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Hello, if your staying at a deluxe hotel for 1 night and you get to the hotel first thing to get your EPs, can you leave your car there all day and night and then pick it up at the end of your second day?thanks
4:10pm on 2/4/16 by
Yes car parking charges are per night's stay. But check your bill at checkout as a few guests were hit with daily rates instead of per night rate.
4:38pm on 2/4/16 by
Hi Stewanna. Welcome to Uni chat!!! The resorts that offer EP you have to pay for parking. $20 per night. If your car is still her past heck out time usually 11 you'll pay for that day as well.
4:48pm on 2/4/16 by
Thank you!
48 min ago by
We will be arriving in 3 days! 3 day PTP tickets. We will be staying in CB. We are seasoned Disney people, but newbies at Universal. We love all the magical tips and extras Disney parks offer! I would LOVE to get any tips, magical extras. and/or advice!
8:53pm on 10/7/15 by
Thanks for the great tips everyone!
9:03am on 2/7/16 by
Re-posting for newbies
10:53am on 2/9/16 by
Ewor, you might be interested in this some great tips
1:45pm by
Three and a half weeks before I am back in universal Orlando. Eating at my favorites, mythos and antojitos. Thinking of trying emeril's for the first time. I've been to tchoup chop so I was going to try emeril's in cotywalk this time. Any reviews?
12:38pm by
If you don't have time for a full meal at Emeril's at least go in the bar area and order banana cream pie-- to die for!!
1:42pm by
OMG I had no idea this chat existed so happy to find it. Amazing what you find when you take the time to read what is on the lines app
12:33pm on 2/9/16 by
9:44pm on 2/9/16 by
High eowyn!
12:17am by
10:10am by
189 Lost a day some where!
4:01am on 2/9/16 by
Your numbers are going down nicely Steve soon be in double digits for CA
6:57am on 2/9/16 by
106. Anyone have experience with Memorial Day crowd levels?
12:22am by
We did Memirial Day last year. It was very busy but nothing like Christmas or Thanksgiving. We stayed at RPR so had EP. I wouldn't have wanted to do that weekend without.
10:09am by
318. 104. Morning peeps
4:12am by
Slow but getting there, thanks Steve.
9:53am by
It is . Disney world has so much more that we're fell in love with that . I do owe my DD a trip to California we didn't take her when we went she was to young and stayed with grandma . I will save up and take her and Newest DGS some day . I hope we're all
10:04am by
Still on this wonderful chat so y'all can help me plan
10:04am by
Do they serve beer or alcohol at Disney world or Universal, anywhere other than in sit down restaurants?
11:45pm on 2/8/16 by
yes at uni there are carts that sell beer, plus moes tavern and the pubs in wwohp. disney in AK carts, epcot world showcase carts and cs including the pub in uk and some cs in HS. Only dry park is MK.
3:48am on 2/9/16 by
You can get alcohol at Be our Guest restaurant in MK.
9:47pm on 2/9/16 by
@bucco only at dinner which makes it TS no alcohol at lunch/breakfast.
2:59am by
Did anyone else get an email with a $99 annual pass offer? I got one that says its non-transferable and must be used with my email. I just bought my pass two weeks ago! Going to call and see if they will honor new price. Doubt it but worth a shot!
11:12pm on 2/8/16 by
Orlando or Cali?
8:10am on 2/9/16 by
That's amazing. I let mine lapse to drop down a level. Got my preferred last Friday. I feel like if you're thinking about an AP get it soon.
1:43pm on 2/9/16 by
Mine was Orlando. Sat on hold with online chat for a while before giving up today. Will try tomorrow
11:51pm on 2/9/16 by
Hi all, how good is the Mardi Gras parade? I'm considering coming over for a few hours from Disney pretty much just for a few hours of Mardi Gras. (I have an AP)
9:32pm on 2/9/16 by
I thought it was festive and fun. I will watch from an area at the beginning of the parade next time. The AP reserved area was at the end.
9:58pm on 2/9/16 by
Interested in getting people's experience with doing the following? We have EPs. March 6-9 Enter Universal for Early Entry; go directly to Gringotts; Take HE to IOA. Go on Forbidden Journey. Relax. How likely am I to beat the crowds coming from IOA entry
6:57pm on 2/9/16 by
We did the same in January. We didn't beat the crowds from IOA entry but kind of merged with them. The wait for FJ was low. The details in the castle are so outstanding you don't want to rush through there anyway.
7:47pm on 2/9/16 by
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