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DD8 is a picky eater. We will not have the dining plan this time but have several ADRs for TS. Is it at all possible to bring in a sandwich for her at a few of those meals or is it frowned upon? I'd rather save the $ instead of wasting food and $.
23 min ago by
I guess anything is possible, but I wouldn't bring my own food into a restaurant. I have fed my child beforehand and just ordered them a drink or side while we ate. I also don't like ordering food I know they won't eat.
14 min ago by
Both my children are exactly the same!! We don't hv a DP but got quite a lot of ADR's booked & don't wanna waste $!!! Hoping we can order them something small & perhaps feed before. But still wanted DH & I to be able to enjoy the TS restaurants.
7 min ago by
Yep, I fed kids at pizzafari and then we went to Nomad's lounge where DH and had wine and lots of apps, they loved lounging on the comfy sofas while DH and I had foodie time. The stinkers ended up wanting to eat most of what we ordered though, lol. Our...
1 min ago by
...issue is not so much picky eaters as it is slim pickings for vegetarian children.
1 min ago by
Totally different experiences, but what would you choose: Star Wars dessert or starlight safari?
40 min ago by
Dessert parties are fairly generic- and you can see the fireworks at any point. I'd do the safari! More unique and memorable
11 min ago by
So based on your user name I'm guessing your a Star Wars fan? Although I've not done the new and improved SW dessert party, we did the old one twice. It's a great chance for fans like my crew to enjoy a great view and from recent reviews the interaction *
2 min ago by
**with storm troopers adds to the experience.
1 min ago by
Touring MK with DGD8 on Sunday our only park day. Day is immovable. Looks like rain from noon to park close. I have never toured in that much constant rain. Advise and tips?....Thanks
12:56pm on 1/19/17 by
Thanks, you rainy day vets are priceless. I now have the DGD8 looking forward to the rain. Lol
2:07pm by
Bring clothespins to shorten the ponchos they tend to be long on kids....faster than tying the ends.
10 min ago by
Bring a shammy type towel because they are smaller and really absorbent. Also a draw string bag to store ponchos of the weather clears.
4 min ago by
EP WS is unreal. Even Joy of Tea has a long line. Bailing and heading to CC after FEA FPP.
35 min ago by
Happy that I did FoArts yesterday.
35 min ago by
It's a zoo!!
35 min ago by
It's is indeed!!
11 min ago by
Yikes! I'll be there two weeks from today. I guess all the great reviews are bringing the people to the festival!
5 min ago by
I wish I was in Animal Kingdom right now, where do you want to be?
11:55pm on 1/20/17 by
12:23pm by
Anywhere in Orlando
12:24pm by
Me too wish I was at AK...dreamt I was on banshee ride in Pandora last night..214 days..
5 min ago by
Is there a list of food items offered at festival of arts and where they are sold? Also helpful if it showed what could purchased with a ddp snack credit. Not sure if that is out there, but would love to have prior to going.
9 min ago by
6 min ago by
Just for our room text...building 26...just wHat we asked for. Also a corner. If we were to get an upgrade what would I want? Just asking...just in case. Quiet room!
12:49pm by
That would be just got our room text.
12:49pm by
Oh my...POR. Resort info would help. LOL
12:50pm by
Close to transportation. Every step counts on your way back to the room after exiting the last bus of the day
12:55pm by
Oh my goodness we had building 26 its great! I think its in preferred section.It was our upgrade after I complained about our first room.26 is close to bus.
6 min ago by
We are driving in with a rental car and want to go to MK. Is it worth the time to stop at AoA first and take the bus, or should we just drive rental car directly to MK? We need to return car to the Disney car center that day, but can be in evening.
3:09pm by
If not, i would drive. I HATE waiting for the bus
3:21pm by
Probably not staying late that first day since two small kids and doing emh the next two mornings. Only would do fireworks that day if crummy weather forecast on other days.
50 min ago by
You can't drive directly to MK - park at TTC (probably need to take parking tram to get to transportation) and then either monorail or ferry. As mom to 2 small children myself I'd go with the bus for easier return to hotel afterwards.
9 min ago by
Does anyone know if the castle turns green on St.Patty's day?
9:08pm on 1/19/17 by
Thanks @disneyday. I didn't think so, but my Irish friend insists that it does. (she's been to wdw once. lol)
31 min ago by
We've been there several times for st party's and I don't remember it ever being green
28 min ago by
You could probably just google it for more info....
10 min ago by
Checking out of Wilderness Lodge tomorrow. Will have some margaritas and a couple wine coolers, coke, real maple syrup and maybe some water left. Happy to leave it at bell services if a Liner would like it
9:29am by
I would take the syrup, water and coke! Checking in at pop in the morning. Will they send it to pop century?? We have car and could pick up at wilderness if needed. Our last name is Nemec at pop 1/22
2:46pm by
I just looked at the lounge menu so even if they can't deliver I could check that out.
2:53pm by
I don't think they deliver. I'll leave at Wilderness Lodge bell services with your name. Glad someone can use it. Anyone want the alcohol?? Otherwise Mousekeepng will find it in the room :)
10 min ago by
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