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Could someone tell me about the Hogwarts letters please? I saved info once but now can't find it. TIA.
10:58am by
I made mine using photoshop but I realize that's not everyone's bag. I found some templates for an envelope popped the hogwarta seal on there, used a handwriting font and another for mcgonagals sig, tea stained them and used red wax for a seal. My wife
3:28pm by
Addressed them in her best teacher penmanship. Accio letter!
3:29pm by
You are welcome @snowdiz! @jpranger, yours sounds awesome!! Post a pic if you can.
34 min ago by
Hello, we are planning a trip to DLR are in February. Is there a chat for Universal Studios in California? Or can I ask questions here?
1:53pm by
There is not a chat for Universal Hollywood. This is a smaller group so I'm. It sure how many liners have visited Universal in Hollywood. You might try putting your questions on forum if you can't get answers here.
2:59pm by
Has anyone used the photo package at universal?
10:21pm on 10/24/16 by
... you CAN activate it after Gringotts AT one of the photo places.
9:53am by
Thank you @Belle04! That makes it much easier. We can buy in advance, and activate after riding Gringotts. Don't want to waste valuable park time on early entry first day there. :)
1:07pm by
I love it. It's nice that they never expire too.
1:55pm by
Speaking of photoconnect. I bought that 5 day rebrand package a while back. Do you think I will be able to upgrade it to an Annual Photo Pass when I get there? Maybe wait and get my 16x18 poster and $10 credit first?
10:00am by
Oh and Annual Photo Pass looks to be $99 again. Didn't it go up for awhile?
10:01am by
Belle yeah itvwas more for awhile
10:25am by
I may call and ask about if I can upgrade it. Now that I have a Power Pass we are planning a trip next summer also
10:29am by
328. Hello liners
1:29am by
@jpranger, how are you going to tell your boys?
8:48am by
I made Hogwarts letters, tea stained and all, inviting them to come for a tour. They'll get those Sunday so they have a few days to prepare.
9:15am by
2. Car trip starts tomorrow at 8am!
10:07am by
What is your plan for water rides? Last two times we went didn't have enough time or it was too cold. Kids really want to do them this time. Wait till end of day? Take spare shoes and extra clothes? Wear ponchos and still get soaked? Do all 3 in a row?
3:32pm on 10/23/16 by
We got soaked on Ripsaw. Do it before you leave.
8:35pm on 10/24/16 by
When is you trip? Popeye Barge is seriously like jumping in a pool. We will be skipping for our trip in a few weeks unless it is really hot outside. We never get that wet on Ripsaw Falls - go figure.
8:46pm on 10/24/16 by
We'll be there in a few weeks. Temps should be in the 80's, hopefully!
8:49am by
How does upgrading tickets work for UOR? Do they price bridge like Disney? Have a similar use window? We're thinking of adding a day and going again instead of one day at Disney but it'll be several days later.
1:30pm on 10/24/16 by
I don't know about Uni, but at WDW, 4 hours is plenty of time to get a ton done. $30 seems worth it. We did that at WDW one night... added 3.5 hrs in park for $20(?)/person. Definitely worth it.
4:19pm on 10/24/16 by
Ooh, I'm thinking an afternoon of wet rides...get those out of the way and stay dry the other days...
4:35pm on 10/24/16 by
I think if you're going from two to three days is ten plus you lose the twenty dollar discount for buying in advance so yes 30. I got ours through ut so not sure if I'd have to pay that extra as well.
9:56pm on 10/24/16 by
At on-site hotel and city walk restaurants, is it easy to share meals the way it is at Disney?
7:00pm on 10/24/16 by
Yes... the CS restaurants offer some fairly kargecplstters that can easily be shared. My family splits all the time without any issues.
8:03pm on 10/24/16 by
Wow that's a crazy autocorrect! LOL.
8:24pm on 10/24/16 by
Yep.... strange.... should have read "fairly large platters" .... go figure
9:37pm on 10/24/16 by
Hi we check in to HRH tomorrow can I just check that I'm reading the website correct there is currently no early admission into IOA this week ? But there is for universal but during early admission we can only go on despicable me and gringotts ?
2:13pm on 10/24/16 by
Sounds right to me. There's a lot to explore in DA though as well as Gringotts.
5:09pm on 10/24/16 by
You are correct. EE in DA is a good time to cast spells and visit money exchange.
8:04pm on 10/24/16 by
Orlando informer reports today that staff have been scheduled for HHN on Nov. 4&5. Says this all but confirms they will add these two days. If so, How do you think that'll influence daytime cl? It would really be more of a local crowd right?
7:21pm on 10/20/16 by
@Belle yeah I emailed while at work, on MT here so when I get off GS closed. Probably call tomorrow. But yeah it really stinks. Lost 2 hours and EE change 3.5 weeks out, HHN lose 1 more hour 1.5 weeks out. Can't really change flights and such...
7:38pm on 10/24/16 by
You should tell them to give you free HHN tickets. Although that won't work if going with little kids. Either way it does stink! Uni definitely need to step up their planning better.
7:59pm on 10/24/16 by
Good luck @amyandjusty. Let us know what they say. For what it's worth the dude I spoke to (after I asked ) thought they might open an hour earlier yet but honestly he didn't sound too authoritative on the subject. Still I guess it could happen...
8:00pm on 10/24/16 by
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