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Here headed to DL
7:38am by
Mr Lincoln
11:35am by
35 min ago by
https://imgur.com/a/P8rP9 Doing my part for wait times!
20 min ago by
10:24pm on 9/30/16 by
Cool! How'd you do it? Are they stitched on?
4:58am by
OMG- those are so so so cute! You should sell them on Etsy- you'd make a fortune!!
7:04am by
Those are pretty cool!
54 min ago by
My girlfriend and I have 4 children under 6 between us and our husbands are going to let us go to Disneyland without them or the kids!!! What are some hotel recommendations for us?
7:38am on 9/29/16 by
Just a warning with Uber, not all of them have car seats and booster seats (or as many as you will need). With the group you mentioned, all 4 kids will need boosters and/or car seats in California
12:13pm by
No User or Lyft.
12:29pm by
Grand Legacy is the best and now they have scrambled eggs for breakfast. Just do not take room 182.
12:30pm by
Can someone suggest a RD sequence for a day when I want to begin with all the tomorrowland and Star Wars stuff including Jedi academy?
10:17pm on 9/23/16 by
Still disconnected and wait times for Buzz isn't too bad during the week. It's usually posted 5 minutes.
8:26am on 9/24/16 by
I really don't like that wall! It obstructs the view to Buzz!
3:32pm on 9/24/16 by
Buzz Lightyear FPs are back.
11:37am by
Ok it is blast off time for me! https://imgur.com/a/mghUk
11:07pm on 9/30/16 by
Super Jelly here as I sit at home....
8:08am by
Yeah, need some good energy SOON!! Heading off to Taipei with heavy heart. Found out last night one of my flying partners passed away. I haven't been in touch with her for a few months but she was doing good. Don't know what happened.Be safe my peeps plz.
10:14am by
Nana our heats go out to you and your flying partners, no on knows what tomorrow brings! Live, Love and Laugh!! Xoxoxoxoxox
11:37am by
I thought I would do some research to help out my fellow liners (and this has nothing to do with my sweet tooth!). Tonight the subject of our research was the s'mores square: https://imgur.com/a/aIOUC And the results are in...YUM! I liked it more than I
12:11am by
T minus 13 days until I sink my teeth into one of those beignets. And maybe a s'more. But I'll save the cals on the PB square. I appreciate your research!!
7:12am by
I didn't like the nuts seen in photos of new PB square, but figured I'd brush em off easy enough, but this is a truly unpleasant development. I'm gonna drown my sorrows right now with my choc glazed Rolling Pin Donuts in GGPARK.
10:38am by
Rolling Pin donuts...that brings me back. 9th Ave and Judah store was my summer job for two years. Nothing like the smell of raw dough and chlorine at 0400. But, my family and friends would always find extra yum yums in their take home bags ;)
10:51am by
Where disney will move the scenery of the Tower of Terror? in the trash? or used again in other attractions?
4:41am on 9/27/16 by
Yep, a great deal of Solash came from the old America Sings.
4:58am by
Splash, not Solash!
4:58am by
The Spectromagic floats were left outside to rot until they ultimately chucked it all into a dumpster.
10:40am by
Obsevations from a DLR regular experiencing WDW for first time. For anyone interested, I'll post some thoughts and photos over the next two days. It starts here. https://imgur.com/a/eVoos
2:34pm on 9/27/16 by
Thanks for letting us come along on your trip, fun times. Yes, you're correct about feeling something familiar yet different. I used to get turned around in Tomorrowland at MK.
3:47pm on 9/30/16 by
Awesome review. Thanks!! Glad you had such a great time, and can't wait for you to take the kiddos. Fill us in then, too!! :)
4:43pm on 9/30/16 by
I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing. And what a great idea to scope it out before taking your kiddos.
9:56am by
And here it is! https://youtu.be/9413LGxpk3g Our first short shot in L.A and our best one yet! No gore/violence and no bad language so it's safe to share here! PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT ON THE VIDEO YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS MORE THAN ANYTHING!
6:27pm on 9/30/16 by
Frightening! Great job. I gave it a thumbs up but could not comment.
8:09am by
Thank you! I really appreciate it! Everyone seems to really like this one!
8:22am by
8:24am by
I had read that there was supposed to be some magic shots specifically at the Halloween parties. Has anyone else heard this or has gotten them during the parties? WDW has them and DL was supposed to be announced before the 1st party as....
3:46pm on 9/30/16 by
There with her
4:44am by
Do you think photo shops would tell us today?
4:45am by
Oh maybe. I did not think about that
6:57am by
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