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For friends doing first visit during the week after Christmas. Two park days total, will get park to park ticket. They want to know if they definitely need EP. I say yes even though focus is HP and doesn't really apply there but it will be busy busy and
13 min ago by
it will help them get a lot of other things done quickly and therefore more time in Wizarding World.
13 min ago by
Morning liners. Less than 2 weeks to go until we head off to the canaries for a pre Christmas break.
1:58am by
106 Good morning- Happy Friday!
7:14am by
323. Good morning!
10:12am by
Good afternoon! Happy Friday!
4:56pm by
New to Universal and I have heard some rides have metal detectors. I was wondering which rides and what is allowed past the metal detectors. Phones??
3:55pm by
Dragon Challenge, Hulk, Rip Ride Rocket. Everything out of pockets, no metal, no phone. Free lockers are available. Other rides don't allow bags but do not have metal detectors.
4:53pm by
On the ride with you or in line with you. There are free lockers at the entrance. If you wear prescription eye glasses, a strap or cord is highly recommended.
4:55pm by
If I am remembering correctly, they are at Rip Ride Rockit, Dragon Challenge, and Hulk. Someone correct me if I am wrong!
4:55pm by
TIP Consolidation #2--There is a good thread on forums about little details to enjoy in the HP areas, take advantage of pool hopping, ride HE both ways, water rides get you soaked so be prepared, raptor M&G is great, grab a table by water in front of*
10:07pm on 11/30/16 by
speak to you in Parseltongue and then English.
10:12pm on 11/30/16 by
10:24pm on 12/1/16 by
Thanks for the tips
3:49pm by
Character dinner at Islands - which characters are there?
1:04pm by
And does anyone know if Toothsome is taking ressies yet?
1:07pm by
I know that Toothsome is not taking reservations and has no immediate plans to start. I'm sorry I don't know about current character
1:12pm by
2 adults, 2 teens 4 days at UOR staying offsite. We are not picky eaters and love to try new things and some may consider us "foodies", especially the teens. Where should we eat and where should we avoid? TIA, Lisa
10:15am on 10/8/16 by
Ittlsister. I thought you were newbie. Apparently you've been on lines for 6 years with 4 posts. You're just shy. Welcome.
12:21am on 10/10/16 by
We LOOOVE mythos.
7:29pm on 10/10/16 by
Thank you all. This was very helpful!! Lisa
10:12am by
We are in Orlando, about to go to Universal. The plans seem to assume we have Express, but we don't. Is there some way to correct?
7:50am by
Sorry, I can't help. I have never used a TP.
9:27am by
Are you sure the plan is assuming you have Express? I know online through the website there is an option for Express that you can uncheck on your touring plan.
10:11am by
I see that Starbucks has finally designed a Universal-specific mug. I've been waiting for this!
7:27pm on 11/30/16 by
Looking forward to owning one of these on our next trip
10:54am on 12/1/16 by
I'm so excited! The you are here mugs are my fave souvenir! does anyine know exactly which shops will sell them ( staying HRH). TIA!
1:36am by
I assume they will be sold only at the Starbucks within the parks. That's what they do at WDW. Buy it if you want it when you see it!
8:37am by
Is Starbucks at Cabana Bay within easy walking distance of Sapphire Falls?
2:59pm on 11/30/16 by
When staying at the Cabana you can walk over to Sapphire Falls and use their water taxis
10:55am on 12/1/16 by
Thanks, everyone. We'll be staying at SF so I was curious about the proximity for our Starbucks trips.:) I'll remember your tip, though, @Jente, in case we ever stay at CB.
5:13pm on 12/1/16 by
You can pool hop between all the resorts which is a nice way of checking out the other resorts.
2:29am by
Has anyone seen the holiday shows at SW? I Will be there next weekend with 21 y/o son. We've seen all of the regular shows in '13- wondering if any of the Dec. ones are worth going to?
1:27am by
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