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How do I do the "Room Request " on this WDW Lines App?
2 min ago by
Has anyone stayed at Aulani in Hawaii? Researching
10:33pm on 2/29/24 by
....amazing. Cons: it is busy and getting and holding a pool/beach chair is a thing there. (Rope drop a pool chair is sort of required). Food is good, but not enough variety after multiple nights. Across the street are some great restaurants and an...
20 min ago by
ABC conscience store with amazing food to order. If I could do the trip again, I'd spend 4 nights there then fly to Kauai and spend the rest of my time. Happy to answer any specific questions !
17 min ago by
Also conscience = convenience. Sorry about that.
9 min ago by
Where do I go to learn about Disneyland Paris?
10:53pm on 2/29/24 by
I went this time last year. I watched several YouTube videos that were helpful. What time of year are you going?
44 min ago by
What would you like to know!? I ask lots of q's about WDW but know DLP pretty well (as do lots of others) can bump an old trip report if that helps?
38 min ago by
Can u see the Epcot fireworks from the riviera
5:00pm on 2/29/24 by
Yes you can. Topolino's has a lovely view, as do some of the rooms (even some categorized as standard views).
5:21pm on 2/29/24 by
But not necessarily from the dining room correct? I believe from the area outside. I've been once for fireworks and we watched from there
5:52pm on 2/29/24 by
You see MK fireworks and Spaceship Earth from the hallway window leading to the restrooms.
6:00pm on 2/29/24 by
I have been to Riviera twice during fireworks and you can see them from the dining room. Of course, some tables have a better view than others and some tables may not have a view.
52 min ago by
Has anyone seen feathered friends in flight this week? I don't see any times listed today or yesterday in MDE and am hoping it's not closed!
2:43am by
I have been looking in the G+/LL Daily Drops chat to try to answer this question but not sure still. Has the original post of Nov '21 been updated with the current drop times?
8:30am on 2/29/24 by
11:51am on 2/29/24 by
12:19pm on 2/29/24 by
2:15am by
Going to try rapid stacking at MK today. Can someone bump a good post? TIA
7:02am on 2/19/24 by
7:30pm on 2/29/24 by
11:31pm on 2/29/24 by
This makes my brain hurt.....sfl
2:07am by
Magic Kingdom Bar Crawl report! Stop#1 Geyser Point. Black Cherry Mule and Shrimp on a wire. Yum! Off to the boat to Crockett's Tavern!
3:54pm on 2/29/24 by
It's nearly midnight @belle, what happened next?
11:56pm on 2/29/24 by
@TUC was the entertaining thread But wasn't it @cheftodd who crashed a company party under an assumed name & had an interesting night. And of course there's Mandy
12:37am by
We were at Trails End & watched the fireworks from the porch rockers tonight. I think we just missed you!
12:41am by
Help me decide. Trip for DD13s 8th grade grad. Her best friend's family is joining us. 8-9 people. SSR or OKW 2BR? I have SSR now - thinking to switch... have never stayed at OKW but love the newly renovated SSR rooms. But it did feel cramped when we h...
12:00am by
Had 9 people in one a couple summers ago. More room to spread out in OKW?
12:01am by
Have you traveled with that fam before? Us adults can be a little... trickier than we were as teens to travel with. More elbow room and space to unwind might be a good idea.
12:07am by
Having a conversation about cast members and how they usually say "have a magical day" but I also heard they say something a little different if you annoy them or are difficult. What is that phrase?
6:09pm on 2/29/24 by
7:31pm on 2/29/24 by
They still say "have a magical day" if you are annoying or difficult, but they say it in a tone of voice that makes it clear that they really mean GFY.
7:35pm on 2/29/24 by
@trish that was awesome! My DS just commented on my chuckle from across the room!
11:57pm on 2/29/24 by
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