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Alright liners, I'm leaving 14 "any attraction" FPP paper tix for Hollywood Studios at the Kidani Village concierge desk under the name "JJ Liner". They expire Tuesday so hurry hurry! First come first serve. https://imgur.com/a/Jvp8h
3:14pm by
Are any still available. Going to HS on Sunday. Would love 3
38 min ago by
And I am an Ak now
36 min ago by
Love this!!!
1 min ago by
Southwest users: I booked a wanna get away ticket and the fare went down. Will SW credit me the difference in pts? How do I request This? TIA
36 min ago by
18 min ago by
Thanks. I was trying to do it from the app but I see it's much easier in line, I'll try later. My flight from Dulles, DC in December to MAP dropped to $29. Can't beat that.
18 min ago by
Or you can call and they'll adjust it. I flyswa
4 min ago by
Any tips for getting good coffee at WDW? Sounds like Starbucks in the parks can have long lines, are there good times to go? Is there any good coffee at or near BC?
5:41pm by
There is a coffee bar at the swan easy walk to get to from BC! Not sure how the coffee is as I do not like but it is the only place on property that I know of to get a Red Bull.
46 min ago by
As brits usually have poor coffee, most of it is good from a UK point of view. But you can't do tea at all.
32 min ago by
@beach - keurig might not have been the brand but it was a pod system like that.
5 min ago by
Inspired by another post... for those that got paper anytime FPs, why did you get them?
5 min ago by
Where does everyone get their Mickey ears from. I assume Etsy but what sellers?
6:00pm by
Etsy is the big one, but I made my own. The wire ones are surprising easy to make yourself. The fabric ears took me waaaay too many tries to get acceptable looking so I only did one pair.
30 min ago by
My most recent purchase was boobooshEars on Etsy.
26 min ago by
That guys I am going to check these out. @brer you cracked me up
6 min ago by
we have tickets for the MVMCP when we visit disney in December. I read that once we have our tickets that we can get a code that will send us text message during the MVMCP event that will tell us of times and events. How do I go about getting that code?
4:00pm by
Just go on to someone's blog and look at the map with all the events and times. Wdw prep or Disneytourist blog are good options.
24 min ago by
We went to MVMCP last year. I know I didn't receive a text. But I also didn't know to look for one. My party was later so I got lots of good tips here and else where. Would love to know for a future party.
14 min ago by
8 min ago by
Does anyone know if the Minnie Van will take you right to HDDR or if you have to take the internal bus system there? Thanks!
13 min ago by
Straight to HDDR
12 min ago by
The Minnie Van's will deliver directly to settlement depot (HDDR, Trails End, etc)
10 min ago by
Awesome! Thank you so much!!
10 min ago by
Other than the car care center and Dolphin is there anywhere near Disney Springs to rent a car for a few days?
14 min ago by
A few of the Disney Springs hotels have car rental agencies in the lobby.
11 min ago by
Hi Everyone! Is the ROL dining package something worth doing?
4:50pm by
We thought so. Was our first time to see the show and didn't want to waste a FPP. The show is a bit mellow compared to most disney shows but if you haven't seen it, I would consider dining package.
5:35pm by
I would book the Tiffins one just because it is a great deal! You would never regret eating there!
5:39pm by
If you want to see ROL then I think it's totally worth it - you don't have to use a FP or get there really early to get a good seat. Loved Tiffins on my last trip and doing TH brunch on my next!
44 min ago by
The Tiffins one is great- we would easily spend the equivalent of the dining package there, so the bonus of ROL seating was the icing on the cake. And e also enjoyed ROL.
11 min ago by
booked a Candlelight Dinner @ epcot WS to be sure that we get a seat at the event. Will we get a ticket or something when we eat? even with a ticket, how early do I need to arrive?
35 min ago by
They give you the tickets or vouchers at your meal. As far as when to arrive, it depends on how much you care about your seat. I think we arrived about 20 minutes before it started and were quite happy.
12 min ago by
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