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My dream trip is staying at Poly. With that said- split between poly and pop or whole trip at POFQ. I do not have any qualified people in my life to help me make this decision so I'm counting on my liner friends. Ready.... Go!
12:27am by
Agree with Hometown
2:38am by
Split stays are the only way I'd ever experience deluxes. Do it! Pop first. For us it feels like 2 vacations.
34 min ago by
split stay!
< 1 min ago by
Has anyone ever taken the train or know if the train goes to WDW?
9 min ago by
Ok I need some liner help. Have an ADR for dinner at Cali Grill in Sept. Please tell me that the elevator is NOT the only way to get there?!? Stairs? Escalator? The elevator to the 15th floor is going to be non negotiable no matter how good the food
9:53pm on 4/28/16 by
I also have fears, claustrophobia being one but I can cope with lifts. Please don't let it stop you with this experience. September is a few months away and you can beat this. I honestly feel your pain.
1:32am by
Aren't stairs needed technically for emergencies??
53 min ago by
I am not saying you have to be healthy and fit to climb 11-15 flights of stairs but if you do have some questionable health issues I would do the elevator. Better to have some anxiety then a AED/ CPR.
34 min ago by
Is there something wrong that all my pleasant Disney dreams involve The Villains?
2:44am by
Nope I love the villains too. I'd to see them win you know
3:05am by
Has anyone ever used Dining Plan at Morimoto's for lunch? Is it a horrible use of a credit? Do you just get 1 entree and then pay oop for appetizers or sushi if you want it? Would they let you trade your dessert for app or sushi?
4:13pm on 4/28/16 by
Disney says it's signature dining, right?
7:37pm on 4/28/16 by
If you click on the "tick" on the above link you will see 1 credit for lunch 2 for dinner, only found this out myself this week!
2:34am by
http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/media/wdw_nextgen/CoreCatalog/WaltDisneyWorld/en_us/PDF/2016Dining.pdf This does say it's 1credit for lunch and 2for dinner. I'd love to try it out, just can't see how to justify it in dining plan.
2:49am by
How many days can you book fpp for a 14 day vacation? All 14 days?
12:04am by
Starting 60 days out with day 1?
12:05am by
I'm pretty sure it's just 10 days out
12:07am by
Fpp rom our trip a couple of years ago you could FPP for 14 days. May have changed since then of course
12:17am by
I believe ADRs are 10 days but FP's are whole trip. I may be half right!
2:42am by
I'm curious, what (in your opinion), makes club level "worth it"?
9:38am on 4/28/16 by
There is a bathroom on 2d floor of poly lounge
1:56pm on 4/28/16 by
its a time saver. Bkfst at hand is really great. "Free" booze is great too. We are big "take an afternoon break" people. I don't get to the World for many days at a time so seconds saved outweighs dollars saved.
5:29pm on 4/28/16 by
And they stopped giving out bottled water
2:36am by
I just realized I'm going to be in the Orlando area the first night of MNSSHP. I've always wanted to do it but it seems expensive- I want to see what you all think- worth the cost? It would be DH DD8 DS5 DD2 and me
5:34pm on 4/28/16 by
It was way too crowded for me
1:53am by
Loved it. But the first party=horrible long lines.
1:55am by
To me it is only worth it if your family is really into dressing up in costumes, otherwise it is just a glorified EMH event. That being said, I'm not into dressing up in costumes and don't like candy so it might just be me.
2:26am by
Yesterday. I saw Cinderella coach complete with footman at the Grand Floridian!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Lucky bride!!!
10:36pm on 4/28/16 by
Problem is a lot of people rush into marriage to quickly. You really to need to know the person and know what is and ain't a deal breaker. I believe marriage is forever.
12:17am by
Saw carriage and bride arrive at GF, then use the grand staircase for photos.
12:30am by
We looked at that last year for our Disney wedding. Then we saw the price----3400 for 4 hours.
2:24am by
Not to complain but I have to say the so called free dining is definitely not calculated on cost of a room. I just compared 1 person staying at BW standard rm to 4 in that same room with "free" dining. Fam of 4 still pays extra 300 for a 5 night stay,...
6:27pm on 4/27/16 by
@katy, should be!
12:36am by
As an English professor of 34 years, I can state definitely that dinning refers to sound, not eating (urban dictionary notwithstanding). Actually usage is determined by the OED. That could, of course, change in the future.
2:21am by
But when I'm staying next to a noisy family I would gladly accept the free dinning plan!
2:23am by
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