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Looking for some recommendations for good food at UOR. Really just looking for quick service and snacks. I know where to find all the yummy treats at WDW but I'm clueless when it comes to UOR! Thanks!
6:05pm on 7/27/16 by
The chicken and waffles at Simpson's I want to try
9:07am by
9:52am by
Had the chicken and waffles at Simpsons in January... Yum!
< 1 min ago by
We aren't checking into RP until tomorrow but plan on going to the parks this evening. Can we go by there and get our EP so that we don't have to do it super early tomorrow morning to be at RD? (I know they wouldn't be valid for today)
9:30am by
Ok thanks. We will just have a REALLY early morning tomorrow. After six days of disney rope drops I hope I don't have mutiny from my teenagers. (We did take this morning off though and sleep in.)
3:07pm by
Just so you are prepared. Everyone must get their own EP using their room own room key because the kiosk photographs you. Everyone must also present their own room key at entrance for EE.
3:17pm by
@debbie -not sure how many days trip is but RD not nearly important at Uni with EP. So if going to cause too big of a hassle you may not want to push to make it :).
56 min ago by
Hello everyone would any off you recommend renting a cabana at any of the on site hotels? What's the price and what's included?
3:46pm by
We were going to hire one but decided to stay for one night at Cabana Bay instead. This year we will be doing both RPR and CB.
4:36pm by
If we have a resort day, we usually enjoy pool hopping and getting snacks at each resort. We love getting the best of what each pool has to offer. On trips when we don't have a resort day scheduled, I'm not sure we spend enough
4:39pm by
Time at the pool to get the value from renting a cabana. They do look very nice but we have always been able to find chairs or a table.
4:40pm by
We are staying at CB 10/30-11/4.crowd calender is giving 4s and the unlimited EP is $89.99. We have 4 full days. Do you think we will need EP?
11:42am by
If it is necessary for your group.
12:19pm by
I cannot imagine needing EP at that time of year with 4 full days.
2:29pm by
I'm not sure of HHN schedule but I would check into it because that event does clise US early.
2:47pm by
Help! We need advice. Experienced Disney fans. Going to Universal for first time tomorrow. Flight arrives at 9am. Staying at RPR. What should we do first? Thinking of saving HP for Sat when we can go early. We check out on Monday.
5:56pm on 7/27/16 by
Have a great time! I'm jealous!
10:07am by
Have a fabulous time
10:28am by
Have a great time!
12:49pm by
As AP, we got an invite to register early for an event at the Dr. Phillips Walt Disney Theatre (a gorgeous new performance venue in Orlando) It will feature the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra performing the original score from Harry Potter & the *
10:02pm on 7/24/16 by
I'm terrible at posting links, but I will e-mail it to anyone who wants it. Already sent it to @weasus.
6:51pm on 7/26/16 by
Thanks from your technology ignorant friend @weasus. LOL.
12:38pm by
Is there room recommendations & request form on TP for Universal resorts like there is for WDW? If so how do I find it, if not any suggestions room at Portofino Bay. Thanks!
11:56am by
There is not a request feature. Resorts are so much smaller that room requests are less necessary.
12:16pm by
19 Good morning all Liners. Hope everyone has a great day
4:02am by
16 days!!! Have to pack, have to print stuff out, have to make tp's! Oh my
10:12am by
Good morning all!
10:19am by
95 and counting/sigh hurry hurry
11:39am by
I'm going to be taking my family to Universal in about a month, and wanted to thank you all for the great information here. I've been wanting to do this trip for so long! We will be at Royal Pacific and hope to have a fun relaxing time for 4 days.
7:52am on 7/27/16 by
And add EE parks sometimes within the week so you need to check with the hotel when you check in. The hotels also post signs each morning to confirm where EE is.
9:20am by
They dont tend to add or extend park Hours this close Follow ^^ advice for day of epa changes
9:55am by
Thanks. I'll make plans with the current schedule and will also be prepared to adjust.
10:08am by
Hi, where is the cheapest place/site to get a one day ticket park to park?
5:01pm on 7/27/16 by
We got ours for family members from Over The Counter. No problems.
5:35pm on 7/27/16 by
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