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One more park morning then a break before HHN tonight! Where are your adventures taking you today?
9:08am on 9/22/16 by
HHN tip: DA and all the shops stay open through the night but Gringots closed at 11:00. Great photo opportunities at night and thin crowds!
10:46am on 9/23/16 by
Also R-R-R was a near walk-on after 10:30.
10:47am on 9/23/16 by
Bump up for HHNers
26 min ago by
DH and his friend are going to Horror Nights tonight for the first time. They have the Express Pass for it. Any tips I should pass on?
3:31pm by
@brer posted quite a bit of information. I will see if I can bump it.
39 min ago by
We are planning a full day of Harry Potter. Would you recommend Hogwarts or Diagon Alley in the morning and why? We won't have early entry.
10:45am by
Definitley agree with going to DA during the evening. Knockturn Alley is spooky!
2:25pm by
We will definitely be at DA after dark because it closes an hour later. I hadn't thought of avoiding the park with early entry in the morning. Thank you for all the suggestions. I read that Hogsmeade doesn't handle crowds as well as DA so it is better...
3:01pm by
...to do it in the morning. Does anyone have thoughts on that?
3:01pm by
People that got the Chase Sapphire Reserve card - the Uni hotels are available to book under the travel portal. Since points worth 1.5x when booking for travel may take a look for next trip (if have enough points) and if codes not working on Orbitz.
10:30am by
Good idea! I booked our trip with CSR and earned 3x points for travel and earned the $300 travel credit with my booking. Building up my points for a different trip!
10:39am by
Looks like Chase may charge a little more for hotels but Uni discounts (SMPM) included so just need to play around with it and see where is best deal. Free with points always good though! Do Starwood for Swolphin at WDW.
10:52am by
Thsts great bella seems in my case better to take ap discount and transfer points to swa
12:21pm by
@ICONTROL - yes I mostly use for SW too since we are a hub and love flexibility. Just came across this and thought it was interesting use. No WDW hotels on portal though. Uni getting stingy with AP discounts during time when kids out of school :).
12:30pm by
Back home and back to the real world. I will have to live vicariously through you guys until our next trip. Thinking of going in February but the crowd calendar shows days of 9-10. Anyone been in February to know if this is correct.
10:20am by
What part of February? Usually not that busy unless a Mardi Gras event with big-name entertainer.
10:30am by
Somewhere around 23rd.
10:38am by
We have AP and go frequently in Feb. w/out huge lines. We arrive early and use single rider too. If you stay deluxe and have EP, you would have no trouble at all.
11:04am by
359. The weekend has arrived
12:38am by
Morning all! 67
10:34am by
Good morning
10:35am by
Good morning all!
10:36am by
Just made a reservation with Orbitz. Scored $183 a night for RPR. Family super excited!! Just checked several days ago and it was $364 a night.
9:19pm on 9/23/16 by
@amy no code. Thank you everyone:)
7:28am by
Great to hear.... Orbitz hasn't had discounted rates at onsite hotels in awhile. What dates did you book?
8:51am by
Nov 28-Dec3 My husband can get us a 3 day park to park for 4 of us $632 then we just add the days at guest service. They honor his discount. My DD's are so excited!
10:09am by
Sitting at Jimmy Buffetts bar while my travelling companions hit HHN. Looks like loads of people arriving for the evening. Such beautiful weather today.
6:15pm on 9/23/16 by
Sounds good tgagirl
3:04am by
How did the evening go for your friends? Did they enjoy HHN? Did they have an EP? How did you fill the rest of your evening?
8:53am by
360. Hello liners
12:25am on 9/23/16 by
Hi all! Have fun @rebeecky!
5:44pm on 9/23/16 by
Thanks, miss! Just landed!
7:40pm on 9/23/16 by
Have a great weekend rebeecky
4:00am by
Any idea how strict UOR is for cooler size? I saw they are supposed to be under 6x6x8.5. Our soft sided cooler is 6x8x9.
3:17pm on 9/23/16 by
There is quite a range depending upon security officer as was stated above... Also depends if your cooler Is packed full and what you have in it. The rules state no picnic lunches so if your items look like snacks and a not a meal
5:14pm on 9/23/16 by
You are apt to attract less attention. If you want to try and carry in sandwiches then cut them into smaller pieces and only put a few pieces in each baggie. Also only carry in water or kid juice boxes or infant bottles. Do not bring soda, Gatorade or
5:19pm on 9/23/16 by
Flavored waters. Those items were being pulled in August.
5:20pm on 9/23/16 by
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