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Would y'all indulge my curiosity by ranking the parks in order from your most to least favorite?
7:12pm on 6/26/16 by
4:20am by
3 min ago by
1 min ago by
What is your ideal trip length? (not talking dream trip) Thanks.
7:51pm on 6/27/16 by
We rarely do less than 10
10:57pm on 6/27/16 by
We did 11 nights last year and thought it was too long. Have done 8 nights twice and was happy with that. Might only be able to 7 next trip unless some great deals are released.
5 min ago by
We do 14 nights due to the distance we travel. We mix it up with a dat shopping and a day at universal plus we can do park hop
1 min ago by
So the Poly a/c only goes to 68 degrees? It's warm in the room. Are other resorts experiencing this too? We called and they said that's the lowest it will go. And with no ceiling fans so it feels stagnant. May get a fan tomorrow but hate to spend money.
10:34pm on 6/25/16 by
We sleep at 65 degrees at home. Hoping our poly room is comfortable in a few weeks....
12:14am by
Can't believe how cold some people sleep at.. in Florida if we leave AC at 72 our bill rockets up in price. FPL recommends 78 and a fan for most efficiency..lol
5 min ago by
Also.. in the 3pm to 6pm on hot days we may not even be able to get house lower than 75 with even AC set on coldest possible settings
4 min ago by
447. Good morning liners. How many Disney parks have you visited ?
38 min ago by
Just the world and DLR
19 min ago by
I've done all the Florida parks, the DLP parks and the DLR parks.
11 min ago by
Good morning all! 45 days. I've been to all 6 U.S. Disney parks, as well as both of the currently-open water parks!
7 min ago by
Is early morning magic worth it at MK?
6:02pm on 6/12/16 by
Looking into this option for September!
12:14am by
Wow @LowBiscus - sounds like a Fabulous Day! I am making fast passes today and I'm so confused of what to do! Ha! Did you ride those rides all in a row or back and forth?
1:28am by
Changes MK admission price to $175plus for that day. Not even remotely worth it for those 3 rides and a Continental Breakfast.
9 min ago by
Thoughts about our 11th day --We went to Epcot and the crowds were gray but the heat was horrible. First day were I felt the heat had really impacted our day.
1:26pm on 6/27/16 by
Thanks for food tips! My family also loves Germany caramel and cronuts @ Epcot. I want to try the ice cream in France.
1:53am by
Where can you get a cronut?
3:36am by
At the Refreshment Port, on the right side entering WS, heading towards the Canada Pavillion.
40 min ago by
Anyone with a dairy allergy have experience with Teppan Edo? Wondering if we would be able to (safely) do TE instead of Coral Reef for CP. The kids would think both are very entertaining restaurants. Decisions, decisions. Mostly focused on allergy first.
7:12pm on 6/27/16 by
We ate at TE with nut and sesame allergic kids. Eating at Asian restaurants is difficult with a sesame allergy but they were able to accommodate us. They gave DD a different sauce and left the sesame out of the entrees.
9:00pm on 6/27/16 by
Asian food has very little dairy, so likely butter is the only issue, and I bet they could make it first or separately.
9:34pm on 6/27/16 by
Eaten twice at TE with daughter with severe dairy and egg allergy. They cooked hers seperately but still in front, not in kitchen..but as far as I recall the only restriction was one of the dipping sauces, which the substituted before bringing to table.
4:16am by
Treats for week 2 to keep a 14 day trip exciting? We're doing HDDR, BBB and pirates league in week 1 due to higher crowd levels. Week 2 will include more late nights and wishes. There is 1st MNSSHP but bit expensive for 4. thx
4:10am by
Checked out of Poly yesterday and DH left his cable to charge his phone in the room:( Every number we call gets transferred to central lost and found, which is closed til tomorrow. Any ideas?
9:59am on 6/26/16 by
We used Amazon Prime Now (1 hour) on Sat and it worked great! Code for $10 off is 10PRIMENOW or something like that. You can Google the code. If you choose delivery w/in 2 hours or 4 hours there's no delivery charge.
8:29pm on 6/27/16 by
IMHO that is amazing!
3:13am by
4:05am by
How long after the election will HOP close for the installation of the new President?
10:32pm on 6/27/16 by
Obama debuted 4th July 2009 but Not sure how long ride was closed before then.
2:40am by
Oh I now know! 31st Oct 2008 till 4th July 2009. Only using this as example of "new" president installation. Here's a thing from mouseplanet https://www.mouseplanet.com/11267/Robobama_in_the_Hall_of_Presidents
2:50am by
It's going to be strange seeing either candidate up there!
3:39am by
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