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Guys! Ive been invited to meet an Imagineer on our cruise! I'm so excited! He helped design The Jungle Cruise & Great Movie Ride. I've always like to paint little postcards as a thank you for cm's but its intimidating thinking of giving him one.Many of yo
8:48pm on 8/21/19 by
Thanks guys! I definitely think I'll make something based on his work
1:56am by
Your cards are unique and will be appreciated.
2:55am by
Definitely do this! Your artwork is fantastic!
< 1 min ago by
I know it's been posted a million times but would someone please post the most recent drop times for me?
1:55pm on 8/21/19 by
3:16am by
54 min ago by
5 min ago by
Someone posted about being able to search for the Star Wars dessert party. Not sure if anyone has shared that it's available to book now. Just got it for 9/18.
3:51am by
Is this for the Star Wars FW?
11 min ago by
At Orlando airport and doing droid and light saber recon. Lots of droids seen so far and one ligjtsaber. Dude has a droid and saber has his two carryon items. He sacrificed brings reading material or extra clothes to make sure he carried on both :)
5:49pm on 8/19/19 by
$58 to Philly with 2 day and packing fee. HBut e box was considered oversized. It sounds like TSA have been informed of the lightsabers. So if one denies you, ask for manager. I was worried being one of the first to carry, so I shipped.
9:54am on 8/21/19 by
Thanks Meech. I'm more worried about it going on a cruise for a week than flying home with it. I feel like it's a lot of traveling for a $200 lightsaber.
3:49am by
@Bianca you never know when you may need a light saber. Even at sea.
40 min ago by
I'm doing Circle of Flavors: Harambe at Night tonight. Who would be interested in a report? I'll post pictures and whatnot throughout the night.
1:30pm on 8/21/19 by
Looks great!
10:37pm on 8/21/19 by
Thanks for sharing. I've got this booked in a few weeks!
2:11am by
Watched the Tracker's vlog on this and it looks awesome. Glad you enjoyed it.
2:54am by
Wow. Just wow. So at 2:15 we got in line for our last ride. FOP. But they loaded 16 people but only 15 bikes were working. The other group was a group of 12 so we agreed to wait till the next one. It our last ride. We're not in a rush no big deal.
4:13pm on 8/21/19 by
Wow. Extra FoP rides and a Liner meet to go with it! Nice day!
10:18pm on 8/21/19 by
NJ. Work in NYC.
2:45am by
Great last day!
2:53am by
Will be in AK on Oct 6th, we couldn't get FOP fastpasses, so I'm trying to decide if we should rope drop that one (get there before the 7am opening) or try for a one during the same day FP drop. Recommendations?
11:19pm on 8/21/19 by
The sure way to go is rd or go right before closing. Trying to get one IF there is a drop is risky for me.
11:24pm on 8/21/19 by
Drops are fairly reliable. If it's a must do, the. Just rope drop or do at the end of the night.
11:30pm on 8/21/19 by
We love it so much, we rope dropped,had FPs & rode a 3rd time toward end of night.
1:06am by
We rope dropped "just in case"- and we are NOT a RD family! The kids and DH all said totally worth it! We did score 2 FP drops that day also! Loved it all 3 times!
1:47am by
Conquered my fear and rode Space Mtn. Turns out they just turned off the lights haha. I was fine. So now I'm being pressure into EE. Can I do it?
7:30pm on 8/21/19 by
I would ride RnRC ten times before you get me on Everest again. I hate the backwards part!
10:00pm on 8/21/19 by
EE makes me nauseous too - only ride at WDW that does. Fun, though, so I usually deal with it.
10:12pm on 8/21/19 by
Tip: unlike most coasters, EE is more nauseating if you sit in the front. Because on the dark / roughest part, you're in the back!
1:40am by
Woo Hoo! Finally got an Oga's reservation for opening day! Thank you reservation finder! (Though I got Lady & the Tramp when clicking through with the link, but searched again on my own and it was there!
8:14pm on 8/21/19 by
As did I, @raising! It was lovely to chat with strangers who love Disney as well
10:58pm on 8/21/19 by
I agree that it is awesome, I've been to Oga's at Batuu West (in Disneyland) and an excited that I get to experience Oga's at Batuu East!
11:18pm on 8/21/19 by
@Jades - so curious how they compare!
1:26am by
They definitely overestimate wait times at closing. Estimated time for SDMT was 30 minutes. Actual time to board was 12.
12:02am by
I'm in line now, too! Posted was 25...we will see how long it really is!
12:04am by
Agreed! Posted wait time @ beginning of FOP queue 2 wks ago was 145 minutes. I whispered to DH "Ha-ha - but we know where 140 minutes starts!"
12:39am by
Meant to add this was about 15 minutes before scheduled park closure.
12:40am by
Ha ha. Judyhopps. I should have shouted out "Dang Daddy"! I got in line at 10 min prior to closure.
12:58am by
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