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You only have 3.5 days in NYC. What do you do?
9:28pm on 2/22/17 by
Piece of advice. Do not stop short on the sidewalk for pictures. I have run into i dont know how many people in times square.
15 min ago by
This is a great thread. Sfl, DS may have a swim meet on LI in August so we will need it!
5 min ago by
@olderelsa, summer juniors?
2 min ago by
40 minute wait at Guest Services in DS right now.
8:47pm on 2/25/17 by
Ate at Columbia last night. Love eating outside there.
37 min ago by
Second guessing my 7pm Homecoming ressie on St. Patrick's Day. Should I cancel?
25 min ago by
Sigh @snow. No eating outside in the Chicago area this weekend. We are back in the 20's.
14 min ago by
Is it page 71 in the Bible? Looking for where to place a note!
8:22pm on 2/25/17 by
We also leave $5.00 for a Mickey Bar, at lest 20 times so far without a hit,
54 min ago by
Welcome to Chat @ danielle36!
19 min ago by
Welcome danielle36!
14 min ago by
5:21pm on 2/25/17 by
10:59pm on 2/25/17 by
Awesome!!!! Love the picture. You guys are a riot!!
18 min ago by
Visited World of Coke in Atlanta today and DH is a rock star according to the workers. I mentioned he drank seven cups of Beverly and they gave him a ton of Coke stickers. They had 100 types of Coke products. So fun!
7:44pm on 2/25/17 by
I was just looking at the biergarten menu to see if it might be worth trying. As I scrolled down the lunch menu listed on MDE directly after children's offerings they listed a beer flight. DD said what???
48 min ago by
So glad you all are having fun! I havent been to The World of Coke in ages. I dont live too far from ATL. I need to visit Der Biergarten :)
34 min ago by
DD10 said this was the best day ever! Successful trip. Atlanta is so nice. Staying in Hilton Garden inn and room looks out at Georgia Aquarium. @nightiwl, if we lived close to ATL we'd definitely go back to see biergarten. Fell in love with spatzle!
19 min ago by
Tell me about the Boardwalk area! Is it worth spending some time checking it out?
4:41pm on 2/25/17 by
39 min ago by
We live CIC!
25 min ago by
25 min ago by
Just put my note in the Bible on page 71....hope someone finds it!
4:49pm on 2/25/17 by
I've left many notes in many resorts....one was found at WL just a couple of months after I wrote it! Today's note is at OKW.
10:44pm on 2/25/17 by
For all Liners it should be the first thing you do when you get to your room. I make up my 3x5 card at home and staple a $5.00 bill to it for a Mickey Bar, at least 20 times so far without a mention.?
42 min ago by
So nice of you, @ GON2WDW! I just leave a note.
28 min ago by
Lucinderella! I found your liner note at the Pop! It was an fun end to an awesome day. Thanks for leaving it.
9:51pm on 2/25/17 by
57 min ago by
I've just heard about leaving notes tonight! I'm going in April, I'm so leaving a note and looking for one as well!! I love this!
34 min ago by
Welcome to Chats pea0470,
28 min ago by
Opinions on Cape May for dinner?
1:00pm on 2/25/17 by
It normally gets pretty good reviews.
4:56pm on 2/25/17 by
From Long Island and we love it! Going again this Wednesday
5:53pm on 2/25/17 by
Very very good!!
29 min ago by
If you are using Disney transportation and one member of party is in a scooter or wheelchair, what is the party size limit to be able to board together?
5:06pm on 2/25/17 by
I say board the bus and don't worry about the others who may be grumpy. People need to learn to be happier at Disney!
7:32pm on 2/25/17 by
Whoops, darn auto correct. MIL not military:) we would always stand around her, never sit. It is amazing at night how many fully able people would sit while 4 year Olds and very elderly people would be forced to stand.
7:40pm on 2/25/17 by
I dont think anybody has a problem with a child. But when a party of 10 gets on in front of everyone else, it is maddening
32 min ago by
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