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Getting your parent an appointment for the covid vaccine is the new Fastpass+. Same fast fingers needed.
3:52pm by
That's exactly how I feel at the 10 am drop time for our vaccine. Crazy!
53 min ago by
I got my 83yo mom her first shot last Mon. Set up for second shot Feb 15th.
38 min ago by
@hodgtrzm a few years ago our son 22 at the time was charged with hauling them a couple hours to his oldest brother wedding. He began a game where no one could speak while crossing bridges. We may revive that game this trip. ;)
2 min ago by
87 days to my stay at Grand Flo ! What's your countdown/resort? Booked my flight last night. $180 round trip from Philly on Southwest. After 3 cancelled trips, I hope this one actually happens!!
9:10am by
66 days until we give the Gran Destino Tower a try. Very happy that I can now fly JetBlue from PHL to MCO! They had more appealing flight times and were cheaper than Southwest
4:04pm by
67 here, looks like lots of us there that week
22 min ago by
152. Treehouse Villas. Hoping this one sticks. Hated cancelling 2 previous trips. One was at the Polynesian 2nd one was at BWV during F&W.
2 min ago by
I think I have asked this before but just checking again ... are there any character meals we can book outside of the parks for dinner?
8 min ago by
Festival of the Arts, are the booths to buy artworks up this year?
2:50pm by
Yes, quite a few in World Showcase.
3:35pm by
Thanks for the reply. :)
15 min ago by
We purchased a piece this year and had a nice conversation with an artist who had come in from Cali and most of his pieces were already sold, lol
13 min ago by
Has anyone recently (or after covid really) ordered an app off the Tiffins' menu at Nomad's Lounge? Really enjoyed their current nibble options in Dec. but would like to order either the falafel or salad next time.
7:52pm on 1/24/21 by
I had the kids falafel yesterday at Nomad
7:57am by
Thanks :)
34 min ago by
You will need to ask. They just offer a brief Nomad menu otherwise.
15 min ago by
Which ones should I cancel ? Sanaa(only bc we wanted to see the animals) ; beaches and cream ; paddlefish at DS; boathouse at DS; chef mickeys; Toplinos Breakfast
8:37pm on 1/24/21 by
Sanna food is one of our favorites and seeing the animals is a plus.
2:05pm by
I would definitely drop Paddlefish. Keep Sanaaa.
5:10pm by
Paddlefish is horrid.
19 min ago by
We are staying off site in Davenport. MK opens at 9am. What time to arrive at parking lot? We've only stayed on-site so can anyone explain the parking lot situation there and how to get to parks? Is preferred parking worth it?
8:18pm on 1/24/21 by
Be at tolls shortly before 8 (for a 9am opening). At that time of day, preferred parking is about 4 rows closer to TTC. Your options for getting to MK are ferry, monorail, or bus. I've heard bus is fastest, but have not tried.
8:52pm on 1/24/21 by
Davenport. I-4 and 27? Or Championsgate? Either way, leave a few extra minutes for traffic near the entrance at Championsgate (58).
8:54pm on 1/24/21 by
Are you still walking to TTC / no parking lot trams? Never knew bus was an option. I am a ferry fan.
10:23pm on 1/24/21 by
Still no trams. :(
20 min ago by
I'm starting to make my list of off property dining for our March trip. What are your favorites. 4 adults and 2 kids. Open to any price range and any type of food. Thanks.
3:56pm by
Yes, Chuy's. I secretly go to WDW so I can get my family to eat at chuys. I crave Elvis green Chile fried chicken. Their creamy salsa is a flavorful calorie fest. Get a to go order of chips and salsa for late night binging.
5:09pm by
Chuy's creamy jalapeno sauce is amazing!
5:38pm by
Fuddrucker's, Longhorn, Johnnie's Hideaway.
22 min ago by
TP is showing low crowds the week after Easter. What do you think are the chances of it staying low? I'm not sure how many people have Spring Break that week.
5:32pm by
We have spring break that week. We are in NC but other areas around us are the week before Easter. Probably will still be a little busy.
6:05pm by
I am thinking the same thing. Someone on this chat did a spring break dates poll. Most people have spring break in March. I am hoping for low "spring break" crowds for that week.
6:06pm by
Zero. It will be busy.
32 min ago by
We'll be there that week. I'll take busy over never ending COVID at home.
24 min ago by
We are coming to MK, AK and HS on 3/22,3/23 & 3/25 (24 rest day) and I've noticed on the IG story that you are able to get in before park is opened? Staying in a WDW resort on property and wondered if anyone can tell us this tip? Thank you.
10:45am on 1/23/21 by
Welcome to Chats
12:18pm on 1/23/21 by
Welcome to chat! Have a wonderful trip!
1:38am on 1/24/21 by
Thank you!!!
26 min ago by
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