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Let's talk Festival of Holidays food booths at DCA. What's worth getting, what should we skip?
7:51am by
Thanks! Does seem a little pricey...but we're going to try anyways!
2:09pm by
Third vote for the adobo pork bao- so good! I enjoyed the company as well @milehighminnie!
43 min ago by
As did I, @Wahoo!
< 1 min ago by
Napa Rose - tips? Recommendations? We have Saturday night reservations.
11:16am on 12/1/16 by
Thanks for the positive comments! Any dishes or drinks you would recommend?
7:46pm on 12/1/16 by
Thanks! It wasn't originally on my list for dinner but I thought DH might like something a little nicer. Our kids are good with long meals - DS has food allergies so we're used to longer TS meals. Thanks everyone! I'll have to add it to my plans!
7:50pm on 12/1/16 by
I always get some kind of steak and it has been great every time. We also always get the truffle mac & cheese (for sharing). We leave stuffed but I have to have it!
30 min ago by
Best world of color fast pass section?
11:03am by
Blue FP, bridge leading to Ariel's Grotto or others like tiered area against railings. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFU5sieKGCW/
11:16am by
Front of a high tier is greatly preferable to back of a low tier, so be on the rail, or make sure your small child is if not on the bridge, true for all sectors.
12:54pm by
What a helpful map!
1:52pm by
43 min ago by
Any news about DCA Food & Wine?
2:21pm by
Bring lots of money, that's what we all learned just 2 weeks ago! There were some tasty things, but the prices are outrageous for portion size. Very different than price/size proportion at Epcot festivals. Good news is there are NO lines unlike Epcot.
45 min ago by
^^^That was for the Festivals thing I guess, not Food and Wine. Pretty similar though based on what I heard from Nay about last springs Food and Wine.
43 min ago by
I need help liners--I'm so indesicive about hotels for late Jan b/t DLR or GCH 7 night stay. 3 kids-5,6,8 push me toward DLR but I'd love convienence of GCH. Also considering a suite for more room and more $$ to spend in park near TS lot. Too far though?
12:09pm by
I'm also only in my room to sleep and while I'm sure DLH is fabulous, I would rather have money for other things
2:15pm by
If you haven't looked yet, you might look at Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites. Super great location and decent sized suites
2:51pm by
DLH or GC if you can afford it. I hate leaving the Disney bubble. If Anaheim could do something about all the beggars right as you leave the property, and the people sleeping at the bus stops I might change my mind. Gets worse every trip!
47 min ago by
Hi! Delurking. First post here but regular on WDW page. Off to DL for SW race in Jan, haven't been to DL in 28 years! Have one day in each park. Looking for ideas on dining and snacks. Feel like a fish out of water!
3:05pm by
I'll be at the post race water tent for the half marathon!!! As far as everything else....try it all! Lol
3:06pm by
Like my BFF says " Rise and shine it's butt whippin time" on this Thundering Thorsday phonies! Haven't heard much talk about the Candy canes this year. Anybody wait in line for one yet? They sure look good!!
6:24am by
Oh man...I got all excited too! That's alright BFF...it's always Thorsday in my book but u know that! ;);) My special DL candy cane has a prominent spot under my lil' tree every year. I will never, ever eat it, even if it was the only thing to eat :)
10:25am by
Was going to replace both mattress sides, but after effort of draining and filling the leaky side, I decided to skip the other one and instead booked 4 nights at the ADI&S for Jan 27. So, 58 (~):}
11:41am by
Woo Hoo!! Putting up trees, & have a childhood ornament with a zipper pouch called Santa's Money Bag. When I put it away last year I hid a $50 bill inside to find today!
1:18pm by
Is WOC ever cancelled for wind? It's WINDY today! https://instagram.com/p/BNhhZnpjUW6/
9:52am by
Not when you have to wipe your glasses on an increasingly moist shirt.
11:25am by
Speaking of which we forgot to do our GRR night ride marathon, Marc. Next time! ;)
11:55am by
Colin & I got a night ride, it was fun. Did wear good rain jacket.
12:28pm by
Our trip has popped up in the 10 day calendar! 9 days till our last minute surprise trip! First time surprising kids. Leaving on a Sunday evening, now I have to think of a fun way to surprise them.
8:18am by
Love it when the trip shows up on the 10 day! I'm usually good at surprises but Disney surprises are hard because I get so excited;-) Lots of good ideas here about how to spill the beans.
8:48am by
What a fun surprise!
12:24pm by
My brother and his family have planned a last-minute 1 day DCA only trip to DLR during Christmas break . They've never been to DCA! I'm excited for them but a little scared ;) During those 2 weeks is it Early Entry at both parks every day?
5:24am by
Yes EE everyday, both parks.
6:57am by
I figured. They won't be eligible. But even with the hotels maxed out it isn't so very many people, is it? A few thousand or so? I'll just tell them to be first in line for regular opening;-)
8:51am by
Make sure they understand they should be allowed thru the gates prior to opening then held for RD.
9:17am by
Oh cool. Didn't know that.
10:01am by
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