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My husband has lost his wallet in Epcot. Hoping it gets turned into guest services.
1:02pm by
Great news!
3 min ago by
Great news!!
2 min ago by
So glad to hear this!
< 1 min ago by
How long does it usually take from touchdown at MCO to WDW via Magical Express?
58 min ago by
Can vary so greatly based on various factors- as little as 60 minutes, as much as 2 hours Appx. It's just DH and I so it's super quick and streamlined for us, especially if a bus comes shortly after we get in line! The wait is hit or miss tho
56 min ago by
I'm planning on 2 hours for DME and check in (and hopefully room assignment!) Then about another hour to grab some food and be on the way to the parks. Just me and DH and not picking up our luggage.
33 min ago by
Allow 2 hrs. If it's less you'll be happy, and it's not likely to be more.
14 min ago by
Ours has typically been about an hour, but always allow for more.
< 1 min ago by
When you are staying at yc and cm scans mb at sab entry point, would something stop u from bringing in a guest not staying there by giving them a duplicate mb of yours to scan?
11:38am by
Go to the resort concierge desk and ask for a day pass.
1:04pm by
Ya. I would just ask. Be honest, and I'm sure they will be ok with it
1:08pm by
@atlig, room is filled unless i added phantom under 3yo. Would the under 3 yo's mb work for say an 11 yo to get into sab?
< 1 min ago by
I have seen a link somewhere to a calendar showing if fastpasses are still available for various rides for various dates. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and could post the link?
8:30pm on 3/26/17 by
9:49am by
9:54am by
3 min ago by
NDR sorta. Checking chat while at a Rick Steves lecture. Quote "I try to inspire Americans to travel further than Orlando."
7:47pm on 3/26/17 by
Love to travel abroad but also love my WDW!
8 min ago by
the app also had maps and attractions perfect with the rick steves mini guides. Also got one of those scott e vests. Hands free, safe and felt like inspector gadget.
8 min ago by
Thanks @FlFan :)
4 min ago by
We only have one day at Epcot. What are some not to miss eats at F&G? Thanks!
5 min ago by
Hopefully a simple question. I'm planning on purchasing an AP for our upcoming trip. I understand this comes with PhotoPass. Is this the same as Memory Maker, or do I need to purchase that separately?
36 min ago by
You may find that buying the AP for one person and regular tickets for others is your best price and to get benefits.
14 min ago by
Yep. That is my plan.
7 min ago by
@incredible how would hat work. We are a family of 4. Can I just get the AP or do we all have to have it. We want to return over one of the holidays.
6 min ago by
CBR should I pay an extra $4 a night for a water view this August? Also I can upgrade to the Pirate Rooms with the summer discount for the same price as the standard I have booked? Is there any reason not to change? I will keep my $75 a night gc, right?
1:00pm by
Pirate rooms have doubles, std rooms have queens now. That would make a difference to us. I'm not sure there's a benefit to water view since you don't have an outdoor space, like a balcony, to enjoy it.
54 min ago by
Ok, so you've convinced me not to book Pirate rooms. Should we keep our standard view at CBR at full price with the $75 gc, or switch to 15% off rooms at All Stars?
48 min ago by
Stay at CBR. Better pool and queen sized beds! Is the $200 saving above the benefit of gc?
9 min ago by
You know who would like a summer discount? Brad's wife! But she can't take advantage of it because she was fired by Cracker Barrel after ELEVEN YEARS! On Brad's BIRTHDAY! #justiceforbradswife
12:32am by
You know who fired Brad's wife. Uh huh.....it was Jeff's wife!
9:30am by
44 min ago by
Lol! Well played @hometown!
11 min ago by
Thoughts on Yacht club resort?I know it shares BC...yay or nay?Its going under refurb
6:32am by
Just finished a stay there-it was nice and if you have children the appeal is definitely the pool! DH and I decided we would rather stay at the monorail resorts (preferably the Contemporary) but the conference I attend gives you such a great room rate..
14 min ago by
it is hard to complain. The room was good size and we could see the Epcot fireworks from our porch!
13 min ago by
Our go to resort. Don't be afraid of the rehab. It's really at the convention center
11 min ago by
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