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Had a fun first day at Uni. Went to both IoA and US. We have one more day and then head to AKL tomorrow night. We aren't ready to leave Uni. Can't believe how much we like it!!
11:05pm on 3/26/17 by
I'm so glad! (2 alarm clocks tomorrow!). Ha.
11:27pm on 3/26/17 by
Lol @snow!
4:16am by
Funny thing is that we got a late start today too. I keep waking up and having a hard time sleeping. Thank goodness for EP!!
12:44pm by
EP is a lifesaver in situations like this.
37 min ago by
Which Orlando hospital would you recommend? Which to avoid? I'm having major pain from herniated discs and may need to get help soon. Thanks!
1:52am by
9:49am by
Sorry to hear this @alex, hope you feel better soon!
12:49pm by
@alex... hope you are feeling better
38 min ago by
Sorry I have posted this before but can't find it. We are staying at RPR. One day is early entry. What time should we arrive at the park? Are all rides open, incl HP? TIA!!
7:20am on 3/22/17 by
You are a doll! This line is about an hour long. I feel like a bad Liner waiting this long!
9:17am on 3/26/17 by
Saving for our arrival in 3 days!
11:44pm on 3/26/17 by
@deke, We arrive Wednesday late afternoon and staying at Portofino. Where are you guys staying? Would love to say hi!
12:50pm by
Fallon ride was open to express pass yesterday. Preshow was great with singing quintet. They were funny. Ride itself was ok. Simulator again.
7:50am by
Thanks for letting us know about EP!
8:16am by
Fallon ride open to Express Pass today after 11, annual pass holders could walk on before that
12:45pm by
Morning all liners. Another week begins.
2:02am by
Hope your remaining travels are smooth Tanavan. Very frustrating.
7:42am by
208. On spring break this week, but nothing too exciting planned.
11:16am by
Perfect day here at uor. Studios quiet except dragon alley. Just got train over to ioa - planning on getting v wet soon.
12:02pm by
We're spending two days at Universal with park hopper tickets. I had hoped to mix it up and do some of each park on both days, but the app wants me to do one park each day. Any thoughts or tips?
11:47pm on 3/26/17 by
There is a 2 park plan. The problem is that you have to make each park a separate Tp. We jump back and forth. If you do that just show the time that you are in the other park as a break on the other tp
11:52pm on 3/26/17 by
Welcome to chat dfearonmd
11:57pm on 3/26/17 by
Welcome to chat! I always like to hop back and forth between parks.
11:17am by
Welcome... we like to hop around as well. Will you have EE and/or EP?
11:38am by
Forbidden journey =best ride, but very intense. Queue is amazing. If u can't handle ride, ask to just walk thru line and u can listen to all the character theming which is not to be missed. Line moves too fast to hear it anyway so can also go back after
8:33am by
I completely agree! It is my favorite ride in any park anywhere, but to really appreciate it, you need to be able to listen to everything. Glad you liked it!
11:15am by
The side of chat had a terrific tip thread. I believe @IControl retyped it. Can anyone bump it up. We seem to have lots of newcomers that could benefit
3:15pm on 3/26/17 by
Thank you ICONTROLWDW !!
12:19am by
Thank you for reposting.
11:09am by
11:14am by
Tip Thread There is a good thread on forums about little details to enjoy in the HP areas, take advantage of pool hopping, ride HE both ways, water rides get you soaked so be prepared, raptor M&G is great, grab a table by water in front of Simpsons to
11:45pm on 3/26/17 by
a amplified package running through till December 31st. VIP tour of rock memorabilia plus use of pre-reserved Fender guitar complete with floor amp and headphones. Collectable pin and limited edition hat. At Portofino Bay, family art photography,
11:49pm on 3/26/17 by
complimentary family photo, around 15 mins. No charge but photo prints standard prices. Prints, Canvas, even tiles. 8x10 about $30.00 etc. Option of ordering when you get home. 2nd entrance to US located near the Blue Man
11:49pm on 3/26/17 by
Group. Let's you go through between the entrance to DM and the Studios Store. Generally opens up around 10.00am. In DA at the Magical Menagerie Shop if you stand outside the window it will speak to you in Parseltongue and then English.
11:49pm on 3/26/17 by
Can't believe we just walked thru the FJ line without stopping at all and no one in front at loading- at 7.30 this eve with 8pm closing. Knew it got quieter but that was crazy. Then speed walked across to make it into hulk with 2 mins to spare.
8:47pm on 3/26/17 by
I'm telling you, the last hour before closing is the sweet spot!
8:55pm on 3/26/17 by
@hodgtrzm we were there too but missed HP as I thought IoA closed at 9pm. 8pm is much to early! Ran to Uni to get on Gringotts and just made it. Love the parks at night!!
11:08pm on 3/26/17 by
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