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The best meals to books for a DD 8 DS 6 and DS 2. Go!!!
6:04pm by
Agree: GG ambiance and characters AWESOME, food 100% forgettable.
15 min ago by
But, GG food is served to your table. All you care to eat, but not a buffet. Convenience factor might be an extra selling point.
2 min ago by
We really enjoyed the food at GG. TH was good too, but we enjoyed the overall experience at GG better.
< 1 min ago by
Online check in question- we booked too late to get new magic bands in the mail, but have our own from previous trip. If I click "decline new bands", does that mean I will not be able to get new ones once at the resort? Hoping to use those in future.
1 min ago by
Questions. How hot and crowded are the parks Labor Day weekend? I'm thinking about surprising ds9 with a trip as a welcome back end of he summer gift. Since he's going to his dad's and isn't to happy about that. It's that's or the Beach beach is cheaper
28 min ago by
Our favorite time!! But we like the heat and are used to humidity! Perfect pool time in the afternoon and warm enough to swim in the evening too
20 min ago by
I went this year and it was not very crowded. Also MVT has great discounts during that time. Of course with F&W starting early it may increase crowds.
3 min ago by
Love going over labor day. Very hot but great for crowds.
1 min ago by
I continue to see people referencing listening to Disney park music. Examples animal kingdom lodge xmas music, Hollywood stoudios loop, etc. I am embarrassed to ask how do they do this? Is it on something like Spotify? If so I have not found it.
3:31pm by
18 min ago by
@joyful...I think I stumbled on to your playlist on soundcloud. It's awesome. Thanks.
11 min ago by
Another vote for the Tune In Radio app.
5 min ago by
8 days away from our Disney Dream cruise. Kinda freaking out because they are calling for high winds in the Bahamas that weekend. Read that cruise ships don't usually dock in windy, choppy conditions. Plenty of time for the forecast to change but has..
46 min ago by
My parents had a cruise on RCCL that had a port stop in windy weather and choppy seas. They tendered everyone to the dock. Not sure if that was due to conditions or if that was a tender port. Check cruisecritic.com
27 min ago by
Quick scan of cruise critic looks like you would just have a day at sea instead of the port if they can't dock. Make a plan B for ship activities just in case.
20 min ago by
I wouldn't worry about it :) so many people stay on the ship even when it's docked because there's so much to see and do on the ship
12 min ago by
Y'all. I just had the SOBE trophy sliders at Morimoto at DS and I think I can die happy. Go out of your way for those.
4:48pm by
It's been two hours. I've thought/prayed about it. I'm going back for more sliders later. I can't stop thinking about them. Is that bad?
20 min ago by
Is this at the TS or the Morimoto Street Food CS?
19 min ago by
Them things must be pretty darn good!
14 min ago by
Looking for info for a 1st time DVC rental. Interested in comments regarding renting thru David's (dvcrequest.com) VS. DVC Rental Store. Any pros or cons on booking with either of these companies? TIA
1:58pm by
We are currently here on a ressie booked with dvc rental store. I chose it because they would check without a few upfront. Everything has been great!
52 min ago by
23 min ago by
We've booked twice with David's, including once when dvcrentalstore couldn't accommodate us. Generally good experience. First time we booked VWL before main pool was closed, tried to change reservation but zero flexibility at all, :( but understandable.
16 min ago by
Very merry looks very busy tonight. I hope this crowd thins out soon.
23 min ago by
Best time for safari? Thanks!
27 min ago by
Finishing up my Christmas decorations while listening to this most wonderful album! Check out "Christmas in Velvet Vol V" by Liberty Voices on Amazon Music. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0019J2AK4?ref=dm_sh_qLoIadQJib1Q8OpUO54NrZTL0
6:03pm by
Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to listen to it while we decorate tomorrow
6:18pm by
They have several CDs....I have 2 of them.
32 min ago by
Oh, save!
29 min ago by
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