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Finally! Booked EMM for October yaay! All dates released are now bookable but seems a little glitchy (in browser). Eg I got on to book..went back to double check dates and then got a system error next few times before I got on again.
12:21am by
I booked December- at HS. Pretty excited!
12:22am by
Score for both @mrs. It sounds like money well spent. I would do it and MK EMM. I'm excited for both of you!
45 min ago by
My brain isn't working. What is EMM please.
12 min ago by
I am still in my house, our flight doesn't leave for another 4 hours, and I just a text that our room is ready! I wish I was there already. :)
2:22pm on 8/31/16 by
Ponytail or a hat will work. Isn't it raining anyway? Nobody will notice. Hope your bags arrive soon.
48 min ago by
My toiletries are in my carry-on just for this fear!
34 min ago by
Toiletries as in toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant! I'm not worried about looking good! Haha.
16 min ago by
Say good night Gracie, G-night Gracie!
10:16pm on 8/31/16 by
Samual l jackson reading the book. https://youtu.be/nDGKK6y8OtQ
12:24am by
Say what again!
12:27am by
@jaxpayne every time kids have any sleep regression, DH and I listen to it on YouTube while dealing with it- love it!
18 min ago by
I know that Keens are washable, but wondering what you all do to keep them...fresher...between washings? Please tell me we're not the only family with stinky Keens! Any insider tips?
2:14pm on 8/31/16 by
And I just bought my first pair of keens yesterday for this trip, which promises to be quite wet. Oh well.
10:54pm on 8/31/16 by
Theives oil spray- it has multiple uses
11:33pm on 8/31/16 by
Luv muppets, mine are light grey and they don't stink. So maybe that is why? I don't generally have stinky feet unless I wear Toms! I do wear powder aka cornstarch at the first sign of sweaty feet.
22 min ago by
Ugh! Just saw southwest post that flights can be delayed/cancelled to Orlando until Saturday. Supposed to fly in Friday evening. Slightly stressing now.
1:32pm on 8/31/16 by
**going to stress about this. I can't change it so that's wasted energy. Besides this weekend is going to be magical. So there's that. The end. ;)
11:08pm on 8/31/16 by
As my coworker says, "right answer!"
11:29pm on 8/31/16 by
Note to self: be prepared to fly out early if need be to avoid weather delays in 2 weeks.
29 min ago by
I was sure I wouldn't... But just booked HS EMM thanks to good liner reports. We are @boardwalk so heck we can just walk on over!!! No transport needed! And it's middle of trip so if we aren't up eastern am wake ups yet I can always cxl....
4:04pm on 8/31/16 by
Mwahaha! Just approached subject with DH... And he's on board!!! (It's all about the approach. Well played award to myself) Now if SW fireworks schedule comes out we will be pretty much set...
7:03pm on 8/31/16 by
Very well played! I think it sounds like a great value and I would do if I was going. Enjoy!
31 min ago by
PizzaRizzo signs are up at HS. Retro cool!
12:38pm on 8/31/16 by
Dining plan?
7:18pm on 8/31/16 by
@Timbomoo...I think it'll be on the DP as a QS.
8:39pm on 8/31/16 by
Looks cute. Wouldn't it be great to get pizza in HS as good as Via Napoli in Italy.
35 min ago by
Took the 4:40a Tragical Express and got home early this afternoon, just In time for school to start tomorrow. Thanks Liners for making this the most magical trip ever. You all make about 80% of the magic for my family with your knowledge. Pixie dust*
4:38pm on 8/31/16 by
Awwww glad you had a great trip!!!
4:56pm on 8/31/16 by
It's over already?! Thanks for letting us follow along! Good luck with the first day of school!
9:24pm on 8/31/16 by
You made my days more magical by sharing. It is sincerely appreciated and I'm happy you had a good time.
38 min ago by
Wow! Was just randomly checking breakfast availability for our last day in Nov. not hoping for much since it's so late and scored BOG! Never had breakfast there. Kinda cool because I missed the Ressie finder's BOG lunch earlier today. :-)
10:02pm on 8/31/16 by
10:19pm on 8/31/16 by
Congrats! We love breakfast and lunch there. Dinner too.
40 min ago by
Does anyone have a TP for MNSSHP for a DD8 & DS6? I want to make sure I do the FW, shows and parades. Not really interested in standing in long lines for characters (of course little people may have a different plan).
42 min ago by
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