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Just got an email about an AWESOME My Universal Photos holiday package. 5 days of photos, a printed Gringotts 8x10, a printed Forbidden Journey 8x10, and a Shutterbuttons DVD for only $99!!!!
1:06pm on 12/15/17 by
All right! I'm going for it.
2:10pm by
Thanks @rebeecky we can always ask !
2:36pm by
@snelvis, let us know how it goes! I'm curious now!
27 min ago by
We have 2 1/2 days at Universal. Would you do the 1/2 day on Thursday late afternoon and evening or early on Sunday morning checkout? What would you tour?
5:39pm on 12/16/17 by
Are you staying onsite ? Do you have wary entry and/or express pass?
6:23pm on 12/16/17 by
Yes we are at the Hard Rock and have Express passes.
11:16am by
I think it depends on what you want to do. I most likely would swim at the pool and then go to City Walk for dinner and save the 1/2 day for anything I missed or wanted to re-do on Sunday.
12:28pm by
Thanks! Our first time to Universal Studios and very excited!
34 min ago by
If you reserve chairs at VB do you get to choose your spot? If so, with a 9 and 11 year old, any recommendations for where? I was thinking near the splash play area but didn't know if that was geared more for LITTLE kids...
9:22am by
My understanding is that you do not get to pick spot but this is not personal experience.
10:30am by
I was there on October 21st. Reserve seats and cabanas were sold before opening. Booking opened the 1st of the month. When I called on the 1st there were many areas but when I made a change on the 17th there was only one option.,
12:26pm by
Thanks. Any thoughts on the play area? I'm hoping it's the type of place where my husband and I can sit while the girls play, as a break between lines for slides as a whole family...
2:58pm by
How early do the boats run from RP? We are Ubering over in the am and obviously want to get there in time for the extra hour.
2:19pm by
I should note I am ubering from Beach Club at WDW. Thanks.
2:20pm by
Hi! Can I/should I make dining reservations at Universal?
8:36am by
You can use links on the universal website or open table.
9:04am by
241 Good morning all Liners.
5:03am by
Good morning!
7:22am by
Good morning! About to plan a surprise trip for Jan 4-6. So all of a sudden I have a count down! 18!!!
7:43am by
Good morning all! Cold and rainy here.
8:34am by
Hello all! Today I am excited that we are headed to Sea World. I hear the holiday decor is fabulous, and I want to see the baby walruses. Fun plans@TenMileMom!
9:00am by
242 morning everyone. Hope your day goes well
4:37am on 12/16/17 by
So we were not going to VB because I've heard how crowded but just drove past and my son was like "oh yeah I'm interested in that"
3:57pm on 12/16/17 by
Oh no....
9:23pm on 12/16/17 by
18! So excited! And we're not planning VB. Hope my kids don't say the same thing!
7:45am by
Want to go outside of Orlando? Ice Skating at Tampa's Winter Village: Even in Florida, you can get in the holiday spirit by ice skating on an outdoor rink in the park. Each 90-minute session includes skate rental. 10 a.m., Curtis Hixon Park...
9:07am on 12/16/17 by
Curtis Hixon Park, 600 N Ashley Drive, Tampa. $13. (813) 221-3686.
9:07am on 12/16/17 by
There's also a small rink on the Main Street in Celebration. So many fun things to do in the area!
9:52am on 12/16/17 by
7:38am by
Crunching some Seasonal Pass numbers. Are UOAP room discounts only available 3ish months out?
4:50pm on 12/16/17 by
I have definitely found great AP discounts but I have gotten them by picking dates and then calling daily looking for discount like @ snow
11:15pm on 12/16/17 by
We'll I guess I'll try to book a military discount and keep checking for a UOAP discount as it gets closer. No way I would wait a few weeks out during HHN to try for a room.
7:03am by
With the AP webpage I found they told me what the current discounts were and how long they were in place for. The next round opened for me when those expired.
7:22am by
Greetings from sunny Florida! It's 62 degrees here in Tampa at 8:45 AM. The high today will be 71 at 5 PM. It's a beautiful day!
8:46am on 12/16/17 by
Are you going to visit Winter & Hope at Clearwater Aquarium?
10:27am on 12/16/17 by
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