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Checking in to BLT today! Is an ADR required to visit another resort? Is eating at the resort's counter service reason enough?
8:51am by
If you place a mobile order at Captain Cooks, the security guard will allow you to park.
12 min ago by
Thank you! We have an ADR for Whispering Canyon but would prefer to spend less at Roaring Fork or the new place by the water. Will the guards let us park at WL without the WC ADR?
8 min ago by
No definitive answer. The rules are that you must have a reservation in order to be allowed in. The Poly gate guard was more flexible (but we had the order placed for CC). Yesterday we went to WC, on a ressie made an hour prior. He checked our id &
< 1 min ago by
What time to arrive at HS with a 10am open to avoid some of MMRR wait? Assume that's best one to line up for to avoid wait later?
10:38pm on 8/10/20 by
I chose to not ride ToT to insure my connection was strong and not risk the building blocking signal. Flexibility is the key. Be 100% sure you can be off MMRR before 10am. that tip from 3 CMs last Friday. got to ride MMRR with no trouble and got BG7.
38 min ago by
If your main goal is MMRR with less wait, i would say go later in the day. We are considering another day this week and would just go at 1:30 (to try for BG at 2) and hit rides with lower waits in afternoon / evening. Going at open we were cooked by 2
17 min ago by
Good info! Thanks
8 min ago by
The new Mickey Corelle is available today on the Corelle website!!
8 min ago by
Can someone give me a quick lesson on renting DVC? I'm planning a trip for next year/June. How does it work? What's a good point price? Resort suggestion for 8/9 people? We can do 2 rooms.
48 min ago by
**You can use agent, who acts as a middle man btw you and owner, or go to an individual owner and they will book it for you- disboards offers lots of rentals. More risk by going thru individual owner, but price is way less. Also, you can check
20 min ago by
**confirmed reservations thru agencies for stays that have already been booked by an owner who can't go, so they're renting out that confirmed stay and it's usually a steal. May be last min and pay in full. Lots of deals to be had. To me, anything less
17 min ago by
**than $18/p is a good deal bc agency's charge usually $19-22 to book for you at a specific resort. But you can find confirmed stays for as low as $8 like @Bozni did!! For 8-9 ppl, I'd choose the resort that has space. OKW may be good option.
13 min ago by
Driving to Hilton Head and considering a stop in North Carolina- do you know if NC is requiring folks from NJ to quarantine? Not sure if I want to drive 12 hours (closer to 16 probably when you factor in stops and traffic...)
11:58pm on 8/10/20 by
"As of Aug. 4, there were no statewide (travel) restrictions in North Carolina" per the google.
12:05am by
In NC here...I do not believe that there is a quarantine for any out of state visitors here but you will want to crosscheck NJ regulations for quarantine when returning home for sure.
12:06am by
We just went to Bald Head Island (in NC) and came from out of state. No quarantine was required.
12:19am by
Thanks very much! Yes I know there's a quarantine on the way back which is not a problem. We are still technically quarantining anyway. So staying home after won't be too big a difference
15 min ago by
Well obviously I missed the MM main attraction release this morning : (
20 min ago by
Can you all enlighten me about Kimonos at the Swan? Can I takeout sushi there? Staying at the Boardwalk with a 4yo and it looks a little too fancy for us to eat at. Thanks!
2:22pm on 8/10/20 by
We were there last week. Nice, but not as fancy as it looks! Plenty of kids there- a bunch of them did karaoke. Been a couple times and sushi is pretty good. Servers are great. We also saw them preparing several to-go sushi boxes!
5:54pm on 8/10/20 by
Thanks, @Silly. Great food. They will definitely do carryout, and it is not fancy at all. Kid friendly.
7:30pm on 8/10/20 by
Make sure to report back & let us know what you thought of it. Hope you enjoy!
30 min ago by
Am I missing something??? Isn't the new option of converting SW travel funds into points a huge benefit? Or am I misreading the no expiration and can be used for anyone part of points vs travel funds?
7:47am on 8/10/20 by
8:39am by
53 min ago by
31 min ago by
So, through David's dedicated reservations I scored a 2BR at AKL for $8/pt for Labor Day week. Came out to ~$250/nt and includes parking. Thought I'd let you all know there are some amazing deals during these uncertain times.
54 min ago by
Holy moly!
53 min ago by
That is amazing!!!
44 min ago by
40 min ago by
Wow, that is crazy! Enjoy!
31 min ago by
Good morning Liner friends everywhere! So what would your RD plan be for an Epcot morning? Do you have a different breakfast strategy? How long til you put that plan into action?
5:27am by
Good morning liners! We do pretty much the same as @rapunzel. Sometimes hit BW bakery the night before and save a pastry for breakfast so we can head straight to IG.
8:47am by
72 days. Maybe. Usually we'd eat breakfast at 9 in France. But with these hours I'd do breakfast on my balcony.
55 min ago by
Good morning Liners.17 & 24 until our stays.10 until we go to EP. Touring EP can be one of multiple plans. We can run in in am, break, go back. Those days we like a stop after a few rides at LH. Or we can go in later (either late afternoon or evening).
37 min ago by
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