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We are going to Universal next month.We have been to Disney many times but this is our first trip to Universal.So excited and many questions. On simulator rides like the Simpsons if you close your eyes can you shut out the sensation if it is too intense.
9:50am on 10/19/17 by
*Spiderman where it is free fall, and that shuts out the sensation. Kong does not bother me, nor does Despicable Me, Transformers, Gringotts, Jimmy Fallon, or Shrek (tho Shrek is jerky unless you request non-moving seats DM also has stationary seats.)
12:54pm on 10/19/17 by
Thank you @snow that is very helpful.
12:57pm on 10/19/17 by
Closing eyes on Simpsons didn't help me at all - blah!
8 min ago by
Hi everyone! Only 4 days left to wait! Anyone here get dizzy easily? I'm afraid to try many of the attractions because I could ruin my visit. I've read Forbidden Journey is the worst. Anyone take Dramamine? BTW...I love this chat.
9:18am on 10/19/17 by
Be sure to walk through lines w family even if not riding! Such great theming. And start w a small ride and go from there
9:43pm on 10/19/17 by
@mabenztx makes a great point. Be sure to go through the lines even if you aren't riding. Theming is wonderful, and there are nice waiting areas while your party rides.
11:17pm on 10/19/17 by
Simpsons got me the worst! FJ wasn't too bad but couldn't do it two times in a row!
11 min ago by
Is preferred parking worth the price? I've read you have to walk 10-15 minutes to get to the parks if you use standard parking. Any information on parking would be appreciated!
12:53pm by
Preferred parking is in the same parking garage as regular parking. It is just closer to elevators/escalators or on a lower level. You still will walk about 10-15 minutes from parking garages to the turnstiles of the parks.
5:36pm by
365 Good morning one and all. Hope you have now arrived Principal. Have fun finishing packing today rebeecky. All those on short waits, exciting times to come
2:51am by
Good morning! We arrived late last night so it will be a slow start today. My DS and his GF are going to HHN tonight so I am letting them sleep in.
7:44am by
Have a great day @PT!
10:08am by
In less than 19 hours, I'll be taking off! Packing almost done, @Jente. Have fun, @Principal! I hope we cross paths.
11:50am by
Hi! Universal just released Early entry (for guest) for November, but nothing for December. How it is usually between 10 and 18 Dec.? Both parks have early entries???
9:55am by
Hi. Which park has ee in Nov? I couldn't find on uni site?
11:08am by
I would not expect both parks until week of 17th.
11:08am by
On our way!
6:48am by
Woohoo! We leave tomorrow.
6:52am by
Safe travels!
7:41am by
Both have good journeys and enjoy
10:17am by
Have fun @beagle!
11:05am by
Heading to UOR in Feb. was able to book everything using travel points so no direct buys from universal. What's the easiest and most cost friendly way to get back and forth from MCO and onsite resort? Can't see renting a car to pay to park it
9:39am by
https://www.uber.com/airports/mco/ Keep in mind it will be much cheaper on the return trip to MCO.
10:07am by
It's the only way I've done it but I'm sure there are other options.
10:10am by
We usually just get a taxi from outside the airport
10:16am by
Tip Thread There is a good thread on forums about little details to enjoy in the HP areas, take advantage of pool hopping, ride HE both ways, water rides get you soaked so be prepared, raptor M&G is great, grab a table by water in front of Simpsons to
11:45pm on 3/26/17 by
9:24am on 10/18/17 by
6:01am on 10/19/17 by
9:41am by
We are going to Universal for first time.We have a little in our group who loves playgrounds and will spend some time in them at both parks while older members do rides. Are there places for parents to sit and supervise and is the area shaded?
8:33am by
I know my grandkids loved the Jurassic Park playground. Their parents were with them, but I was warming up in the bakery so can't comment on shade.
9:19am by
Thanks again @snow.
9:28am by
Quick...which way do you walk to Diagonal alley from turnstiles.
6:56am by
Never mind....it was pretty obvious. Ha ha. So used to Disney this is a whole new adventure. :)
8:33am by
Yes, follow the crowd, ha. TM's lead the way too.
9:20am by
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