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0! We head for the airport in 4 hours! First trip, me and DS8, so excited!
9:59am on 5/25/16 by
Went to US today. Did DP, Gringotts, Olivanders, DA, Transformers, Simpsons, MIB, Mummy, tons of character meets and went back to room around 3.
28 min ago by
At Hard Rock fir dunner, DS8 choice, then goung to see Blue Man Group. Beautiful weather and haven't waited more than 8 minutes with EP.
27 min ago by
Really enjoying the more laid back touring style. Character breakfast at LaBamba was worth it for the characters.
26 min ago by
If I purchase a 1 night stay at a resort with universal express, but change my ticket to a 2 day ticket will both days get express and early entry?
43 min ago by
You get EE and EP totally based on your hotel and not your ticket. You get EE and EP from the morning of your check in day until park closing of your check out day.
36 min ago by
We were at the park on Monday for my now 10 year old twins bday. They wore the bday buttons. Everyone who works at the park went out of their way to say happy birthday and calling them by name. 2x while wait at the front of a line they got sang to and....
12:24pm on 5/25/16 by
Uni is the best birthday place on earth! I'm so glad your twins had such an awesome experience!
5:54am by
I also recommend visiting the Knight Bus with a bday pin. I had great interactions with the conductor and Dre regarding it being my birthday.
11:04am by
That's great!
5:14pm by
If you are wearing flip flops in the park, do they make you take them off on Forbidden Journey or Dueling Dragons?
9:55pm on 5/25/16 by
I don't recall taking them off when riding FJ last time we were there
4:44pm by
They got kids to take off crocs on FJ. Think CMs took them to where you get off. Sat on flip flops.
4:55pm by
I sat on them for both FJ and DC.
5:13pm by
What hotel restuarants are really special at uor.
3:37pm on 5/24/16 by
However... I like food at Jakes but find service slow. Much better service at Kitchen
1:59pm on 5/25/16 by
We ate at mythos on thanksgiving day. I enjoyed it, but there was not even a passing nod to it being a holiday (not even pumpkin pie!!)
3:32pm on 5/25/16 by
Thanks I might try the sapphire falls restuarant also
4:56pm by
82 Good morning all liners. Hope everyone has a marvellous day. Early good morning Steve, glad to read you found your chocolate supply.
2:30am by
Good morning
5:36am by
Good morning!
7:06am by
Good morning! Looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Cant get here soon enough!
8:30am by
124, hello liners, finally had a good day at work.
4:45pm by
Hi guys.Day 3 just starting. Travel towards Yosemite today. Full on in SF yest. Did Cable car, Pier 39, Ghirs Sq, Union Sq, Alcatraz, Fish Wharf, drove over GG 3 times. Excellent day.
1:03pm by
Sounds a full day Steve you are certainly doing a lot. Glad you are having such a great time.
1:41pm by
That sounds great!
1:46pm by
What a great day! SF is fun. Can't wait to hear about Yosemite.
3:31pm by
Sounds like you are having a blast! Don't forget to post pictures!
4:42pm by
Today's the day. Both parks and (hopefully since we don't have EP) all of the attractions I'd like to visit. Wish me luck!
7:51am by
Have a wonderful trip and good luck.
9:33am by
Sounds like a fun challenge.... Let us know how it goes!
9:51am by
Watching them operate Hulk test runs from our lunch at Mythos. Such a tease, I'd love to ride it.
1:05pm by
I highly recomend universals annual pass. It is less than 1/2 the price of disney and just a bit more than a 4 day park 2 park and includes free parking.
3:29pm on 5/24/16 by
That's what we did and now planning another 7 day trip between xmas and new years.
12:56pm on 5/25/16 by
You'd be surprised about all the Florida resident annual pass holders who complain and whine in the Universal Annual Pass Facebook page about how expensive their tickets are. If you plan to use it I think it's the best value around
10:04pm on 5/25/16 by
Me too. The florida people are way spoiled
11:38am by
When do you think the hulk will open back up? Do you think it will be open the last week of July?
9:08pm on 5/25/16 by
Yes, should definitely be open by then, barring a catastrophe.
10:06pm on 5/25/16 by
Saw a vid of it running empty today
10:25pm on 5/25/16 by
Rumour only 2nd July 2016
2:33am by
Thats prob about correct. Testing takes about 4 -6 weeks depending on results.
7:02am by
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