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Why do you love wdw? My excuse for wdw obsession is bc well, life is stressful & it helps w/ my anxiety. I find myself not thinking ab work, to do lists, etc when I'm focused on planning my next trip. Counting down to my 1st ever MVMCP!!
10:31pm by
Because it's my happy place. Lots of happy memories as a child and now making so many happy memories as a parent. The music and ambience really speak to me. My DH says he can always tell how much my mood shifts when I'm in the bubble.
29 min ago by
Also I really REALLY enjoy the planning and contemplating future trips. And thinking about the never ending to do list. And learning the ins and outs so that I can take advantage of the flaws in the system to create an awesome day regardless of crowds.
27 min ago by
Same for me as @ Rapunzel. The planning keeps me focused on my next break and not the stress/anxiety of everyday life. As for why WDW? It's fun, it's clean, it's safe, it's warm, it's convenient, it's familiar & most people are welcoming (CM's & Guests)
< 1 min ago by
I'm starting to stalk LLs and wait times for our trip next month. Would someone please remind the current return time grace periods for LL, ILL, and VQ? Thanks!
8:41am by
The anytime will have a list of rides it's valid for. Usually equal to or lower than whatever ride went down and you got it for. It will only work for those rides.
24 min ago by
Yes @br - it allows to to tap in all day the next day as long as it's for the rides it's valid for. And then some folks have had luck getting GS to move the anytime to the next day and use it all over again. As long as you don't use it.
22 min ago by
1 min ago by
Has anyone tried getting both RotR and GotG in the same day? Was thinking of starting at DHS buy ILL jump to EPCOT try for virtual queue and if available ILL. Doable? Or just crazy idea?
9:28pm on 10/4/22 by
@KPH it had already been 2 hours since last booked, so I can't attest to whether it would have let me rebook earlier. All my LL were after 2 pm.
12:39pm by
Regardless of where your APR is, your second LL is two hours past park open at the park where the first LL is booked.
1:02pm by
3 min ago by
MB+ - are they worth it? Are they a hassle to keep charged? I can't find my last MB & I'm thinking of ordering 1 for Nov trip, so getting discount. More concerned with battery drain than with the bells and whistles. Whatcha all think?
18 min ago by
They do need to be charged every night. Otherwise they don't work consistently. I'd get it for a kid but for adults plain ones are good enough. I actually switched to an old band when I got sick of the distraction of random buzzing.
3 min ago by
Coronado- regular room or Gran Destino Tower room? Prices are comparable... and I'll likely drop most of my Poly stay if the Deluxe hrs go away.
8:33pm by
I'd go GDT, I think the up charge is worth being in such a nice space and near all the amenities
9:57pm by
Gotcha. Thanks @JER
10:25pm by
GDT is beautiful. Rooms are huge. Loved the view from room.
3 min ago by
Hi all - I'm hosting a Halloween movie night for girls ages 9-12 and a few parents - and I'm stuck on what movie to show. Any ideas? Nothing too scary, hopefully fun - nice music a plus. Ideally a Halloween show, otherwise I might fall back on encanto etc
5 min ago by
32 & 200. Getting close! I may need to start my packing list. Good morning Liner friends! Let's see those beautiful countdown numbers!
6:20am by
7 days! I started packing today. Did inventory of travel toiletries, bought plane snacks! Reviewed plans, checked mears/ car rental for dh (he's driving dd home from dcp)
9:01pm by
52 days! First ever time getting to Festival of the Holidays!
9:23pm by
81! Goodnight Liners!
10 min ago by
Remy is new for our daughters. On an early entry Epcot day, I did main vs IG entrances to Remy to see if it made a large difference. Wait time 31 minutes for both, arriving 8:05 from IG and 8:18 from main entrance. Trying to decide if Uber to swan
11:40am by
Yes, that was a perfect recap by @brt. We experienced the same, but I wouldn't have been able to recall and articulate that in as much accurate detail.
10:30pm by
46 min ago by
13 min ago by
If anyone is interested in taking a newbie under their wing I'd love it! We're going during Christmas 2023, expecting peak crowds but that's the only time we could make it work. I'm currently at the stage of trying to decide which day we should ...
10:30pm on 10/4/22 by
Yeah I'll have to figure it out because we wouldn't be doing a mid day hotel break but staying on our feet in Christmas time crowds for 12 plus hours isn't reasonable so I assumed we'd use a long offsite lunch as a break. Maybe not every day.
23 min ago by
Having a 3 hour break from crowds at the height of the day would be nice.
23 min ago by
Do universal Hollywood wands work at UOR?
16 min ago by
If this is not appropriate, admins please delete. I have a T-shirt from HK DL that I purchased there in 2017. Never worn. Probably a S/M in US. Want to gift to someone that will love it. Let me know and I will send your way. Don't know how to show pic.
8:01pm by
Should say ... white women's T-shirt with black beading. Ready beautiful.
8:02pm by
@shenkel, I'm a small. That's so nice of you. I'll contact you in forum.
10:00pm by
This is so nice! - liner also gifted me with a lovely shirt last Xmas! With some bonus goldfish crackers! :)
10:09pm by
Sorry, I read that as a white womens' t shirt and thought "huh?" Hahaha. I'm clearly ready for sleep. G'night y'all.
23 min ago by
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