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Subjective, I know...but would you do 10 nights at POFQ or 10 nights at Wilderness Lodge? Lodge is $160 more per night and it's crowd level 10 days. Curious on opinions if the upcharge is worth it. I know it's subjective, just looking for opinions.
9 min ago by
Agree with prior 2 posts...POFQ instead
1 min ago by
POFQ / have stayed at WL and POR, and I can see the cost being "worth it" for the PO resorts...not WL. Save that money for something else.
1 min ago by
Kids? How much park time? That's a lot of $$ but WL is wonderful so I may consider a split stay? WL has its benefits. My kids thought the pool at POFQ was the least exciting of all the mods and I agree.
< 1 min ago by
I saw a Cape May vs Chef Mickeys for little ones thread...what about Crystal Palace vs Cape May if we can only do one.
9:38am by
Thanks, @Lego! Does anyone have any remarks about the food at these?
28 min ago by
Puffed French toast at CP is delicious!!!!
5 min ago by
Love, love, love CP breakfast! The characters were fun even for 2 adults only. Tigger got a little "pawsy," but I liked it... Seriously, the food is terrific - I'd go just for the potato casserole and French toast!
< 1 min ago by
We've been home a week, and I finally have time to spotlight a few highlights from our trip. I should probably apologize in advance for my wordiness, but I think in paragraphs instead of short sentences. First I thought I'd share a little background...
9:30pm on 10/25/16 by
26 min ago by
Sfl, @the.darlings no worries I struggle to give short answers to things for the most part too, I think I just always want my story/comment/point understood correctly if that makes sense.
8 min ago by
Thanks for all this :)
4 min ago by
Day 6: Epcot day! Just strolled over to Mara for my coffee and notice it's already hot and humid. Yikes! I guess it's a sundress kind of day!
6:51am by
Keep cool and have a great day!
9:50am by
4 min ago by
Disney departure day tomorrow! Yay! Still have to pack, I do this every time, I think I work better under pressure or something, any other last minute packers out there!?
12:50am by
Same as TacMed. I always have a list. Packing goes fast.
22 min ago by
Well good morning liners, it's good to know I'm not the only one haha! Confession, my flight leaves at 6:30pm and I'm just starting to pack lol, I hope you all have great weekend and great trips!
18 min ago by
Yes, packed day of our last trip and took way too much stuff.
5 min ago by
The Incredibles Super Dance Party is ending 4-30?! One of my fave "minor" attractions. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2017/04/incredibles-super-dance-party-replaced-tomorrowland-magic-kingdom-limited-time-meet-greet/
5 min ago by
Can I get peoples' favorite alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages at each park and Disney Springs? Going 5/8-5/14 and trying to make a list of must haves. Thank you!
9:14pm on 4/27/17 by
Avocado Margarita in EP and the Himalayan Ghost in AK, along with the Lapu Lapu at Poly are my faves :)
40 min ago by
LeFou's Brew...My family of 6 actually likes it better than the Dole Whip. (Don't hate on me please;-)
19 min ago by
All of the frozen drinks at Splitsville are quite tasty and very refreshing. The monkey head something or other at Jock Lindsay's is also good!
6 min ago by
What's the music of Pixar?
16 min ago by
It's the tunes that play during films made by that animation company... 8(:-) Sorry...It's a new concert/show during the summer at HS.
7 min ago by
Does anyone have tips for Colonial Williamsburg? We are going right after Christmas. Mostly interested in the Williamsburg part, not the surrounding attractions. We may do Busch Gardens for a day though! TIA!
10:37am on 11/16/16 by
Can be found in the surrounding area. Going back to Williamsburg there were costumes available to rent that looked adorable.
48 min ago by
Fantastic thanks!!!
44 min ago by
7 min ago by
3 days! Does anyone know if the refurbed Cabins have a DVD player in that massive new TV.I still miss the Murphy beds, and the old cabins had a DVD player. Thank you
8:03am by
I think the maps might also be in the folder in the cabin. It goes into detail about which lines to take, I think it was yellow, orange and purple routes, but I could be wrong. I'll check later.
46 min ago by
We have been probably 10 times. Buses are really easy. Settlement for boat to MK Outpost for other buses. Orange for the Meadows Pool.
13 min ago by
WC accessible cabins, 11 are in 2800 and 2 in 2500. 2500 is closer to pool and laundry (high on our list).
11 min ago by
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