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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any experience/suggestions with the following hotels by DL: quality inn, Abby's anaheimer, days inn? Trying to decide between the 3 for Nov avengers race weekend. (Also will the prices go up down or stay the same?)
6:19pm by
They are only like 88-98 right now so I thought I may as well get them, but a bit hesitant to commit this far out in case something better comes up??
6:34pm by
Good to know about quality inn. How was the walk to the park?
6:34pm by
Can you book to hold and not prepay? Then cancel if something better shows up
8:27pm by
Does DLR do anything special for Easter? I have read about the egg hunt, but was more wondering about unusual characters who might be out or other activities.
10:21am by
I am hoping to hit up the Easter egg hunts and events second week of April!! Also Food & Wine ;)
2:20pm by
Great pix!
3:12pm by
I've also seen roger rabbit around Easter time. (No pics for proof though!)
7:32pm by
Gabe Question w/Radiator Racers? Will the Gabe work when the park opens at 10:00 and will we be able to do Radiator Racers twice? We won't be doing Mickey's Death Wheel. Help from the Pro's please.
3:17am by
When we were there, I tried to pull another RSR FP 2hr later and wasn't able to do so--CM told me I couldn't pull another one for RSR til after ride time for RSR, but I could get FP for another ride. When our ride time came up, FP were long gone...
7:22pm by
If you have heart set on riding 2x and can't use SR, you may want a runner to get an early time. We were there for 10am opening and line for ride and FP were really busy even on CL 6 day. It is such a fun ride!!
7:25pm by
I really want to try skywalkers strategy next time!
7:26pm by
Just looking for advice on tickets. I purchased 5 day park hoppers for my family and we've had to cancel our trip :(. I don't think we'll be able to make it before they expire. If we can go next year, will Disney honor those tickets towards new ones?
9:01am by
Call disney ticketing, and ask them directly, or sell them to an aquantiance for a discount
12:42pm by
Hey Bob!
1:23pm by
If you sell them in line and you use pay pal and they turn out to be no good for the buyer pay pal reimburses their money and comes after you. Yep been there! Got about $800 back no problem only had to show proof I pay for them at the park
5:38pm by
What is your favorite thing to do in Park? Alone? With family? Anything you wish you would have done that you did not?
6:57pm on 2/24/17 by
Well currently I am missing the RR ride with my phonie! And the wheel house! But soon they will be back in action!
9:59am by
Yep the RR better be up soon!! Love those rides around the park!! Xoxo
2:26pm by
Thumbs up
5:36pm by
I forgot Southwest opened last Thursday for flights so I just made reservations. I have my FB2 airfare all set. Now I just have to figure out coming home. Should I fly or drive?
12:28pm by
Maybe you can get em on the first avail day so they're low low low!
3:12pm by
I bought my flight down too now just waiting to purchase the home flight
4:08pm by
I am driving
5:35pm by
In case anyone is interested, I just spoke with dining CM about BB during refurb. She said water may or may not be drained, but fireflies and ambiance should be typical. Construction noises won't be heard. I think we will be keeping our reservation.
5:12pm on 2/24/17 by
Yep ask 10 different CM's get 8 different answers
9:17pm on 2/24/17 by
I was just there last night and it was the usual ambience minus water and boats. It's definitely worth keeping the reservation!
3:30pm by
@rstill do tell what y'all ordered!!
5:34pm by
We love a good countdown! So let's see them!! My family just got to Dalmatian days today! (101). Which means we are coming up on double digits! Ok what's your countdown??
12:21pm on 2/21/17 by
Sandra Bullock Drama Day here - 28 Days! (Too obscure?)
5:04pm by
Or, "London Rage Virus Day"? Even obscurer?
5:06pm by
Or .... The 28 Day Meditation Challenge " The natural way of meditation is not to know many things but to forget everything. This seems to offer a way to loose your memory lol
5:30pm by
"There will come a day when you can no longer do this, that day is not today!" Heading out for a little 10K, 19F here (7F with wind chill). Can't wait to come back and read what everyone else is doing today. Hoping for a DLR couch trip.
5:11am by
Waving to Debi!!' Oh, well....try to have fun on your trip anyway ;-0. I am locking down FB for sure, hope to see you then. Planning to do party Friday night, PH on Saturday. Just a quick weekend trip, but looking forward to meeting some Phonies.
3:18pm by
Dipper was down all day, but I glanced up as we were walking to car, noticed people in the station, so we should be on in about 4 trains.
4:05pm by
7:52am on 2/22/17 by
I'd love to see that one day @Marko! Sorry Mr Darcy ;)
8:24pm on 2/24/17 by
7:24am by
I think he'd do it Nana, especially for all the attention he would get. He loooves people to fawn over him!
1:07pm by
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