
Free for about 30minutes while I enjoy my coffee.
< 1 min ago by
So, My very first thought on playing with Genie+ for today: Rght off the bat: the estimated wait time bar chart on each ride is absolute garbage. It shows you the "wait' each hour, but THERE'S NO SCALE.
7:26am by
Thanks very much @JJT! Yup, it looks like SDD were the first to sell out.
4 min ago by
At least for now.
3 min ago by
Re the no grace period, I wonder if that will also apply now if you miss your BG window for Remy.
1 min ago by
My daughters really want to see all the princess. We are at CRC and we just saw Cinderella but my little princess is all things Ariel and mermaids. Where can we see where all the princesses walk through? Help.
10 min ago by
If they are performing on the Main st train station they will all desend on a ramp to the right. If your timing and position is correct they will "promenade" right past you. Lost of blown kisses!
2 min ago by
Is anyone else having trouble withe the 50th Celebration Sweepstakes page? The first time I tried it I was able to enter but every time since then I get nowhere! https://50thcelebrationsweepstakes.com/?CMP=ILC-DPFY22Q1wo1007210023A
8:23am by
Same - different device sometimes helps
9:51am by
Use a private window for entry next day.
10:09am by
I have had to enter from a private browser every day.
2 min ago by
When can you start planning your day? I got my first day done in November but now it won't go back to it or let me do any other days. My trip is November 8th to 17th
10:17am by
In Touring Plans? All you need to do is create a new plan for a new day. (And if you've saved it, you should be able to get back to it; on the app, plans will be in the bottom left, and on the computer, they're on the bottom right of the home page.
9 min ago by
In the app, when you scroll down you see "my plans" and you select create a plan. Website is slightly different.
7 min ago by
Also you can create a plan from your trip. Similar in app, tap the trip name and it opens your dates for you.
5 min ago by
DAS question - updated the app this morning. Where is the section/screen for booking DAS return times through the app? My son's DAS renewal was already approved at GS on 10/16 but I don't see any booking options on the app
7:26am by
I think you need to have entered the park first.
9:25am by
Keep us updated once you figure it out
9:28am by
Following to see where to find this!
6 min ago by
I may have missed this but can I buy Genie plus for my trip in December or do I have to wait to buy it when I am there?
9:17am by
Yes was easy. In app tapped on "take your day to next level/add G+" which took me out to WDW website. Was able to modify existing reservation park tics and upgrade to G+. Just paid the price gap to add G+.
15 min ago by
It was easy to add to 3 different types of tickets this morning. 6 day, 3 day and 2 day tix went through on one transaction. had to go back and do the one day ticket separately for some reason. surprised that it worked!!!
7 min ago by
I couldn't find on website but easy on app.
7 min ago by
Here we go! Downloading the Genie update to MDE. Love the new 50th logo on the app button.
7:05am by
Nice going! Keep us posted. I would love to hear a final tally of rides and Genie+ passes used by the end of the day, if you're willing to keep track!
24 min ago by
17 min ago by
I really appreciate this! Super helpful.
7 min ago by
Our take on the PC vs Mac ad from the early 2000's https://youtu.be/ydAYB_zZ60o
30 min ago by (staff)
11 min ago by
That is awesome:D
9 min ago by
8 min ago by
Watch TP recap on YouTube this afternoon at 4 Eadtern. (or on replay.) https://twitter.com/touringplans/status/1450433384698757120?s=21
9:37am by
Crap can't watch at 4, well yes i can if my DD gets her hair cut first and i do mine second.Priorities! HA!
40 min ago by
Thanks for posting this!
37 min ago by
I'll be curious to see what they say.
8 min ago by
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