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First film class starts in 10 minutes! I'm so excited!
11:48am by
Awesome, Nyle!! It's going to be great!
1:37pm by
Have fun. Learn lots. Be good. Insert other advice as needed...
11 min ago by
It was such a great and inspiring time... I recorded an entire episide of Los you-know-what about it soon so you will be able to see my first day! And the campus has free WiFi so that's how I can post!
6 min ago by
Thanks for the tip about the ice cream nachos everyone! Our first time and definitely not our last! Yum!! https://imgur.com/a/waNLt
14 min ago by
Fabulous pic, thanks! But now I'm hungry...
7 min ago by
I am a terrible decider! Help! We originally planned to tent at Doheny State Beach for the first couple days and then DLH for a couple days. DH is whining about tenting so I am looking at room options instead. I've narrowed it down to:
2:28pm by
Best Western Raffles has been grand for 3 stays for us with many over sized rooms for 6 or more people. Very clean and no weird smells. We like it and plan to stay again. Next to Toy Story Parking and the free shuttle. Decent breakfast. Horrid eggs.
3:12pm by
Hmm.I will take a peek at that one. The one I really want (springhill)has one of the days in the middle unavailable.
52 min ago by
The worst problem is that with every increase, I have to add $ because we are Canadian and our exchange rate right now is horrible. BWRaffles ends up being $233CA more than the others I mentioned for that same time period even through getawaytoday.com.
12 min ago by
Waiting for JTA to start. Here are some pics from this morning. https://imgur.com/gallery/zDscv
1:18pm by
I see you're in a galaxy far far away!! Cute pics! Enjoy every moment!!
1:26pm by
Cute pictures! Have fun!
22 min ago by
19 min ago by
Hey, anyone going down or want a ride to LA this Sat? I prefer a ride but can drive a one-way car rental too. I am just looking for Bay Area to DLR.
12:14pm on 8/29/16 by
Yay! 801 Will post as we go too. 698 And if all else fails 9312 we can text back and forth because my number is included too :) Laura- this goes for you too! And all other liners who want to meet up :)
3:24pm by
LOL! You guys are too cute!! I like that special liner morse code for numbers ;)
43 min ago by
I'm AP-less. Maybe I'll hang out in the Esplanade and say hi as you cross between parks!
24 min ago by
Testing testing https://imgur.com/a/RpR9k. Haven't been able post pics for awhile. Hopefully it works
9:43am on 8/29/16 by
That's a great pic!! :)
12:38pm by
I like!
12:42pm by
So awesome that you did a Screamin' mini-marathon! And love the Splash pic too!!
53 min ago by
Maybe I could get some expert help please! I am trying to decide the best weekend to go back to Disneyland. My options are Feb 9-13, March 14-19' and April 24-30. I'm trying to go when it's a nice balance of most rides available and not too busy. ThankYou
2:47pm by
April weather will be the best (IMO) because spring is perfect AND those dates are after the Easter craziness and it seems like there's a little lull in late Spring before May kicks up. However, DLR may be doing a Food & Wine type festival in the spring.
3:20pm by
So if as successful as last year, would boost crowds up a bit with a larger draw for regulars/locals to come try something new/seasonal.
3:21pm by
But really, you can't go wrong with any of those weekends so @Jack's advice for looking at hotel rates is a great tip.
58 min ago by
This picture is for @joonieB https://imgur.com/gallery/TRKtB
10:34pm on 8/30/16 by
That made my morning!!! LOL. Thank you for that:-)
6:59am by
I'm glad, @joonieB. I will always think of you when I'm there now :-)
1:35pm by
So... Where's the front?
3:18pm by
WoTD Rocket.
7:53am by
@ jules At a store in our city. I wish it was in park!
2:25pm by
That's what I thought! Bummer you can't play!!! Didn't know they referred the store clerks as CM's lol
2:43pm by
Lol. Yes we are totally CMs! It's been fun learning all the CM lingo and being "onstage".
3:13pm by
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