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Home:( vacation is over.... But I get to eat Brooklyn pizza. I guess it's some consolation:)
10:00pm on 5/30/16 by
Lol didn't see this posted pizza on different thread ...
10:30pm on 5/30/16 by
Oh yeah forget about the bread and the Italian cookies. Drinkable tap water
15 min ago by
We'll be headed to NYC in October. Would you please share specifics of what to eat & where to get them? Thanks!
< 1 min ago by
Trying to order a TP shirt on Zazzle. There is no option to add my Liner name on the order screen. Help!!
9:46pm on 5/30/16 by
Are liner shirts available for purchase?
1 min ago by
Sci-fi dine-in, anyone have little kids find them scary? Trying to decide...
10:36pm on 5/30/16 by
My DS6 was pretty freaked out by them. He will be turning 10 on our next trip this summer. He asked that we not go back there. I think it may have been different if I had done some research and shown him some youtube clips beforehand.
10:41pm on 5/30/16 by
Thanks...will skip it for a few more years. ;)
10:42pm on 5/30/16 by
My daughter was a few months shy of turning nine and she hated the clips and found it stressful to try to eat. DH loved the clips, but he was a kid when they originally aired. All three of us disliked the darkness and bad food and service.
2 min ago by
What time do I have to show up for JB if o have dining package? 30 mins or less?
7:49pm on 5/30/16 by
We ended up going up at 45 mins before due to DD mood. Got decent seats, but I'd still say you should show up 20 mins before if you want a choice of where you sit. Dining area not near as packed as stand by area.
11:55pm on 5/30/16 by
Sorry the 20 should be 30.
11:56pm on 5/30/16 by
5 min ago by
I thought I saved the link for the Disney playlist created by a very kind and talented liner, but I cannot find it. Could someone post one more time please.
7:43am on 5/30/16 by
How fun!
39 min ago by
Thanks for sharing
37 min ago by
15 min ago by
I'm looking for audiobook recommendations for a 10 yo boy (okay, he says young man). We've done a fabulous Narnia series, and are on the last Rick Riordan book of the Egypt series (and have finished both Olympian sets). Any suggestions?
1:32pm on 8/13/15 by
11:36pm on 5/30/16 by
Great timing. DS is coming to end of Harry Potter. Thanks for great ideas!
33 min ago by
16 min ago by
I know to tip bell services when they take me and bags to airport check in at resort tomorrow. Do I also need to top the guy working at airport check in, and if so, how much? Thanks.
11:55pm on 5/30/16 by
5 per bag is fine
30 min ago by
Bell service 10
17 min ago by
Leaving for airport in just under four hours. Likely on the ground in Orlando in about 10 hours. 2:10 pm BOG ressie, 7DMT, SM, and PPF FPP and 9:15 Cali Grill dinner to kick off trip! Hooray!
31 min ago by
Best $12 I've ever spent at WDW: cab from HS to Pop post SW fireworks.
10:16pm on 5/30/16 by
11:09pm on 5/30/16 by
I have never regretted cabbing it at WDW.
11:13pm on 5/30/16 by
How does this work with a double stroller and a 5 and 4 year old?
36 min ago by
Soooo mad we didn't do SW fireworks earlier in our trip. We leave tomorrow and I would love to see them again. Absolutely incredible!!
9:51pm on 5/30/16 by
Last I checked there were no official announcements but speculation is that it will continue. Where are good spots to view and how early do you need to arrive?
12:04am by
We sat on the wall across from 50's by lake. We were there 30 minutes early. Incredible!
12:10am by
The new SW fireworks show starts on June 17. We planned to be there that night anyway, old or new show. I'm sure it will be around for awhile
43 min ago by
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