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For ROTR BGs, heard theory that selecting "My Status" and refreshing may get you access to a BG faster that continually trying to select "Join Boarding Group." Anyone know or have experience?
6:41pm on 1/25/20 by
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Would anyone with fastpass4me be willing to do me the biggest flavor in the whole wide world and look for a FPP: KS on 2/6. I will continue to look, but can't do SDD drop because of flight. Last minute trip so I am ill prepared. TIT!
11:04pm on 1/25/20 by
11:59pm by
Thank you @ds! Yes, 2 people.
48 min ago by
29 min ago by
Any advice on a good place to rent a double stroller at MCO airport for half WDW and other half beach trip? Nephew is 1 and niece is 6. Staying at POFQ and then going to beach for a few days.
11:45pm on 1/25/20 by
Kingdom Strollers is used by many Liners and they do MCO. https://www.kingdomstrollers.com/
12:07am by
You guys are amazing! Is there a question you can't answer? Thank you.
37 min ago by
Taken a while, but this is chat 1000 for me! I sincerely appreciate the help & atmosphere this group provides and consider myself fortunate to be a part of this crazy bunch. By chat 2000 I hope to meet some other liners and/or make it to a liner meet-up!
11:17pm on 1/25/20 by
*in Marceline, MO to visit the museum there for the Missouri and other liners. I just haven't figured out when would be the best time to do it.
11:31pm on 1/25/20 by
Congrats! I've met some awesome people thru this group.
12:25am by
Congrats on the chats. I'm working towards chat 1000, but still have a way to go.
47 min ago by
Are there any problems parking at Beach Club or Boardwalk for dinner when you don't have a reservation? If I just want to spend a few hours to explore the resorts, visit bars/Jellyrolls, and grab a bite somewhere.
11:04am on 1/23/20 by
@mrs good tips!
1:18am on 1/25/20 by
B&C do take ADRs. But very hard to get in as it's so small inside. Good luck.
1:48am on 1/25/20 by
B&C has been enlarged....lots of ADRs available now....
48 min ago by
Is there anywhere that anyone knows of to save on the purchase of an annual pass? Also looking for help on "bridging" and whether or not it's worth it or if it's a hassle. So for bridging id buy like a 10 day park hopper on UT and then upgrade as GS?
4:39pm on 1/25/20 by
....and I actually was told no by two other CMs in two other locations when I asked about bridging before finding this super amazing CM who made it work. (It was a MVT ticket)
10:12pm on 1/25/20 by
New Date based tickets cause a problem. My 3 day PH previously to add one day was about $35. This time charge almost $200! I asked 3 CM before finally got one that charged me $93. He explained many times what a big favor he was doing for me.
12:31am by
56 min ago by
I filled out the room request on touring plans website, it never asked me to hit submit or confirmed request was made. It did state type/floor requested. Did I do it correctly?
10:21pm on 1/25/20 by
Bump. I think you should be able to go to your dashboard on TP website and see your request if it's been made. I don't remember the exact steps.
10:47pm on 1/25/20 by
As long as you did the configure room request here I think you are good https://imgur.com/gallery/Z0EwJHL You should see a message tomorrow morning that it was sent (or possibly Monday I'm not sure if they send them on the weekend).
10:53pm on 1/25/20 by
Here's a helpful video on the current method of configuring the email request https://touringplans.com/blog/2019/10/31/room-request/
59 min ago by
In the gift shop when you exit the princess meet and greets at MK, I think I remember there being a room off to the left that had a photography setup - what is that for? (It could be the gift shop after Mickey/tink also... my memory is foggy). Thanks!
11:11pm on 1/25/20 by
I mean anyone with Memory Maker.
11:57pm on 1/25/20 by
Wow!! Wish I'd known that back in Dec!!
12:11am by
12:23am by
Disney toilet paper is so thin it's translucent. That is all.
5:16pm on 1/25/20 by
Okay @Fatty I have had my laugh for the day. Thank you.
10:09pm on 1/25/20 by
Fatty was just doing his doody
10:11pm on 1/25/20 by
I take TP on all travels now. All hotels are terrible!
12:21am by
Has anyone done the Disney Fine Arts photo session? I'd like to do it in Epcot since it's our favorite park. Haven't done family photos in 5 years, need new ones while DD9 still looks like a kid.
11:09am on 1/25/20 by
Thanks @vegas. Did you enter through IG to meet the photographer? We'll be at the swan so bit of a walk but I guess to get to WS it's a walk wherever you start from. What countries were best? I worry about shadows from too bright sun, ruins many picture
10:39pm on 1/25/20 by
Oh also, how many do you get and are they all edited? Because that is super time consuming.
10:44pm on 1/25/20 by
12:17am by
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