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Do expired (not tapped in) FPs no longer disappear? Does that now mean I cannot let tier 2 FPs just expire to get another tier 1 later?
1:57pm by
Thanks! It didn't disappear yet u was able to book another tier 1. And it was after our first tier 1. I'll consider myself lucky!
2:36pm by
I'm confused. I thought once time expired the FP cleared. I have SDD for Tuesday morning and then Disney Jr and ST afterward as my tier 2s. Plan is to let DJ expire and then do ST if able but possibly let that expire too if we are going to RoTR ...
2 min ago by
Or MF:SR at that time. Then, was planning to start going after other tier 1s like ToT, TSM, etc... why would they not drop off after time expires?
< 1 min ago by
What is going on with MDE? When I try to modify a ride - I am only able to change the time of my fastpass - but I can not change the experience. I am at Animal Kingdom now. But is the same for all my fastpasses - the rest of our trip!
2:42pm by
Oh Ok! I got it to work just in time to get a same day fastpass for FOP.
44 min ago by
To change to a different park, go to the original FPP screen. Choose same group, same day and different park. It will then alert you that each person already has FPP in different park. Click that you want to keep each person in group. It then shows you ..
2 min ago by
FPP in the other park. If you don't like them, click cancel and old FPP remain. If you like, click through and it will erase choices in original park.
1 min ago by
I'm sure this has been asked but where on MDE do you go to get boarding pass for ROTR
8 min ago by
On the main/home page under RotR click the Find Out More button.
4 min ago by
Monday morning at DHS- taking a bus? How safe is it to assume that if we take the earliest bus from pop century to dhs we will get there in time to grab a RotR boarding group? Buses start 90 mins before park open?
2:47pm by
They should. Not sure when it will open. Scheduled opening at 6, got a bus from Pop at 5:25. The first I assume. No telling what they'll do next to screw us over though
12 min ago by
Busses run earlier than SkyLiner?
5 min ago by
Are there still boarding groups today? Have they all been given out?
10:42am by
We will know after they've done it. That's the way this roll out has been
15 min ago by
I'm sure every day will be different, but my experience today was that my BG (44) was called just after 2pm. And then another 35 minutes in the standby line once called. It was totally worth it although part of me wished the First Order could confiscate*
9 min ago by
All the phones so that I wouldn't have people's screens in front of my face as they filmed everything
9 min ago by
Anyone else have the Frozen 2 soundtrack on repeat in their house ... just me? Fun times with the kiddies here ; )
1:17pm by
*raises tags* I do! (Though no kiddos, so no one to blame except for myself, lol).
1:24pm by
My daughter bought the soundtrack and belts "Into the unknown" in the shower!
1:25pm by
DD7 has the Elsa doll that sings a couple of lines from Into the Unknown. She hits the button to make it sing about 50 times a day. Can't wait until she gets the soundtrack for Christmas so she can diversify a little :)
14 min ago by
I'm in line at Oga's. Drink recommendations?
11:29am by
42 min ago by
22 min ago by
The outer rim was my favorite too!
21 min ago by
We just got back from our trip...when did the price of pennies double?? I didn't research it this time, fathered our usual quarters and pennies and was disappointed that they couldn't be used in a lot of places!
9:40pm on 12/7/19 by
@marrah good question! hopefully someone can help us lol
2:09pm by
So do we need to have 4 quarters and a penny for the single or does it only take $1 bill and penny?
2:10pm by
Just looked up some youtube videos and it appears that the new machines only take $1 bills or credit cards and they supply the penny. No quarters taken at all on the new ones. If you come across an old machine it will still take 2 quarters and a penny.
27 min ago by
Favorite brand of cooling towels?
11:27am by
Two different types @Kim. Some goo filled and some just fabric. Frogg Togg has goo. Mission goo free.
2:43pm by
Is it the goo that makes them dry stiff in weird space-taking positions, not allowing me to refold them? I have a giant bag of stiffly-dried Frogg Toggs taking up space in my closet. Don't buy those. Or fold them before they dry? Never tried this lol
57 min ago by
Which works better?
29 min ago by
Magic band help please. We have always just done the "included" bands. I thought it would be a cool surprise to preorder the upgrades for 2 kids. Long and short the two they liked are now not listed. Guessing sold out, who knew:). I have 17 days to order.
1:30pm by
Are there specific days they typically get re-introduced to inventory? Ex- always told look at airfare on Tuesday, etc. assuming awnser is just check daily, but worth the question to all knowledge liners :)
2:17pm by
@Vega, nope. Just watch social media. It travels fast. That is a myth about checking for airfares on Tues. It is cheaper to fly on Tuesdays
2:44pm by
Took me 4 months to get 1 of the 4 we wanted. So got that one and three colors. Split stay so about a month later get other kids 2nd choice and instead of colors with it 3 grays. It's a scam. Haha!!
29 min ago by
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