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138. How many days for you my liner friends?!
6:59am on 5/23/18 by
We are now on our way! So excited and nervous! 1st time. Eek!
1:10am by
Goodmorning 184 and ready to hit the button on 180!
1:46am by
2 omg!
2 min ago by
Did I read somewhere that Epcot resort goats are not running to Epcot and HS?
12:35pm on 5/23/18 by
LOL! I need to get to sleep but I hope this Goes On Again Tomorrow.
2:07am by
@escape for the win! I'll forever now see my Dooneys as goat totes! This thread is so cheesy it's awesome!
2:14am by
Goatmorning to you all. Thank you very much!! I really need to stop reading our chat at work. Colleagues gave me a very weird look when I burst out laughing
39 min ago by
Ok. I just booked my flight and getting in at 1am. Do I take the risk and see if they will let me check in early? Or do I just get an all star room. Thoughts.
10:41pm on 5/23/18 by
Not expecting anything. I've arrived at MCO at 5am and still able to get into my room early. Just wondering others experiences. I'm a little unsure how to catch ME if I'm staying overnight somewhere else. They expect to pick you up at your departure time.
12:07am by
We landed at 6am and went to MDE. Got to the resort right away, but could not get our room before 1pm.
12:12am by
At 1am the person who booked the room for that night is going to be tucked up in bed. You can give ME a flight number that arrives next morning.
3:00am by
Hello! I've been reading page one of this chat page for weeks, but finally took the plunge and purchased a subscription. It feels a little weird to have access to the entire app, but I'm thankful because you all are a truly entertaining group!
10:56pm on 5/23/18 by
Welcome to chat!
2:32am by
2:38am by
Welcome! I remember when I used to read the first page - 6 years ago now!
2:55am by
Cruise help please.... Disney Fantasy Which one...eastern or western carribean? Which deck? And where...Forward, middle, or aft for verandah cabin. First or second dining? Any other info I need right off the bat?
10:22pm on 5/23/18 by
We did 2nd seating for dining (most little kids are at first seating)
12:55am by
I've done both and prefer Eatern Caribbean ', but they are all great. Loved our Western that stopped in Key West. I prefer first dining because for us the second dining is much later than we normally eat. I like mid ship for smoothest sailing.
1:18am by
Western cruises are easier to come by. Every cruise line does them, and often. Eastern amounts to fewer cruises, so odds are good the next time you'll want to cruise you can find a suitable western, but not so much for an eastern.
2:16am by
I know this is a super lame question but I'm new to this chat and can't figure out the abbreviations you all use. Is there a secret decoder app or link that would help me? Ex: FOP,FEA,HEA,GG,MDE,SFL,USO. Sorry but I, old.
5:50pm on 5/23/18 by
11:40pm on 5/23/18 by
Greetings and welcome!
11:58pm on 5/23/18 by
Thanks for the tips everyone and especially for the links to the code breaker! I have already leaned a lot reading posts and answers to my own questions, and I agree...great group of people! Coming up on our 180 day mark!
2:11am by
Staying on points for the first time at BLT. Anything I need to know? Ask for? Do? See? Eat?
1:21am on 5/23/18 by
Enjoy dessert at Top of the World Lounge. It's the best perk of BLT!
2:34am on 5/23/18 by
We were told last Nov. since we were staying on points and not DVC members we couldn't gain access to top of the world. If I was misinformed please let me know.
5:44am on 5/23/18 by
If you walk to MK you have a security line half way there and then you don't have to go thru security with everyone else arriving by bus, monorail, and ferry.
5:45am on 5/23/18 by
My bad.If you aren't DVC you aren't supposed to get into ToTWL. You could make friends poolside who could get you in. I've made friends in the elevators I brought up with me. Disney makes money off your purchases so I feel no guilt bringing friends there.
2:01am by
Do you have a first day/last day at Disney ritual? Restaurants, attractions, etc? Plan to spend our first night at resort but that doesn't seem special enough...If we're planning a special meal like CRT would you do at beginning or end of the trip?
3:05pm on 5/23/18 by
@Suprgurl - funny - I prefer my breakfast to include eggs. How do you like you characters? Scrambled? Over Medium? Poached? In a Basket?
10:57pm on 5/23/18 by
We always save MK fireworks for our last night. That way if kids are tired the next day, they'll sleep well on plane as opposed to being tired and grumpy in the parks. No first day ADRs as I'm always nervous about flight delays or cancellations.
12:00am by
Last year our last full day we did 4-in-1 & we all said that was going to be our tradition from now on. It was so fun!!
1:48am by
Any good, safe hotel recommendations for the stretch between Birmingham, AL and Montgomery?
11:01pm on 5/22/18 by
I third Prattville!
11:49pm on 5/23/18 by
We live in Calera which is about 25 miles south of Birmingham and 60 miles north of Montgomery. There is a Hampton Inn on exit 231. Exit 238, Alabaster has several hotels at the Promenade Mall as well as plenty of places to eat. Hope that helps.
12:00am by
I used to live off that Alabaster exit - has everything you'd need. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express for a couple days while we were moving, and we liked it!
1:44am by
What time do you need to stake out a spot to watch HEA?
10:34pm on 5/23/18 by
Depends on what type of spot. At least an hour for prime location. 15-20 minutes for ok spot
10:38pm on 5/23/18 by
So, I am NOT the kind of person to wait one hour for foreworks. For HEA, the first night, we found a great spot for fireworks, the second night, great spot for castle projection. Waited 15 min each time
11:30pm on 5/23/18 by
@MissBelle - where did you find great spots for fireworks and projection so close to event time?
1:06am by
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