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255. Morning Liners
1:30am by
Good morning all!
8:07am by
27 to Scotland
31 min ago by
Just done online checkin for flight up to Inverness
30 min ago by
It's been a wonderful trip! Our last visit, 3 years ago, we were done with the parks in 1 1/2 days. This trip DD10, is no longer a ride wimp and we are about to start our 5th and last day at UOR. We have tackled almost every ride (no Simpsons or Suess)..
8:21am by
Most shows and many experiences. Thank you all for helping us along the way! Favorites this year are RRR, Gringots, and Mummy. Disappointments Minions and Transformers. It has been so much more enjoyable with a coaster loving kid than it was with...
8:25am by
A ride wimp. Last trip DD would have just hung out in the pool all day, this trip I can't even bribe her into it. She is also about sleeping and coasters.
8:28am by
UOR had always just been an "add on" to our Disney trips but this year that all changed. From now on UOR will have to be a trip by itself. DD10 could spend 8 days here and bonus it's half the price of Disney!.
36 min ago by
Fab. Enjoy your final day. Glad you got to ride much more
31 min ago by
Sat in Manchester Airport. Flight going on time, so far. Security very thorough which is a good thing. Took over 30 min. And that was in the fast track lane. Will update when we arrive. Hope everyone has a great day.
3:25am on 8/19/17 by
Today we went to Sea World, boy was it hot. Bought the all day dining option which gave you one main meal plus side and a drink every hour. You could also get drinks from the stands when ever you wanted as you walked round. Worth buying.
6:31pm on 8/22/17 by
Thanks for the fish and chips tip! I'll be on the lookout for that one. Ashirwad Indian on I-drive near Uni worth the trip
6:53pm on 8/22/17 by (staff)
Going to International Drive area I think around Friday.
6:51am by
256. Hi all
3:12am on 8/22/17 by
Afternoon all! Was my first day back at work after having the summer off, I don't know if being a teacher and having summers free makes getting back into the groove of things or not... At least I have a trip to Orlando in 9 days to help.
8:02pm on 8/22/17 by
As I always say, Realityland is highly overrated! Hope we cross paths again, as I'm staying ASMu Aug 30-Sept 1 (that's an 8 countdown for the mathematically impaired)
9:43pm on 8/22/17 by (staff)
@weasus hopefully we will! I'm at the Poly Aug 31 - Sept. 4, but I don't get in until late on the 31st. Plan for the 1 st is Epcot in am for F&W andand MK in evening for MNSSHP. Would love to fit in a trip to UOR but I think it will have to wait until Dec
11:38pm on 8/22/17 by
So, today at Islands of Adventure was a bit of a bust. My 10-yr-old isn't into HP, and the walking/waiting to ride ratio was off for her. We're thinking about just going to the beach tomorrow. We have express pass for a day at the main park. WWYD?
5:58pm on 8/22/17 by
With EP, you can skip the planning, so wonderful! She would love the Animal Actors show, Transformers, Men in Black, Despicable Me, Jimmy Fallon, Shrek. The musicians Blues Bros and Beat Builders are fun. Also fun to watch Flying Fish. Much to do in USF!
7:02pm on 8/22/17 by
How was Spider-Man and reign of kong?
9:43pm on 8/22/17 by
Spider-Man was really good. I thought they could have done better with kong, but it was still fun.
11:37pm on 8/22/17 by
Since no one has started it - good morning and happy eclipse day!
8:44am on 8/21/17 by
Hope your birthday was amazing Weasus!
10:31pm on 8/21/17 by
Happy belated Birthday Weasus
10:27am on 8/22/17 by
Thanks for all the well wishes! We are still on the road home and am looking forward to seeing @jente in 6 days and 2 nights at WDW in 8!
9:40pm on 8/22/17 by (staff)
Does anyone know anything about the Kung Fu Panda meet? We're at Islands right now and we were hoping to see Po!
12:44pm on 8/18/17 by
I believe this a new M&G this summer. Would love to know how it worked out.
11:06pm on 8/18/17 by
Is this M&G continuing through the fall? Or is it just a summer thing? My hubby and I love Kung Fu Panda and would love this in Sept when we go!
5:59pm on 8/22/17 by
279. Morning all
1:46am on 7/30/17 by
Thx rebeecky. Face a little black and blue but soon be back to normal.
12:14pm on 8/22/17 by
That is great Maria!
12:15pm on 8/22/17 by
Glad your surgery went well Maria and no nasties. Hope you are feeling better soon. The worst is now over.
2:10pm on 8/22/17 by
I plan on ordering groceries to be delivered to RPR. I found garden grocers.com online. Is this the service to use?
9:32pm on 8/16/17 by
How does delivery to hotel rooms work? Do they leave it at lobby or what? (Thinking about doing amazon now myself).
11:14pm on 8/20/17 by
9:16am on 8/22/17 by
FYI they deliver it to the luggage area at royal pacific.
1:01pm on 8/22/17 by
Looks like rain this weekend. Going Friday through Monday. If heavy rain is there one park better than other?
11:35am on 8/22/17 by
I have the same question we are there Saturday- Monday and looks like heavy rain Saturday at a minimum and likely also a heavy rain day on Sunday
11:44am on 8/22/17 by
Need a rain plan. Willing to stay out in rain and make the best of it.
12:20pm on 8/22/17 by
USF has more indoor simulator rides, so tends to be a better park in the rain, though IOS has some indoor rides as well.
12:36pm on 8/22/17 by
Ugh. IOA. Stupid spellcheck..
12:41pm on 8/22/17 by
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