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Okay, so my family is new to this 'big family vacation' thing.... we love WDW, had 1st trip (and 1st vaca!) last year, planning another big trip next fall to WL. My Q is: for those of you who do WDW habitually, what is it that draws you back time and...
1:29pm by
My family has to talk to me when we are in line waiting. It may take a couple of days but they finally talk to me.
48 min ago by
11 or 12 cruises in 17 years and in same time, OBX multiple times, Colorado, Gulf Shores, Europe (approx 35 days), NH, shorter trips. Love cruises, but DH lost interest so last 5 have been with sisters. In same time 3x to WDW/Uni for total of 17 days.
13 min ago by
My ILs have a house in Kissimmee and we tend to go there for the holidays. We bought APs last year and think we'll renew for foreseeable future as something to do while in area. Have stayed 2x on property so far and love it, want to try diff resorts.
< 1 min ago by
Just bought a new car to replace my 2000 Accord with 206,000 miles. Walked into dealer with DS14 and his first question was "Are we going to drive this to Florida?" :D
14 min ago by
Honda's go forever. We had an accord with over 300,000 miles on it. Got a new Honda after someone hit me and totaled my car last year. I think ole bestie would have still been going today. RIP.
2 min ago by
Love my Odyssey but need to replace due to miles and repairs that need to be done. Having trouble finding the right SUV equivalent. Would feel better driving a new car to FL- that's for sure!
2 min ago by
Where's the buy vs not buy spreadsheet?
1 min ago by
Despite months of thinking about it, still somehow unprepared mentally for MVMCP tickets to go on sale today. If you were buying for 11/16 (Fri before Tgiving), how long would you feel comfortable waiting to purchase? Do I have hours/days/weeks/months?
10:44am by
See if touring plans blog from last year about predicted crowds for the parties lists when each party sold out (if it did).
11:23am by
11:31am by
Wow! Looks like even that date only sells out a couple of days ahead of time. Good to know.
1 min ago by
Next question! Thoughts on Trattoria il Forno on Boardwalk? Is the "Sunday gravy" I see in a lot of the dishes marinara sauce? Or do they actually put gravy in their lasagna? Trying to manage expectations;-)
13 min ago by
We ate dinner there last Oct and thought it was excellent food. I was pleasantly surprised.
4 min ago by
We had dinner there about a year ago and really enjoyed it
2 min ago by
The breakfast i had was amazing
1 min ago by
My FP+ window opens this week! I've never been able to do this at 60 days before. I'll have coffee and multiple browsers ready at 5:50am CDT along with a list of my priority FP. Any other tips? How long does it take on average to book out for your trip?
10:04am by
I did a little bit of everything what everyone on here did my first time. Lol. All written down on papers laid out for each day. Times for each FPP for each day. I did what others said to do and started my last day first. 7DMT was my first day so I...
16 min ago by
....I got that next. About 20 mins for 5 days. I got all the times I wanted plus or minus 30 mins so no big deal. It was really fun after the nerves was gone. We are going on a slow week so almost all times were available. Didn't need to modify either.
11 min ago by
1 min ago by
Does anyone have any room number recommendations for a standard bedroom with 2 queen beds at Poly? I've checked out room views photos but it's not giving me any choices...
3:46pm by
27 min ago by
We loved 3309, which is in Figi.
1 min ago by
on 180 day what time can you start making ADRs?
3:47pm by
6am EST online, 7am on the phone.
3:48pm by
7 am EST
3:50pm by
3:53pm by
Online: 6am US/Eastern Time (EDT now that we are in daylight saving time)
4 min ago by
Day 1. Let the Fabulous 40th irthday trip begin! Hitting up Epcot and HS today. Wearing a red Disneyland Pluto t-shirt and my liner button. Say hi if you see us! Or hit me up on chat if you want to have a Liner meet.
10:54am by
Happy Birthday!!!
16 min ago by
Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday!
4 min ago by
Happy irthday!
4 min ago by
Does the MK barbershop take walking? If so, anyone know how that works? Also - do they cut girls' hair too?
35 min ago by
*walk-ins. Sigh. Autocorrect is messing with me today.
33 min ago by
Yes. My son and DH did it over the summer. They showed up first thing in AM and were given a time to return a couple of hours later. It was great!
5 min ago by
Staying for 8 days w/ 8 & 6 year old boys. What rides do your kids always want to ride multiple times? I'm thinking SDMT for sure. Thanks
1:22pm by
BTMRR, SM, Splash, TT, Soarin, ToT, RnR, TSMM, and EE.
49 min ago by
Teacups, BTMRR, ST, TSMM, FOP (one at RD and one with FP) Test Track
45 min ago by
During MVMCP in 2016, my 10yo nephew wanted to ride Magic Carpets 3x since there was no wait and he wanted to sit in both front and back and again.
11 min ago by
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