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This is probably the most random question I've ever asked. We usually go Halloween and many guests wear Halloween Disney clothes. This year going thanksgiving. Since at WDW that pretty much means Christmas, will be people be dressing Christmas festive..
4:22pm by
We went during Thsnksgiving and dressed in regular clothes except for night when we went to MVMCP. We all dressed in something of red.
21 min ago by
For MVMCP, we wore ugly sweater tshirts...saw other guests doing the same.
13 min ago by
For the Christmas party we will be wearing Christmas stuff. That week we will also be wearing the green and red Mickey ears!! They are super popular and will sell out fast!!
< 1 min ago by
Trying to decide if I should give up my B&C reservation to try the place that shall not be named. Just DD16 and I.
6 min ago by
1 min ago by
Captain's Grille breakfast? I've heard awful things about dinner, but decent things about breakfast. Looking for a good place in that area for breakfast on departure day.
3:08pm by
And mimosas.
5:02pm by
MMU mimosas. I'm definitely going now.
2 min ago by
Autocorrect fail. Not mdu. Mmm ugh
2 min ago by
Help. We're on ME waiting to go check in at POP and then have to high tail it over to alamo Car care Center before 8 pm. I think I've read we need to take bus to Epcot or Epcot resorts but can't remember and Google doesn't seem right when we are looking.
5 min ago by
Alamo will come get you at Pop. Call them right now to tell them you are arriving
2 min ago by
Anyone know CR pool hours the week of Christmas? Wondering if I should build in some pm water time.
36 min ago by
We went thanksgiving from Boston and there was no way we were swimming. It was freezing.
24 min ago by
Pool closed around 10 if I remember correctly..
21 min ago by
Lifeguard at CM told us the quiet pool is open all night....
5 min ago by
The pools are heated. The kids have been swimming in December before.
2 min ago by
Can someone tell me about buying discounted park tickets. Good/safe place to buy?? My son can only buy 6 military tickets and we will need more. Have never looked at the option of buying somewhere other than Disney. Thanks!
5:28pm on 10/24/16 by
I might have been looking at the wrong thing. I want actually on the page where you purchase them but rather reading the promotion advertisement.
3 min ago by
3 min ago by
The regular park tickets are still cheaper than other vendors if bought at Shades or on base. Regular ones, not the Stars and Stripes. They are very good explaining it if you call their advanced ticket office.
2 min ago by
Help me make a plan. We have Whispering Canyon at 5:10. This same day, we want to see the Christmas decorations at WL, The Monorail Resorts, and DS. Where should we park? What time should we do everything? What order? We need to be back by 8 for bed.
12:59pm by
DS - not sure of their decorations this year after redo/ addition or seeing DS during daylight? Maybe concentrate on the monorail resorts, eat WL, explore WL then back to CSR. I'd park WL and boat to CR. Visit Monorail resorts then WL.
46 min ago by
I saw a link recently that said they had added things to DS for Christmas
7 min ago by
Hi, I am going to the magic kingdom day 1 until the afternoon parade at 3.30pm, day 2 we will enter the park for a late Lunch with Cinderella and plan to stay late until evening parade. We have 2 kids ages 5, 8. Suggestions for what plan to use please?
5 min ago by
Ok, trip report. What I've learned (or re-learned) at Disney: 1. I'm not a patient person. And I ALWAYS get in the wrong line.
3:38pm by
Great report. I agree with so much of what you wrote.
49 min ago by
BCV is my home resort, I agree about stormalong bay so we always go to quiet pool. I request woods view room facing Epcot so it's quiet . Villas are a little easier to find too. I love the lobby when it's quiet , not often but sometimes it is .
8 min ago by
Also love relaxing on swing on the beach. Amywdw, I hope you will enjoy it.
7 min ago by
Anyone seen the sale on myw tix at southwest? A 6 day base 309, 6 day hopper is 368? Not sure if there is tax. Do these have a expiration beside 14 day drom 1st use?
1:40pm by
@pixie - let me know how it goes with mvt. I have a room/ticket package with them too.
20 min ago by
Following this to read more in depth later. Thanks for posting, Liners are awesome with the deals!
8 min ago by
Thanks for sharing!
8 min ago by
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