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BG 2 today from BC. Turned off WiFi and walked down to benches by the beach. Had several more bars of service then in the room.
7:12am by
NO RD??!!! That's news!! I've posted your times in the spreadsheet, thanks! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dljzw8Ma2Kx15idrn_9J7rTY1NaV8JurqRr4C64IDJE/edit
27 min ago by
News to me too! I kept waiting for the hold and we all just kept going. It was sprinkling and it felt like the rain was going to open up. I don't know if that played into it. Good news was the rain went away.
21 min ago by
Ah! So happy they aren't doing official rope drop! That was way too many people crowded together.
< 1 min ago by
I'm curious to who else has Fall break in September. I'm in GA and we do but in our previous county (also GA) we didn't get a week of school off in Sept.
1:29am on 7/31/21 by
@simba yes. Last day for 2021-2022 will be May 27. Kids usually get about 8 weeks off for summer. We get 2 week spring break too 1st two weeks of April.
2:06pm on 7/31/21 by
Our fall break is October 15-18, but I'm waiting in the quarantine rules from school to know if we can go. I'll be sad to cancel Riviera if the kids have to quarantine when we get back
2:12pm on 7/31/21 by
@_princess, Forsyth is from Sept 19-24. Maybe we'll see you there! If we end up going... Long lines, crowds, masks in heat, etc are worrying me. Plus, if what the news says is accurate, this wave should peak in Oct which does not bode well for a Sept t...
< 1 min ago by
Anyone think crowd levels will drastically drop at end of Aug due to COVID concerns or those not wanting to wear masks?
2 min ago by
Wishful thinking I know. I just don't want to cancel like I know I am likely going to need to do :(
1 min ago by
Favorite restaurants outside the parks without door seating?
3:35pm by
Hangar Bar was good for drinks and tacos/snacks
16 min ago by
Geyser Point and Three Bridges.
14 min ago by
Geyser Point. So awesome and like 10 degrees cooler than everywhere else...
2 min ago by
Favorite queues ? If you had to wait an hour in line, which attractions have queues that would help the wait not be so bad?
1:38pm by
JC has jokes but the heat!!
22 min ago by
I wouldn't purposely get in a line I believe would actually be an hour. And if the line for EE wasn't moving I'd get out (hot queue) plus there's SR anyway. Maybe for MFSR (great queue)
14 min ago by
I really enjoy the pp queue
2 min ago by
Can I eat at a DS TS tonight with no ADR? Are there walk up lists?
11:58am on 8/1/21 by
Also, at Boathouse, everything on the dock past the bar is considered bar. All first come, first serve. No need to stop at podium to ask.
1:05pm on 8/1/21 by
@NY...Boathouse has no tables open on the dock due to Covid spacing...only the bar itself. We asked when when we tried last night.
12 min ago by
Jock Lindsey's is walk-up only, limited plates but really good. You can walk into Rainforest and T-Rex if you have a Landry's Select card. Polite Pig is always a good one to walk in, also - it's not TS exactly, but it has a TS feel.
5 min ago by
Rogers: Covid results after 13 day trip: DD15 and DS12 negative, DH and I are positive!!! We are all fully vaccinated as well. I started with cold symptoms on Thursday, and today no taste or smell, DH has no symptoms. Quarantining for 10-14. Be safe all!
9:19pm on 8/2/21 by
her to keep it on. I was really upset that we had to ride with others when there was no line and it wasn't busy. Most of the time we got to ride alone.
31 min ago by
I will tell them we have to ride in our own car. Nicely, of course:)
23 min ago by
Hope it continues to be mild!
6 min ago by
Where is your favorite place to eat at Disney Springs?
8:57pm on 3/13/19 by
DS's would say TRex. We did have the WBG brunch booked tho- hope to try that one day
3:58pm by
WPE is a must do for our family. Like others w EoS, people would revolt if we skipped it.
4:54pm by
We always do Homecomin'
9 min ago by
Quick question. Staying at CBR...if doing walmart delivery can we just tell them to drop off with bell services?
10 min ago by
Has anyone been to Kona cafe lately? It is our only inside reservation for the trip and I'm wondering about the table spacing. If it's really packed when we get there could we get it togo?
19 min ago by
It still seemed decently spaced when we were there July 9. More so than many places.
13 min ago by
I ate kona couple times last week. Table spacing is good. Not too close at all. Kona also has mobile take out. More crowded at Captain Cooks. Tonga toast at CC, but no strawberry sauce. Plenty of seats outside CC. Can sit at tiki terrace in AM
11 min ago by
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