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I'm sitting at the Simpson's Food Court waiting for DF to meet me for lunch. Staff have put reserved signs on every table which is confusing to folks carrying food. Staff will seat them but only if they ask. Folks don't know that. Got to be a better way!
12:24pm on 5/23/18 by
To seats so it isn't confusing. I hope they became more proactive so confusion was avoided.
9:46pm on 5/23/18 by
Agree, I had no issues with their method on my last trip. Appreciated it.
10:23pm on 5/23/18 by
Unfortunately, staff were not helping people after they bought their meals. They only seemed to help when families gave up circling the room & asked for assistance. In theory, I love the idea of walking people to a table when it's busy!
10:59pm on 5/23/18 by
Toothsome... i know previously it wasn't but is it on open table or anything? Reservations?
10:39pm on 5/23/18 by
Weas. We've chopped and changed constantly due to weather mainly last week, and playing catch up somewhat this. But I'm almost certain we will be in Epcot this Saturday evening. Other days are mixed with Multiple ADRs and FPP. Sorry , but it's been
10:37pm on 5/23/18 by
a difficult trip in the main with several things throwing us off plan, and the groups constant mind changing.
10:38pm on 5/23/18 by
5:13am on 5/23/18 by
We are here safe and sound. US first. F&F: pleasantly surprised based on what I heard. Then (after a bit) to IOA for a few attractions. Just got to NBC for supper then room & rest!
8:25pm on 5/23/18 by
Happy resting! Glad you've arrived. Can't wait to hear more!
9:42pm on 5/23/18 by (staff)
Your timing is good. Today was the first full Florida weather day.
10:35pm on 5/23/18 by
How do I get a late check out at RPR? Do they grant late check out frequently and if so, how late you can stay? All we are doing on Check out day, is sleeping in, having breakfast, hopefully a few hours at the pool, before moving over to WDW.
2:02pm on 5/23/18 by
You can request at front desk. I think ability depends upon occupancy rates. I think you can usually get an extra hour without too issue but getting much more time is not common.
9:42pm on 5/23/18 by
1!!! Tomorrow is the day. This is a surprise trip and the kids (DSs 15 (twins)) still have no clue. Plan is to get them in the car for a new "big breakfast out on the first day of summer break" tradition then just start driving south. I am so excited!!
5:42am on 5/22/18 by
So excited for them (and you)
8:04am on 5/23/18 by
Well - we just revealed. Mixed reactions. The one with no plans is excited. (Yay!) The one who had plans is . . . not pleased. I think he will come around, but I didn't know about a date that he now has to cancel. Girlfriends complicate things!
10:54am on 5/23/18 by
BTW, we were in the car over an hour before they finally figured out something was up. My fussy guy is coming around already. It's gonna be a great time!!
11:06am on 5/23/18 by
Is the data for July 4th really that accurate? All the chatter around that date is that it's busy, but historically on TP the crowds have been pretty light.
8:47am on 5/23/18 by
I'm curious too. Maybe people go elsewhere bc no fireworks?
9:48am on 5/23/18 by
We arrive early Thursday. I drop my bags, then what? Where do I go? All I have is a confirmation paper.
7:44am on 5/22/18 by
@chef: I recommend asking the for the lanyards at the ticket counter- they are cheaper, and YES a lanyard with a cardholder is a game changer. Its helpful to have your ticket and EP facing outward for easy scan. Easy access for room key too.
8:01am on 5/23/18 by
Plus with the rain, the paper can stay protected.
8:03am on 5/23/18 by
Thanks @doc! You all are so helpful. I'm sure I'll have more questions!!
8:20am on 5/23/18 by
EP sooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!
9:43am on 5/20/18 by
5:53pm on 5/22/18 by
6:06pm on 5/22/18 by
8:05am on 5/23/18 by
Very interesting "details" about the new Hagrid coaster. https://uuopodcast.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-rumor-mill-details-for-new-harry.html?m=1 It's sounds good!
11:40am on 5/22/18 by
That's the one the only WW for me. Johnny Depp was just icky, creepy
10:46pm on 5/22/18 by (staff)
100% agree @weasus. If ever there was a movie that didn't need redone it was that one!
3:46am on 5/23/18 by
7:14am on 5/23/18 by
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