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204. Morning liners. Which park do you prefer?
27 min ago by
My name was boring. Hardly exciting the change either!
26 min ago by
We are staying on-site and the park opens at 8am. Can you pls advise when we will be able to get into HP?
6:53pm on 2/25/17 by
If there is not early entry happening at US, the park regularly opens 15-25 minutes early so I advice being at turnstiles 30-45 minutes prior to park opening. If a park had early entry then all guests can come through turnstiles
7:50pm on 2/25/17 by
At early entry time but guests without early entry privileges are held inside the park where there is access to some food and shopping. The HP areas in both parks will open to general public at regular opening time.
7:54pm on 2/25/17 by
So on an early entry day which opens at 8am HP doesn't open until 9am?
10:16pm on 2/25/17 by
I know it's been touched on before, but what is the best strategy for getting the best price on a Southwest flight? Get it right when the flights are released or wait?
8:52pm on 2/25/17 by
Book as soon as possible but continue to monitor for price reduction.
10:00pm on 2/25/17 by
205. Morning liners. Saturday is here. What's your favourite UOR ride?
2:25am on 2/25/17 by
I agree with brerbeer.
7:16pm on 2/25/17 by
Name change Steve?
7:18pm on 2/25/17 by
Good catch @Tanavin!
7:44pm on 2/25/17 by
Looking at dining reservations for universal and I'm confused. I see options for sit down lunch reservations, but why do I not see dinner options?
6:10pm on 2/25/17 by
City walk shouldn't be a problem though.
6:19pm on 2/25/17 by
Not adult restaurants specifically....no idea why it filled that in. Family of 5, 3 kids 12 and under
6:20pm on 2/25/17 by
By resorts I mean parks, sorry :-)
6:22pm on 2/25/17 by
HHN27 dates! https://twitter.com/OrlandoInformer/status/834860924481716227 Also 3 parks and 2 parks 3 day military tickets available. $218 and $179.
8:29pm on 2/23/17 by
Idk if I could handle hhn lol! I love horror movies but I don't like feeling like I'm in one! Hahaha
1:29pm on 2/24/17 by
So excited! Have hotel booked, just pulling my hair out trying to figure out ticket options...waiting for U.K./Ireland packages to be announced if anyone has any info. Sounds like there have been good deals in the past?
10:28pm on 2/24/17 by
Spent a good part of the day moving reservations around because the HHN dates were a bit different than the last few years. WDW then UOR and then back to WDW. Normally end a trip at uni, oh well.
6:13pm on 2/25/17 by
206. Hi liners. Friday time.
2:36am on 2/24/17 by
29! Yay!!
9:12am on 2/24/17 by
29 for us too! Getting closer
12:46pm on 2/24/17 by
It's getting very exciting @Alex!
10:17pm on 2/24/17 by
Wait time 60 mins at MIB
12:09pm on 2/24/17 by
12:33pm on 2/24/17 by
12:45pm on 2/24/17 by
Ride times are so off today. 75 minutes posted at hulk. App says 35.
11:14am on 2/24/17 by
Ap says 75 right now of course you posted 51 min ago....
12:07pm on 2/24/17 by
What is pricing hotels for first part of May checked no codes and it was cheaper than annual passholder code. Why would that be
6:51pm on 2/23/17 by
It may be that the only rooms available with AP discounts are higher priced rooms such as junior suites.
8:39pm on 2/23/17 by
AP rates probably aren't released yet.
8:26am on 2/24/17 by
Ok I'll keep my eye on it then. Thanks.
8:54am on 2/24/17 by
I booked for early May with my AP code in January. A lot of rooms were not available - plus cost was same when booking 5 nights
9:58am on 2/24/17 by
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