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Renewed my subscription to gain access to the plans for MNSSHP and I have to say that I'm disappointed with those. Anyone have suggestions on how to tackle MK on party night?
8 min ago by
Best bet for a random Otc med that I can't buy in the parks. They really should have a drugstore at Disney springs. I think we are going to try Hess and then if not uber to Walgreens. It's not avail. On prime now.
10:54pm on 9/24/16 by
I think the pharmacy that delivers is Turners. Ask at front desk.
11:03pm on 9/24/16 by
Good luck!
11:07pm on 9/24/16 by
Walgreens will also deliver with minimum order.
15 min ago by
Do they not play the Wishes Music on the Poly beach any more?
9:02pm on 9/24/16 by
When we were there in late June there was a speaker near the front of the Hawaii bldg, near the big King Kamehameha Club Windows. You could hear perfectly.
10:16pm on 9/24/16 by
Concur with @conedog. At poly a couple of weeks ago and music was quite loud near Hawaii.
11:02pm on 9/24/16 by
33 min ago by
Is it silly to stay up until midnight, after watching the 11 o'clock news, just to see one day closer on your countdown app? Tell me it isn't.
12:02am by
Sounds normal to me!
1:54am by
It's a case of Disneyitis. No cure I'm afraid. Just feed the addiction and tell this group of addicts your symptoms. We will empathize
3:14am by
Trip in 3 days. I seem to be randomly waking at 4.50am every day. Am in the UK so 5am my trip rolls over on TP to 1 day less! Then I'm too excited to go back to sleep lol. Def Disneyitis!!
43 min ago by
Will be staying at BWV, have a 2yo who can now open doors. What are the doors like on the inside? Can I lock it securely at night? If it's just a latch that you turn to lock it she would be able to open that!
49 min ago by
Fun Epcot tip: in Innoventions, as you head from Sum of all Thrills to Storm Surge, you will see restroom signs. If you follow the hallway, you will end up in Electric Umbrella restaurant. Right before you enter, have your littles...
8:45pm on 9/24/16 by
That hallway is closed now (when they closed SoaT and Storm Surge). I wonder if the cans are still there?
12:19am by
12:30am by
51 min ago by
100 days for me and I am sooo excited! What's your countdown and what is something new/unique you're trying on your upcoming trip?
9:37am on 9/24/16 by
82. Split stay CBR and BC. First time for both.
2:18am by
Oops. 72!
2:19am by
3:36am by
I can hardly believe it. Just booked a last minute trip w DH. 30th anniversary . Life long dream of staying at the contemporary . Please advise what did I forget?
12:05am by
You forgot to drop hints to the hotel that the mk view free upgrade would guarantee to keep you married 30 more years
2:25am by
CR is top of my wish list. Glad you're going. Will watch for your reports
3:08am by
Have you ADR for a special meal ? Congratulations and happy Anniversary.
3:29am by
Is getting a BOG lunch ADR any easier these days ?
3:26am by
Name a restaurant that all the experts say is great, but you had a bad experience or were disappointed with.
5:51pm on 9/23/16 by
Liberty Tree Tavern. Was a favorite during 2009 trip so a must do on our 2014 trip. It was awful!
2:19am by
Ohana. Dinner is crap. I've tried it twice. Both times, food is dry, tough, and not worth half its cost. It's very popular, and I don't get the enthusiasm when there are dozens of better options
3:10am by
I've just read the above list after I posted. Well, seems many share my opinion. Please shout it out more often to warn other liners.
3:12am by
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