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What is the best way to get from WL to GF for dinner at 1900 Park Fare at 6pm tonight? MK closes at 6 for party if that impacts anything.
11 min ago by
Bus/Boat to MK then Boat/Monorail to Grand Floridian. I would just lyft or uber. 15 minutes versus 40.
9 min ago by
You could also take a boat to Contemporary and then monorail to GF.
4 min ago by
Ask a bus driver when they arrive if they go to GF?
1 min ago by
Star Wars. Wow. No spoilers but wow. Can not wait for Star Wars land to open. And another movie!!
17 min ago by
4 more hours for me! We are watching Force Awakens right now.
13 min ago by
That movie was really good! Loved it!
3 min ago by
Any Liners out there with Marfan Syndome?
2:33pm by
Bumping for TCT
3 min ago by
Looking fornr recommendations for a breakfast place in Disney Springs - suggestions?
20 min ago by
What day if the week? I really loved Raglan brunch but it is only on the weekends.
7 min ago by
7 min ago by
Once the final MVMCP is over does MK have Christmas parade and Christmas fireworks? Or do they go back to HEA and normal nighttime offerings?
8:58am by
Wondering this too! I think the Christmas parade still happens Christmas week but not sure about the fireworks.
8:59am by
This year, I believe the Christmas parade runs during the day and HEA at night. (Except on 12/30 and 12/31). Holiday Wishes only at parties.
9 min ago by
Anyone have first hand experience with mk after dark ticketed event?
10:01am by
2:23pm by
Yes. Amazing!
18 min ago by
It's amazing !!!
15 min ago by
Probably a dumb question but is there free WiFi in the parks?
8:02am by
When does the $10 wifi start? Would be cheaper than data for international folks.
46 min ago by
So far its just smoke from a fire nothing official
21 min ago by
Wondering what security advantage paid wireless offers over free...
17 min ago by
Do you think an 8 am adr at akershus will help us avoid long lines at FEA ride or should I still get a FP for it.
7:57pm on 12/16/17 by
First thing in the am is doable. I would say 20 mins? I was behind the crowd once when I tried to RD TT but it was (not surprisingly) down
8:31am by
@lisalucke, use this page to personalize with your date in lower left corner. Predicted wait times will appear: https://touringplans.com/epcot/wait-times
10:53am by
Awesome! Thank you! That's great.
19 min ago by
12:54pm by
Dude! Come see me at Yukon. There till 8:30
43 min ago by
Ok! Whats Yukon?
22 min ago by
Im going to the 8:15 candlelight
20 min ago by
Just a pre-Christmas (and my birthday) thought.... I just love all you guys and your slightly obsessive and amazing planning talents! Thanks for existing, each of you, and for helping to both fuel my insanity and make my vacations picture perfect XOXO
12:56pm by
I'd love to celebrate my bday at Disney one day- but I'm too scared to attempt it on Christmas Day! I hate crowds. I usually travel in off-season.
2:14pm by
Usually we don't do anything for my bday- there's so much going on with Christmas. It just makes people feel bad if I make a stink about it lol it's ok, I've made my peace with it :)!
2:58pm by
Christmas birthday here. Mom didn't even do 1st bday bc "it's busy". Her bf promised to tell me. 30bday cake said happy 1st bday. Lol.
24 min ago by
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