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387 to the end of my longest wait in the 21st century. Good morning liners
1:36am by
45 Good morning Steve and everyone....Jente i hope you have another fantastic day!
6:27am by
The longest 48 hours ever.
7:12am by
22. Can't get here fast enough.
11 min ago by
How far is the actual walk time from PBH to the city walk entrance?
6:46pm on 8/25/16 by
The theme park end of the blue and red lines are where the walking path bag checks are. Its no biggy and really quick and easy.
3:32am by
If you can go bagless, it can save a lot of time from the parking garage or CB. Separate line that moves really fast.
7:30am by
Thanks for the info all!
20 min ago by
Considering club level for our next trip. What does the complimentary breakfast and apps consist of normally? I am guessing pastries, yogurt, fruit kind of thing?
3:12pm on 8/26/16 by
Orbitz codes don't work on any USF hotels
12:23am by
Booked RPH with Orbitz, staying there in three weeks. They come and go.
8:02am by
I booked RPR with orbitz also.
20 min ago by
Staying at RPR 24th October to 28th we have club level which was a bit of a rash decision I'm now worried we won't really use it ! Any one have any experience and can let me know what time they serve items so I can sort of plan how to use it :-)
3:11pm on 8/5/16 by
Snacks 12-3pm trail mix, apples, oranges, bananas, yoghurt covered pretzels, granola bars and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
8:03am by
Royal Relaxation 4.30-6.30pm different foods each evening, Asia, Italian, Mexican, Greek, American and Islands. Five different dishes each evening.
8:05am by
Something Sweet from 8-9pm and evening beer and wine.
8:06am by
Ok, we are not intense ride people (gma, DS10 and I) but we enjoy space mountain and star tours and such. I have read the descriptions on here, but can someone please compare the Harry Potter rides to a WDW ride. Spider-Man? Transformers? Men in Black?
7:15pm on 8/26/16 by
Mummy is if Space and Dinosaur had a baby.
9:49pm on 8/26/16 by
Disneyday, I had definitely taken those 3 off our plan, but maybe we'll give mummy a go sans gma and report back to her. Amyandjusty love the descriptions! Makes me feel better we'll be able to ride more than I thought :)
11:04pm on 8/26/16 by
SOAVE MOUNTAIN @dday again !!
3:34am by
Arriving at universal Royal Pacific the Tuesday after Labor Day. Crowds should be lower - do I need rest reservations to places like Emirile TChoup
1:13am by
yes Book the signitures if you can even the day before to ensure you get the time you want . RPR is a major conference hotel and that affects hotel dining in the evening.
3:25am by
End of another good day. Did swimming in the morning then went to Epcot. Wait times were not too bad. Started off with The Golf Ball. And just did all the rides with wait times less then thirty mins.
10:41pm on 8/26/16 by
Managed to do half of the countries. Kids loved exploring them. Key rings bought from each one. Had booked the dessert party for the illuminations. It was Ok but wouldn't do it again. One child had a huge cry so overwhelmed again at
10:43pm on 8/26/16 by
The Illuminations. He said the music and fireworks were so special and he would never forget it. Love his attitude. Now off to the land of nod, Cabana Bay tomorrow for two days.
10:45pm on 8/26/16 by
Sounds great Jente have a fab time
2:34am by
My BFF & fiancé are arriving at PBR today. They're checking it out for their wedding!! (Down to PBR or BWI @WDW). I want to send a gift to their room; is that possible at UOR hotels? (Also, hi! Long time, no post on either chat.)
4:36pm on 3/10/16 by
Thank you!
10:43am on 3/11/16 by
Welcome back to chat! Glad you were able to clarify exactly whose fiance is with the rehead haha
6:50am on 3/12/16 by (staff)
Heya @weasus, I'm headed back down in 2 weeks! Been over a year-- didn't think I'd make it in 2016. Thanks for keeping it fun around here!
12:56am by
Yesterday was outlet day followed by a visit to Golden Coral, they must have hollow legs. They didn't talk for over half an hour they were so busy eating.! Chill and a swim then out again.
9:58am on 8/26/16 by
I love Golden Corral!
7:19pm on 8/26/16 by
What a great time!! So glad you are having so much fun. How had the weather been? Hopefully it hasn't been ridiculously hot there.
10:36pm on 8/26/16 by
Weather has been really hot but today there was a breeze. Used lots of sun lotion and we have all drunk loads of water. Peripheral feet do not like hot weather but used Magnilife cream from Walgreens
10:48pm on 8/26/16 by
Going to try shutter buttons for the first time next month. Do you receive a DVD you play on your television or can it be downloaded to a digital picture frame that is displayed in your home?
5:45pm on 8/26/16 by
Thought it was 70
7:36pm on 8/26/16 by
Thanks for the info.
7:39pm on 8/26/16 by
We got 2 DVDs in collectors tins and a digital one. We had great fun doing the DVD.
10:39pm on 8/26/16 by
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