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Seeking opinions on T-Rex menu. Good food?
10:48pm on 7/24/16 by
We had two good visits there. The last one was awful. The service was horrid. We were there for 2 hours. Our server was Cris and my kids still reference Chris with out an h when we have bad service.
11:52pm on 7/24/16 by
I equate the food at T-Rex with your average Chili's, just with higher prices. We go there for dessert only, if at all.
12:56am by
Bad food, bad service, too loud. Thought my 9 year old would enjoy it but not so much. He did like the show.
1 min ago by
So website says limited tickets are sold for MVMCP. What does that mean? How many are sold?
12:24am by
I don't think they release figures.
47 min ago by
We will be in Paris for two days next summer during a trip to Europe. Anyone know if we could get through Disneyland Paris in one day or should we focus on the tourist attractions in the city for the two days? Probably the only time we will get to Europe
6:43pm on 7/24/16 by
Agree, skip DLP but still use your Disney planning techniques! You can book time slots for Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Orsay, etc and easy to book restaurants via simple form on Trip Advisor or restaurants own site.
1:48am by
Never heard of Rick Steves.
1:51am by
I was just thinking that Maria!
49 min ago by
Just a random observation. Does everybody really pack so much stuff? Our family of 4 goes there for 9 days with 2 LG and 2 sm suitcases and 2 backpacks. Never a problem with not having enough of things.
5:45pm on 7/24/16 by
For 2 grown adults and no kids, we tend to do 1 large suitcase, another for case of water and 2 carry ons. I like to have a lot of shirts because I will hate some some days and need options. We also put food in the big suitcase. 1 carry on is bf's clothes
1:19am by
For FL trips it's a large case each, but always way under weight limit. Last yr, DP and I were in Gran Canaria for a week, we had a small/medium case between us. Carry shoulder bag/purse/phone/poncho and lippy to parks.
2:06am by
We pack a lot of clothes but to be fair we don't come back with much, if any, unworn. We have 2 biggish and 1 small suitcase for the 3 of us. We all have a carry on backpack with entertainment and snacks. In the parks I basically have money and my camera.
53 min ago by
Wahoo!! I just snagged a Fantasmic dinner package reservation at H& V for September. I've been trying 3-5x a day for a week, and i got it. So excited!!
2:59am by
57 min ago by
Any updates on FEA rope drop strategies for those of us unable to get FP? The most recent posts online were from June 26 and it looked like a nightmare. Praying it might be halfway sane by Aug 24. I don't fancy RDing only to get a 2 hr wait.
8:48pm on 7/24/16 by
Park RD, recently just changed.
1:57am by
Any news for the those with an akershus prd adr? Any chance of getting in before the crowd?
2:17am by
I wonder if there is any advantage in coming in through the international gateway ? Wouldn't it be nearer ?
3:05am by
Debating Aug choice of am at HS to 2pm then BB to 7pm. Or lazy start with BB to 3pm and HS to 7pm. Morning at HS enables earlier 9am start and perhaps slightly less intense sun in BB afternoon. But concerned thunderstorms will mess up BB plans. WWYD? Thx
2:05am by
When doing a split day like this we have done water park till 3, then over to main park for rest of afternoon & evening.
2:09am by
Hi. Are AKL Jambo lobby level rooms on level 2? Also are bunk bed rooms nice? We've always had a King and a sofa bed for 2 DDs on vacation but King at AKL is with day bed that I don't think sleeps 2, dd8 and 5. Don't seem to be many bunk rooms tho. Thx
7:30pm on 7/24/16 by
Did you book a bunk room or a standard view hoping for a bunk bed? If it is a standard view look at room 4322 on the room finder. I know it is one floor up but it may be what you are looking for .
8:11pm on 7/24/16 by
We qualify for a double queen but wondering about asking for a bunk bed instead if it's worth the extra? Thx
1:39am by
I thought they were same price category- stnd bunk or stnd double? So shld be ok to request a bunk room. Thought the view changed the price not the bed arrangement?
2:02am by
WWYD? Ressie Finder landed me an 8:05 GG ressie on my EP day. CL3. I booked it. Will we need it or can we get the extra sleep? Is it worth it? Have DDP but will mean OOP for something else, like dinner in DS. Thoughts? TIA
12:58am by
Ok how can I convince DH to keep this ressie? After looking at it, I really wanna go!
1:29am by
It is really cute characters and good value on dining plan. Plus empty Epcot pictures and first in line for Soarin.
1:59am by
Ndr: thinking about a New York City Christmas. Any suggestions for reasonable, safe areas to stay within reason to all the action?
3:08pm on 7/24/16 by
For Christmas and was just lovely. We didn't think it was too crowded. My DD3 keeps asking when we will get to go back.
12:45am by
The Roger Smith. Was fairly close to a lot of things, large tooms, great service, and decent price. We stayed there at Christmas. Loved NYC at that time!
1:36am by
Interesting guys, thank you, DP and I are looking to go in Spring.
1:56am by
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