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We have plans to be at Universal tomorrow and weather is calling for thunder storms. Will Universal keep indoor rides open? If so which ones?
12:13pm by
In IoA: Spider-Man, Jurassic visitors center, FJ, Posideon Fury, cat in the Hat stay open. In US: DM, Shrek, mummy, gringots, MiB, Simpsons, ET, terminator, transformers remain open
1:40pm by
Go early. Worst storms are supposed to be afternoon.
1:47pm by
Most outdoor rides are in IOA.
2:02pm by
Thank you!
2:17pm by
We are here! Staying at Royal Pacific. We just finished our meal at Toothsome. The experience is fantastic, the food mediocre but tries hard to be good. I wanted to love it. Presentation was awesome. Taste was just okay.
10:16pm on 1/20/17 by
Jakes is meh, I agree. We did see the characters. The robot made my 5yr old diva cry. LOL But my son loved him. Lady Toothsome got a better reception but her stay was brief. That was fun.
11:06pm on 1/20/17 by
Busier day than I expected in the parks. Glad to have passed
1:45pm by
1:45pm by
Best place to book hotel and tickets from? Any good deals?
3:28pm on 1/20/17 by
I only found a room thru Orbitz once two years ago. I've bought tickets through Undercover Tourist and Over the Counter with success. There is no real advantage to a package at UOR.
6:34pm on 1/20/17 by
Don't think Orbitz codes work anymore. Best for hotels I've found is Stay More Save More rates for longer stays directly through the website - nothing anywhere else.
7:09pm on 1/20/17 by
I stalked Kayak.com. I booked and rebooked until I had a decent rate. The SMSM was $80/night more than what I finally got on Expedia (no code.)
10:20pm on 1/20/17 by
Priceline had u or rooms
1:32pm by
241. Hello liners.
12:59am on 1/20/17 by
Happy Bitthday
8:57am by
A very happy belated Birthday, Connieang
9:28am by
Thanks all.
12:23pm by
Only 5 more days! What do yoh do to make the last few days go by faster?
8:27am by
Movies!! I love them in general but love looking at them before going. Gives me an eye for the finer details.
11:01am by
Totally agree! Watched all of them over past 2 weeks with kids. Last movie tonight! Gringotts! And we start our real Wizarding World adventure Tuesday!!
11:16am by
240. Morning liners and lurkers. Very frosty here. I need some Floridian sun
3:24am by
56 Good morning!
8:15am by
5 for us!!!
8:27am by
130 210 Good Morning one and all. Very chilly here too.
9:30am by
Good morning! Another warm, sunny day in the UOR area before storms predicted tomorrow. Your weather should be perfect @CronutQueen.
9:43am by
Do the ride attendants measure kids with shoes on or off? My 3 year old is right at 36" so with shoes will easily make it on several rides, without he will need very good posture.
2:16pm on 1/19/17 by
Interesting note--because of pull of gravity and spinal compression as the day goes on, everyone is 1/2 inch taller in the morning than at night!
6:08pm on 1/19/17 by
Agree w the morning and stand up v tall. Ds7 nearly turned away from RRR in pm after it broke down in the morning & he'd ridden the day before no prob. Was v touch and go on the measuring stick in the pm.
5:50am by
Sweet that others watching us being checked in the line cheered when he got to ride tho! Wish they'd give you a wristband at GS to prove height rather than checking each time.
5:52am by
Two middle aged parents with 17 yo son and 16 year old daughter loving cabana bay family suite. Why isn't every bathroom designed this way? Best of three worlds. Three beds. Affordable room. Onsite hotel. If they included fast passes everyon
8:22am on 1/19/17 by
I agree about the express passes it would be perfect then. Maybe if you could buy them at a reduced rate from the lobby desk for staying on property. I would be interested. Such a fun atmosphere there but probably stay at RPR for passes
2:23am on 1/20/17 by
I was thinking same thing but smart people are segmenting markets here
6:53am on 1/20/17 by
We didn't choose as was cheaper to do 2 rooms rpr than do Cb and pay for EP. Might've done the suite if had 2 bathrooms as we had grandparents plus 2 kids. They look good tho.
5:48am by
1st family trip Universal next week. I plan to wear a backpack for camera/supplies/water. I understand the "strict no bag rides" and free lockers. But what about majority of other rides, spider man, MIB, kong? Is is possible to keep a back pack with me? T
4:33pm on 1/19/17 by
Perfect. Great help everyone! Thanks
7:26am on 1/20/17 by
Good to know.
4:25pm on 1/20/17 by
We've done the 2 lockers when we had wands to store as well as bag. Also have paid for a locker at the front of park when we had HP robes change of clothes for after water rides for kids and we didn't want to carry all day.
5:43am by
Staying @UOR for first time in June. Best hotel for 2 adults/3 kids?
3:26pm on 1/20/17 by
Express Passes would be important to me in June. We love Royal Pacific. Remember you are allowed to pool hop if a different pool area attracts you, though the pool at RPR is great.
6:32pm on 1/20/17 by
As snow said rph cheapest option with roll away bed. Personally with those ages HRH deluxe queen
6:36pm on 1/20/17 by
It's pricey, but we stayed in a Jurassic park suite & the extra room with 3 kids was great. Able to put 2 to sleep in own room while rest of us hung out in other was great.
6:56pm on 1/20/17 by
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