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Ok guys we will be in USO on Monday- Wednesday. Whats you top quick service eats best value/taste. Serious budgeted trip we will eat all dinners off site but will need midday meal to keep us going. TIA
9:29pm on 4/27/17 by
Share a pizza at Red Oven in CityWalk!
10:44am by
My family enjoys Simpsons. We often split platter meals at CS restaurants to save $. We buy 1 CS dining card per every two people. We split a large entree, get 2 drinks and a snack to share later. If we chose large entree and snack
22 min ago by
Then we save money. The chicken platters have a lot of food.
20 min ago by
379. Morning liners
1:17am by
Good morning! Have a great trip malinMN!
9:04am by
Have a fantastic time malinMN
9:14am by
Good morning, and have fun, malinMN!
10:44am by
What is a good ride/area to get a LITTLE wet, but not need-a-bathing-suit-or-change-of-clothes soaked? I'll want to cool off periidically but don't want a lot of hassle.
8:25am on 4/26/17 by
Everyone on JP was dry except for me. I got drenched. One Fish two Fish is a good option because you control where you go. If you listen to the song it tells you what to do to avoid the water. Alternatively, do the opposite to get wet.
1:55pm on 4/27/17 by
Ds10 told me if you obey the song you stay dry. It didn't work...
4:59pm on 4/27/17 by
@hodgtrzm - we always try to follow it too and it doesn't work sometimes. One of the CMs told me it doesn't work anymore :). I still try though!
9:30pm on 4/27/17 by
Tip Thread There is a good thread on forums about little details to enjoy in the HP areas, take advantage of pool hopping, ride HE both ways, water rides get you soaked so be prepared, raptor M&G is great, grab a table by water in front of Simpsons to
11:45pm on 3/26/17 by
12:51pm on 4/25/17 by
1:58pm on 4/26/17 by
8:42pm on 4/27/17 by
Is express pass good for jimmy fallon or do you have to get a return time?
6:07pm on 4/27/17 by
EP is good... just walk up and enter queu
6:28pm on 4/27/17 by
Thx getting ready to go back
7:59pm on 4/27/17 by
How do you print your tour plans?
3:59pm on 4/26/17 by
All the way at the bottom? There used to be a button to view and print. Havent printed in a while...
9:12pm on 4/26/17 by
Welcome to Chat! I'm a big fan of "select all, copy, paste into Word doc" :b)
10:47pm on 4/26/17 by (staff)
@brerbeer is correct. Below the Optimize and Evaluate buttons, you can View and Print. And welcome!
10:56am on 4/27/17 by
1:17pm on 4/27/17 by
Waiting to get into back of house for early diagonal alley tour! So excited!
7:12am on 4/27/17 by
It was through an architecture convention (AIA17), so not avail regularly. We walked in thru a construction area... something going on!!! (No pics backstage)
12:55pm on 4/27/17 by
We were with 2 VIP guides and 2 from the contracting/construction crew for DA https://instagram.com/p/BTZXNvADwcE/
12:57pm on 4/27/17 by
Interestingly, the convention was charging $199 for a WDW KTTK tour that did NOT include park tix...
1:06pm on 4/27/17 by
380. Morning Liners
4:54am on 4/27/17 by
10:17am on 4/27/17 by
10:35am on 4/27/17 by
Good morning!
12:50pm on 4/27/17 by
Anyone do the Orlando Inquisitor Party? Have all the info, just looking for opinions...
10:55am on 4/26/17 by
I can't find info on upcoming events. Can anyone supply the link.
4:18pm on 4/26/17 by
8:25pm on 4/26/17 by
I saw that. Looks very fun!
10:59am on 4/27/17 by
I have not told the kids yet but I booked Disney for Sept/free dining! I need to renew my disney Touring plans. Im so excited. It will be a short trip but i am ok with that asong as i am going :)
8:34am on 4/26/17 by
We wont get to do HHN. Thats a bummer but i couldnt fit HHN with the Disney promo and resort availability so Im going to add water parks as a consolation. The kids have never been to any of the waterparks in Orlando
4:28pm on 4/26/17 by
You're gonna make them very happy, I'm sure!
11:02pm on 4/26/17 by (staff)
I love surprise trips! How fun!
10:55am on 4/27/17 by
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