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How much are the autograph books inside the parks? Does anyone have one they've purchased elsewhere and love? Looking for the standard pen and paper kind. TIA!
1:59pm on 6/26/17 by
I ordered 2 of the deluxe 5x8 editions for our kids to use this August in WDW. Looks much better than anything offered by Disney.
8:36am by
Have used autograph books and the encyclopedia of characters. Love the Encyclopedia but too heavy to carry. My DGD 7 just came back from DW and had an apron I bought at Michael's signed by characters. So cute and she will use for yrs.
20 min ago by
Thanks for the link @desire!
1 min ago by
The crowd calendar says MK hours are 9-10 on 7/10, Disney says 9-9. Which one is correct?
23 min ago by
5 min ago by
Hours can and do change, even the day of. I'm sticking with the 10pm close (and someone will kindly post the TA calendar link, I'm sure)
2 min ago by (staff)
Thinking about one of the dessert parties for our November trip. Which one would you choose and why.
33 min ago by
We loved the garden party for HEA in Mk. Since the show it is new, it is very crowded and people start saving places hours in advance.
31 min ago by
We booked HEA for this Aug due to large crowds
30 min ago by
I agree with @Ariel. We stood in a huge crowd in Main Street last night. You couldn't move. Star Wars & Illuminations were completely different - easily found spots 15-30 min ahead of time & not near as crowded.
29 min ago by
@Hakuna, we're you able to book any? I'm not finding any openings in Nov. At least not for HEA Garden.
3 min ago by
Weasus at the World! Today is my turn to give the pre-RD Pandora play-by-play. Was only able to secure FPP for Navi. 90-min drive ahead so time to hit the road!
5:34am by (staff)
Note: If you type jalapeno with the linguistically-appropriate diacritic, Lines Chat still makes it disappear! Doesn't dull the disappointment of my standard AK brekky fare of beer and pretzel, tho
6 min ago by (staff)
Grrrrrr. That fills me with rage!! ;)
6 min ago by
Why, why did they target us @greggg??
4 min ago by (staff)
So I just canceled my August trip because of health issues. In MDE my resort ressies are gone but my FPPs are still there. Do I have to manually cancel all those or will they disappear eventually?
11:01pm on 6/28/17 by
Sorry your trip got cancelled!
6:43am by
Sorry to hear you had to cancel! Pixie dust to you that there will be a trip in your future
20 min ago by
Sorry to hear this. Hope you get to book another trip soon.
7 min ago by
Is there a list or easy way to look at what snack options exist? Eg EVERY single thing available at all parks resorts :)
10:56am on 6/28/17 by
33 min ago by
Great list! All you really need to know is where the dole whip is though :)
17 min ago by
And pretzels.
10 min ago by
Awesome beginning to our trip to the World! Flight landed 15 minutes early and our room at SSR was ready when we arrived at 9 am! Waiting for grocery delivery and then it is off to HS
12 min ago by
Lovely! Welcome home!
11 min ago by (staff)
Nice! Hit the ground running!
11 min ago by
Trying to renew my subscription. It keeps saying I have an error and need to enter a Brand name. What is this?
8:18am by
Bumping for help.
55 min ago by
Any admins available to help?
14 min ago by
Good morning liners! Dance performance and parade (weather permitting) today! I was hoping to get on Frozen during EMH but the line at IG is huge!! We will see how this goes?!? https://instagram.com/p/BV7DYDJlw3P/
8:02am by
Love your shirt and so happy you made it to Frozen! All the girls look beautiful! Have a fabulous day! :)
28 min ago by
Have a great day!! The girls look amazing
23 min ago by
The girls look beautiful!! Where are they performing? Good luck again!!
16 min ago by
Disney math. Have 2 nights booked at Grand FL for 2 nights through MVT before beach trip. Realized I could save more on flights if we go the night before and stay the night at Pop. Booked it. I had to because it saved money overall, right?
8:09pm on 6/28/17 by
Love Disney math! Use it all the time on my DH. He is starting to understand it and the logic behind how it is actually saving us $.
12:18am by
We saved >1200 by staying 24 nights instead of 21- don't you love school holiday flight price hikes- nearly paid for 7 nights on site AKL/BC.
1:17am by
24 nights! Lucky you @hodgtrzm , the longest we have stayed was 18. Normally we do 2 weeks. #disneygoals
17 min ago by
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