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How Does Lines Work?

Lines does wait times!
The "expected" wait times you see are based on wait times submitted by users like you combined with ten years of historical data. We then apply some statistical wizardry to produce the best wait times possible -- often better than the official posted times outside attractions.
We estimate actual times
Our "expected" wait times generally differ from the posted times outside attractions--and that's ok! We provide separate estimates of Disney's "posted" time to show we know what we're doing.
We're not estimating what Disney is estimating--we're producing our own! We combine the park estimates with our own data to produce very accurate wait times.
We think this protects against inaccuracies and overestimates posted by the parks themselves (and is the best of both worlds, really).
We love user data (but don't require it!)
Lines is useful no matter how many users input wait times. We do a good job at protecting against fake or error entries (thanks to statistical methods).
User data gives us notice when attractions go down, and help update our models on the fly with new data.
Lines estimates crowd levels
Click on the 10 Day Forecast, and you'll see crowd levels for the next 10 days. These are straight from our Crowd Calendar, which estimates crowd levels for each day. Visit the Crowd Calendar page for more info.