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Day 5 of 5. It's been crowded and hot, and I still love every minute. Maybe because the family tires out quick and I've been able to single ride and use their tickets for multiple fast passes. :)
12:16pm by
Yet another way Jules shows her generosity to her phonies!! ;) ;) ;)
2:37pm by
9:12pm by
36 min ago by
Looks like the little mermaid ride is going under rehab at beginning of sept! We are there the 18-22- think it will reopen by then? My daughters favorite! Also, is there a site that shows a complete list (other than dl.com)? Perhaps a forecast?
55 min ago by
Touring plans has one. Main Street Mouse has one (but I don't know how reliable they are)
45 min ago by
Is anyone on here part of the lucky fin project? Or have you ever heard of it?
2:55pm by
It is awesome and check it out on Facebook. They are actually having a Midwest get together this weekend in Troy Michigan. I'm hosting a climbing day Aug 20 at a high ropes place I work at during the summers.
8:14pm by
@stosh - do you work at Adventure Park in West Bloomfield? We were just visiting up there and went to that ropes course- twice! Such fun!
8:55pm by
I can't believe I've never heard of adventure park before. I only live a little over an hour away. We are definitely going to have to give it a try!
57 min ago by
Has anyone seen a recent USH touring plan that includes HP morning hour and walking dead?
3:04pm on 7/28/16 by
I was wondering if anyone has done walking dead yet too!?
4:45pm on 7/28/16 by
I will be there 9/4 and will post a short report.
3:10pm by
Please post a link to the TP.
6:21pm by
Yes, please. That would be very helpful:)
8:50pm by
Not really Disney related but trying to help my sister-in-law make some money...would any of you here be interested in purchasing Lularoe clothes if I have a party?
7:52pm by
Oh boy! Let me look at them!
7:56pm by
I haven't had a party yet, but I'll let you know! Do you have Facebook Julie?
8:10pm by
I heard about this on the WDW side. Very popular line over there. I haven't seen them in person, but I think you should go for it. Share a link! Never know!! ;)
8:27pm by
No Darcy
8:49pm by
Had our first DL trip last month and already scheming on coming back next year!!! Just loved that place. What are your fave times of year to do DL and why? We are totally flexible to travel whenever :)
7:45pm by
Oh Halloween... Decorations Christmas .... Decorations All other park days as well!
7:58pm by
I loved Jan after MLK day!
8:28pm by
I thought I should let our liner family know: Matt passed away unexpectedly early this morning.
5:58am on 7/8/16 by
I too hope you are doing well in this time of grief.
7:45am by
Hey Maggie! :)
9:23am by
So sorry to read about your loss Maggie. I so enjoyed reading your MattandMaggie liner posts. Prayers to you and your family.
8:14pm by
I was just checking out ticket prices. O was surprised that the max is 5 days. We are WDW visitors and I'm assumed the ticketing would be similar. Looks like the DL tickets are going to end up costing alot ore that WDW. We were hoping to do DLR 4 days..
2:05pm by
I agree easy using FP's and RD!!
7:03pm by
What are your travel dates? If low or moderate crowds, 5 days should be plenty. Or, plan 6 and take a pool/break day in the middle. Staying onsite?
7:54pm by
Maybe if you really want to break it up do 5 days 1 day with 3 on each side? I think they are good for use over a course of 13 days after first use
8:12pm by
Am I crazy? We decided YESTERDAY to head to California . Our disney stay is Aug 3-10. Myself, DW, DD28, and DD13. None of us have been! Staying on property. HELP! I need the guidance of my fellow liners! Hitting the road Saturday morning. It's a surprise!
6:30pm on 7/21/16 by
Wow! Sounds like a great day!! Thanks for the updates! And have a great day at Magic Mountain!
10:08am by
Would love some pic if you know how to post them here!
10:13am by
Fun thread with lots of info. Really makes me think about a last minute, late August surprise trip. Can't wait to follow tomorrow.
8:07pm by
Any info on when the DLR Halloween Party tix sell out? I saw a link in the WDW chat for historical sell out dates. Thanks!
6:57pm by
BFD .... Bumping for dates. =o)
7:11pm by
I don't have hard data on this. But if I had to guess, I would think Halloween night and wknd immed prior sell out first, then Fris in Oct. I think all the parties do quite well, so if you're set on a particular date (like I was), I would buy early.
7:11pm by
Have a ticket for Oct 5th and 7th
7:59pm by
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