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Havn't been watching any news about Hulk getting closer to opening?
5:14pm on 6/28/16 by
Today it was running with weights/dummies in the cars.
7:50pm on 6/28/16 by
I would not expect opening any before August.... Roller coaster testing takes a lot of hours in order to get permits and pass all safety requirements
9:56pm on 6/28/16 by
Fingers crossed its not too long
12:35am by
Read a rumour that it could be the first two weeks in August.
35 min ago by
Looking for everyone's top picks on table service and quick service restaurants either in parks or hotels. We will be at RPR and will do mostly quick but probably 1-2 table service (early) dinners and then head back to parks after (if dining outside).
5:53pm on 6/28/16 by
In US we like Finnegans for lunch. We never miss banana cream pie from Emeril's! Antojitos is on my bucket list.
11:39pm on 6/28/16 by
12:37am by
Margaritaville, Vivo on City Walk for TS and Panda Express for CS. Thunder Falls, Finnegans, Simpsons Food Court and both Harry Potters. Will try NBC on the next trip
35 min ago by
446. Good morning liners.
12:35am by
90. Morning Steve. Morning liners.
1:41am by
106 morning all
43 min ago by
48 Good morning Steve, Maria, Curtis and all liners. Hope you all have a great day
40 min ago by
91. Hello from a sunny North East.
1:09am on 6/28/16 by
Good morning.
6:38am on 6/28/16 by
And now the sun has gone....
7:28am on 6/28/16 by
447 yest
12:34am by
Trying to guess as to which rides in the Wizarding World my kids will be up for as it is our first visit. Sure we will all do Hippogriff, only DH will do Dragon. Can someone give me an idea about Gringotts and Forbidden Journey? Maybe compare in intensity
7:16pm on 6/27/16 by
Hats very good to know. I know the last rows are often the worst but it wouldn't occur to me that the first is the tamest!
5:49pm on 6/28/16 by
I agree that dip is tamer in first row but the hanging sensation in the first row is much more intense... We have seen children and adults frightened by the sensation that they might fall out.
9:58pm on 6/28/16 by
I agree that I don't like the hanging sensation. Once I rode with a father and son who had been stuck in that position for over 15 min. I breathe a sigh of relief when we start the drop.
11:33pm on 6/28/16 by
Early park admission is 7am when we are at UOR. How early do we need to get there? Will 645 put us behind a huge crowd? I don't know how much earlier I can get my family there!
4:30pm on 6/28/16 by
There are many partner hotels that offer EE but not EP so we were surprised how many people were up early for EE. The attractions open for EE can seem crowded but when regular hours start and the entire park is open then
10:04pm on 6/28/16 by
Crowds disperse and the park and most queus seem empty. If you are going to buy wands, the lines for spell casting can be very small during EE so you might consider that if you aren't arriving early.
10:06pm on 6/28/16 by
10:46pm on 6/28/16 by
First trip to UOR 7/30-8/2 with DH, DS11, DS5, and DD5. Staying at HRH. Currently have reservations for character meals at The Kitchen 7/30 dinner and 8/2 breakfast. Have any of you done these meals and how were they? Who were the characters?
3:58pm on 6/27/16 by
Following along!
11:37am on 6/28/16 by
We did one at RPR almost 5 years ago. It was nice but very different from Disney character dining. We enjoyed a nice meal and the characters dropped by the table but it was very low key.
2:53pm on 6/28/16 by
Thanks all! I will report back on our experience after we eat there.
6:17pm on 6/28/16 by
USF app says 5 min wait for gringotts and tp app says 15. Get to the ride and posted 75 min wait.
10:44am on 6/28/16 by
Ouch. Thats a big difference.
11:05am on 6/28/16 by
Yikes! That's what I'm afraid of happening when we go. My family will be disappointed in my liner skills if I fail ;)
11:32am on 6/28/16 by
Yeah. We went in the single riders line and it took almost 30 minutes to ride when posted on site was 60 minutes for regular line.
12:10pm on 6/28/16 by
Unfortunately when apps show low wait times, the crowds come running and fill the queu. However the line is almost constantly moving and the queu is very detailed so there is lots to see while you wait.
2:49pm on 6/28/16 by
Good afternoon. We asked and they said that skull island will not be open today at all and to check back for tomorrow.
11:29am on 6/27/16 by
Interesting. I wonder if a major breakdown happened yesterday. Thanks for checking!
12:23pm on 6/27/16 by
I got on at 7:30 pm after a 50 minute wait only to break down Mon June 27 at 7:40 pm at the cave approach. Waited 1 hour then gave up. It didnt re-open Mon. So dont get in line until you do your major rides first.
9:50am on 6/28/16 by
2:40pm on 6/27/16 by
Sorry I'll try again, BREAKING: Professor McGonagall spotted at 10 Downing Street. Rumour has it that the Ministry of Magic is about to take over.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154227809629705&set=a.10151394410444705.446911.566774704&type=3
2:42pm on 6/27/16 by
That's hilarious. Glad the UK is able to find a way to laugh until the turmoil settles down.
4:08pm on 6/27/16 by
There will be a TARDIS there soon, and all my dreams will be complete!!
1:13am on 6/28/16 by
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