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7:53am by
Hooray! Have so much fun!
8:23am by
Have a great time
34 min ago by
Have a blast!
26 min ago by
Enjoy the parks and have fun
15 min ago by
12:40am by
83, mentally preparing myself for the heat.
5:37am by
6:19am by
Hello all!
26 min ago by
Uni says multi day tickets exp 7 days after first use. I got my tickets from undercover tourist. I leave in 2 days and just realized these tickets say 6 days! Is this true? Why the difference? I will have to change all my plans if this is true. Help plz!
7:17am by
I'm sorry I can't assist. I would definitely call.
7:46am by
How much were they?
7:53am by
I called. She said the 6 days is after first use so it's really like 7. The 6 isn't included in the first day. I wish they worded it differently! So first scan will be Sun and last will be Sat.
8:18am by
Thanks for sharing
34 min ago by
Booked my RIP tour yesterday! Is anyone else so excited for horror nights despite the fact that it's still June??
11:37pm on 6/22/17 by
Finally! Had my name on a list to call when they became available, but alas no call. Evidently the person I originally talked to was in a car accident last week so all the ppl on her list weren't notified (she's fine though).
9:13pm on 6/24/17 by
Oh wow that's crazy. I was supposed to be on the list as well and never got an email, but someone posted their email on FB, so I called straight away.
12:22am on 6/26/17 by
Thx for the heads up! I'm excited now too
12:00am by
So currently booked HRH for HHN, but no AP rate there so Portofino cheaper...how long does transportation take from that hotel?
4:43pm on 6/28/17 by
It is a beautiful resort so if you got a good rate, I would go for it!
6:12pm on 6/28/17 by
15-20 mins walking for us with 8yo setting the pace. Prob 10 when I ditched the fam in April and walked with purpose to RD! Also consider the wait for security lines along the pathway
7:24pm on 6/28/17 by (staff)
It took about 10 from HRH, so @weasus only 5-10 min more?
11:55pm on 6/28/17 by
So I just canceled my August trip because of health issues. In MDE my resort ressies are gone but my FPPs are still there. Do I have to manually cancel all those or will they disappear eventually?
10:05pm on 6/28/17 by
I think you meant to list this on WDW Chat. Sorry I can't answer your question.
10:42pm on 6/28/17 by
11:02pm on 6/28/17 by
So sorry for your cancellation and health issues
11:06pm on 6/28/17 by
Pirtofino has passholder deluxe Days rates next week. $235 night for deluxe room
7:40pm on 6/28/17 by
Must be snnuallboassholder
7:41pm on 6/28/17 by
Annual passholder
7:41pm on 6/28/17 by
That's a great rate. Glad you don't have to be a snnuallboassholder to get them. Hehe
10:24pm on 6/28/17 by
Ok. Family coming down late Saturday to thrs and thinking of doing a day with the mouse. I'm thinking pandora will have animal kingdom packed but my lovely wife just got a glowing review from our niece. Wife and I and older teen kids Any input from
7:38pm on 6/28/17 by
You guys appreciated Ps. I'm coming thrs on wor and will have fri nite and sat on my own
7:39pm on 6/28/17 by
Reading posts from other liners, it seems that if you RD pandora and head to FoP and the river ride that itbos manageable. I wish I had personal experience to share.
8:05pm on 6/28/17 by
I used to love coasters, but the older I get & the more intense the coasters get, I find I don't enjoy them as much. On vaca, I like to do 1 thing I normally wouldn't. So what coaster do you recommend that isn't for littles, but isn't super crazy? No RRR
6:06pm on 6/26/17 by
I wouldn't suggest the back of the train on RRR ... unless being tossed around like a ragdoll sounds appealing
11:15am on 6/27/17 by
I love them all, but Mummy is fun, scary and not too violent.
11:20am on 6/27/17 by
Mummy. I'm a weenie when it comes to rides. I can right RNR over at Disney but only once or twice and I'm done. Mummy was not my favorite "I want to ride all the time" ride, but I did survive and had a bit of fun too. ;)
7:26pm on 6/28/17 by
Hello everyone. I'm new to Universal and Universal chat. I'm looking to make hotel reservations at a deluxe resort for a party of 6. The room options that comes up is Hospitality Parlor Suite with connecting Standard King Room....
9:28pm on 6/21/17 by
I'm going to bank on my after four express passes next week. Having more xpress would be cool. Four nights
5:30pm on 6/26/17 by
We're definitely looking forward to reports about your after 4 experiences @giants!
12:36am on 6/27/17 by (staff)
Part of my confidence was hitting the potterville rides at rope drop. This should be interesting
7:22pm on 6/28/17 by
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