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We usually rely on Disney transportation. This trip to Orlando we are renting a car. We will be in Orlando for 2 days then off the cape canavarel for a cruise then back to Orlando for 1 day. Can someone explain the tolls and what is a surpass and should
4:01pm on 2/11/16 by
For most toll booths, you can get change but I carry a bag of quarters just in case. It's not as bad as it sounds. Cars move thru quickly. I wouldn't bother with Sunpass.
6:26pm on 2/11/16 by
Just use cash you do not need a sunpass
6:34pm on 2/11/16 by
Do not do the Sunpass! Huge ripoff with most rental companies. Ask if your car has one and have them turn it off before you leave the airport. Be careful to get into correct toll lane for CASH, watch signs up ahead so you don't get stuck in wrong lane.
14 min ago by
painted sparkles.....
4:17pm on 2/11/16 by
I'm using my iPhone :) It just takes longer typing it in. 𞩈
54 min ago by
I usually only lurk, but had to comment. This thread made me smile. So neat to see everyone having fun with something so simple, yet magical.
37 min ago by
Love this!
16 min ago by
6am on the 180 day mark to make dining reservations online correct? TY!
1:49pm on 2/10/16 by
Correct but i was online 15-20 min earlier to set everything. Followed unofficial guide plan. Got BOG dinner, and checked a few Hours later and no adr left! Get up early, coffee, and you're set!! Good luck!
5:40pm on 2/10/16 by
Awesome, thx!!
7:21pm on 2/10/16 by
It's really fun when you live in Oregon. ADRs at 3am PST. Super crazy, and only for Disney will I get up at such an early hour.
18 min ago by
Got offered Poly or GF this year for convention... went to GF last year and was great! but Poly is tempting since never stayed there...been to the Poly hotel twice and loved being there.. thoughts?
3:56pm on 2/11/16 by
We like the grounds,bar options and quick service better at the Poly, but the other restaurants were a lot easier to drop in for a meal at GF. We don't do adrs, so that's a definite plus for GF
7:34pm on 2/11/16 by
Thx @brerbeer good to be back ... Yes this is Optometric conference .... First one to the table gets the big piece of meat!!
9:42pm on 2/11/16 by
@EYEWISH and @sbfratesi, are you both ODs?
24 min ago by
Finalizing plans. Day 2@MK. We have reservations @1900 for dinner @4. Doable? Or a big hassle? How long would it take to get there, eat, and get back? Is 1900 dinner worth it? Spending 3 days total @ MK.
8:02pm on 2/11/16 by
Can I ask what was disappointing about it @Martha
9:07pm on 2/11/16 by
I thought that the food was great at 1900, but I know it definitely gets mixed reviews. The only downer there for us was that I took DD4 to the buffet and we missed the dance by Cindy & PC, but such is life. We should have checked on the time.
9:09pm on 2/11/16 by
If you have kids (or adults!) who are into the characters then fine but if it is just to eat there are better places on monorail loop. But leaving the park to eat is definitely worth it. 2 hours would cover your whole travel and eating and return to MK.
52 min ago by
How far in advance do you call DME to tell them your flight times?
5:19pm on 2/10/16 by
Thank you!
9:15pm on 2/11/16 by
12:51am by
52 min ago by
Trying to take a few friends for their first trip ever. If you had to choose between the first week of May 2016 or the 2nd week February 2017, which would you pick and why?
11:03pm on 2/11/16 by
May , beautiful weather , my fav time
11:39pm on 2/11/16 by
Early May is glorious. Early February can save a few bucks, be less crowded and requires no mid-day break from heat.
11:40pm on 2/11/16 by
Feb so Soarin frozen etc will be open? If not bothered about theses rides then May all the way!
1:33am by
Which color magic band do you wear the most?
11:54pm on 2/11/16 by
1:25am by
1:26am by
1:26am by
Big shout out to @Fool_ishMortal for pointing out all the fun fonts/colors available :D
12:44am by
Now I just need to figure out the emojis
12:52am by
@jules ✉ me name@yahoo & I can help you with it
1:14am by
also, if you're on a desktop, you can use the "Inspect" feature in Chrome to see what they did with the code for anything you want to learn :)
1:15am by
12:54am by
12:55am by
Mickey Mouse
12:59am by
1:07am by
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