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149. Good morning. Start of the holiday weekend. No plans just chilling with his nibs.
1:49am by
166 morning Maria morning all :-)
2:57am by
506. 24. Morning all
3:18am by
Hearing rumors that the walls outside of Skull Island are coming down today! Can anybody confirm this? Would love it if the ride is ready by my Memorial Day weekend trip.
10:55am on 4/28/16 by
Thank you@susan2200
4:46pm on 4/29/16 by
Can't wait for report!
4:55pm on 4/29/16 by
There today. Still up.
10:12pm on 4/29/16 by
At CB. My phone says "No network". Can't text or call. I have Verizon. Anyone else with this issue?
10:11pm on 4/29/16 by
Just leaving CB: we parked from mon am 7:48am to today at 6:45 am and was charged $85.20. So basically $21.30 a day, is that right ? I thought it was like 17$ a day..
6:51am on 4/29/16 by
Trip to UNI, and we most likely would go to Disney from now on instead. It was fun though, we all just enjoyed Disney more.
9:38pm on 4/29/16 by
I missed the pictures that we get at WDW. It seems uni is more difficult about many things pictures, (where you can/can't print) tickets (not all in one) parking (extra cost) having to store items before Most rides (just a pain,and we didn't carry much
9:41pm on 4/29/16 by
Thanks for info.!
10:07pm on 4/29/16 by
Any Kong or Hulk updates? I would have thought after all of those WDW announcements for summer UO would be pretty quick to respond.
5:43pm on 4/21/16 by
So you can hear the music but walls are still up?
4:48pm on 4/29/16 by
Exciting!! One would think that would be one of the very last things they test!
5:58pm on 4/29/16 by
Very exciting. It came from Twitter and it is a video if anyone decides to go looking. The person who recorded reported that walls are still up though.
6:57pm on 4/29/16 by
109 Good morning all Liners. Didn't think I would be waking up,to,it snowing.
2:37am on 4/29/16 by
Colo we are not loving it!!! It's snowing, hailing, torrential rain, thunder and lightning and a bit of sun in the same day!!
10:29am on 4/29/16 by
Happy Friday!
1:16pm on 4/29/16 by
150. What is up with the weather? All seasons in one day!
5:12pm on 4/29/16 by
How long do I have to go through all my pictures and download for the photo connect? Do they have special borders etc like Disney?
9:54pm on 4/27/16 by
My amazing pictures account is still active. I took a look at some of my older photos. I was able to add boarders.
10:48am on 4/29/16 by
I had one that was Supossed to be a magic shot that didn't work. Can I call and get it added?
11:51am on 4/29/16 by
It's worth a shot. I've never called before and Universal doesn't own the photo service. I'm hoping they can fix it for you.
12:53pm on 4/29/16 by
Man transformers queue is killing me right now 45 min posted and been in here 55 so far but moving so slowly I'm sure a lot slower than normal!?
12:00pm on 4/29/16 by
They just told me mechanical issues its only running at half capacity :(
12:09pm on 4/29/16 by
Oh poop. At least your place now is better Than my place now.
12:15pm on 4/29/16 by
Anybody stayed in minion suite? Just want to confirm it is twin sized (not some kind of toddler size) bed...
1:19pm on 4/28/16 by
I called hotel this morning just to be sure and they said twin bed.
9:40am on 4/29/16 by
We are in a Jurassic park suite in a few weeks & will let you all know about the beds.
10:43am on 4/29/16 by
Returned from Jurassic suite 2weeks ago. They have full size single/twin beds that would fit an adult. There is also a fridge in the parents room now as they have been refurbed. No tub only a shower
12:02pm on 4/29/16 by
Planning a split stay between Uni/Disney. Would there be any advantage to doing one before the other? Only thing I think of is Disney checking bags for you.
10:52pm on 4/22/16 by
@maria we split it up too. Doing the same this year - we are at POFQ for 2 weeks. During the first week we will have 1 night at HRH/2 days with Ex Pass. Then 2 day trips the second week.
6:11am on 4/29/16 by
We did UOR first for 3 days then WWD for 6 days. That was our first trip to UOR. Wanted to end trip at the place we knew to be our happy place.
8:56am on 4/29/16 by
Start wdw. Even folks who love wdw rides and atmosphere way more are amazed at how much they accomplish at uni. Going from express pass to fp will test your patience WAY too much.
9:16am on 4/29/16 by
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