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We have no WDW trips in the foreseeable future and a chunk of DVC points. If any of you have rented out your points, who have you used and how was your experience? Thanks for your help!
10:10pm on 6/16/24 by
I rent mine out directly on different FB pages. Feel free to message me (Lesley Crochet) any questions and I'll be happy to walk you through how I handle it.
7:17am by
Compare DVC Rental Store and David's. One is known for paying a higher rate to owners but I can't recall which.
8 min ago by
Like most gambling (wink) re ting out confirmed can turn a bigger profit. But the risk is if it doesn't rent you either drop the price to lower than what you wanted or possibly it goes unused. How quickly the points are expiring might affect your decision
2 min ago by
Help! Our lighting lane and individual lightning lane are both showing as unobtained even though we entered return times. Any advice? Thanks!
7:29am by
Bump for anyone who has solved this. Personally I'd go to a blue umbrella. They are probably there but hiding in WDW's awful tech.
10 min ago by
Or do you mean in a touring plan?
4 min ago by
Has anyone asked for DAS for Tyoe 1 Diabetes yet? DD qualified before the changes, but now I don't know about future trips.
10:45pm on 5/26/24 by
Gplus empties availability quick. Das you can get sdd anytime of day. Same for remi , frozen, pp and every other ride with a standby que. Even vq you get to use the ll lanes. Just saying I would like that availability.
7:54am by
@jack- but if it were available to the general public, what would happen to the folks who legitimately need DAS?
50 min ago by
Disney can limit availability and boost pricing to regulate usage, as they always have
13 min ago by
Good morning from BLT! It's a gorgeous sunny morning and the start of our weeklong, escaping floor refinishing part of a kitchen remodel, vacation. Dh and I are joined by dd24 who uses a wheelchair at WDW for stamina + medical reasons.
7:56am on 6/16/24 by
*Back from Epcot before 9 to watch 2 showings of EWP from our balcony! Dd loves the retro feel :) We watched the WL display and then, after it looped back from FW, the CR showing. Not as good as watching HEA from the balcony but we're on the S side now
7:42am by
Sounds awesome, @kluck!
46 min ago by
Great to hear you're having fun. WDW is awesome with allergies.
13 min ago by
I just saw on IG that Here with the Ears will still be banned from WDW. I always liked the resort room videos, they were quick and precise, not a lot of fluff. I even watched them to book the Fantasy. Does anyone know why they were banned?
7:03pm on 6/16/24 by
@kool, YouTubers make more money on videos right after they are posted-income goes down pretty quickly. Of course they can repost but once they are banned and word gets around they may quickly lose any following. There are plenty of others doing same
7:44am by
Is there a general ban on for-profit videos inside the parks? I hope so.
45 min ago by
TP used to do those great RD videos inside the park. Havent seen One of those in years. Maybe it's been made clear not to do it?
22 min ago by
139 days. Good morning Liner friends!
6:01am by
19 hours until departure, 2 days until arrival
50 min ago by
3! We leave our Ohio part of our trip and fly to universal tomorrow morning.
47 min ago by
61! Good Morning
23 min ago by
Where does Uber/Lyft drop off at Disney Springs?
47 min ago by
I think it's back by the Christmas store.
26 min ago by
Exiting Epcot at night end last night was so peaceful. Without all the walls guests have lots of options crossing through World Celebration. It was also a breezy cooler lovely night.
7:51am by
I'm looking forward to seeing a wall-less Epcot.
56 min ago by
I loooooove epcot at night. The new lights and openness make it bautiful
29 min ago by
27 min ago by
Hello! Back after a while. Looking at going to WDW next August. Booking from UK which makes things slightly different but if I book dates for hotel/tickets now how easily can I make changes if we need to for flights etc?
1:24pm on 6/16/24 by
Why doesn't lines like pound symbol Think was 150, cld be 50. We had lots of changes thru covid.
2:48am by
Only way to use USA regulations wld be a usa TA. Then if you bought ticket separately you cld alter dates etc. But then you lose whatever's dining offer etc U.K. has
2:49am by
Still worth a call to Disney to check. Also, to cover some of the cost of free dining they've basically added around ?1900 to a deluxe package on this year's price. About half for a Mod/Value. You may well find a US room only discount better value.
27 min ago by
Can someone tell me about the internal bus transport at FW if an Uber/lyft drops us off at FW? Is there a bus stop at that drop off location? Is the bus stop the same place as park buses? How long would it take to get to HDDR on that bus? Thanks!
4:41pm on 6/16/24 by
@irene- yes! They came back last fall. They start in the mid-afternoon (around 3 or 4pm) if I recall correctly.
48 min ago by
Oops, should've refreshed. Sorry, @vol!
48 min ago by
All good!!
46 min ago by
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