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DCA and DL for us today! I will try to post info and times as much as I can :)
15 min ago by
Have a great day! Looking forward to hearing about it!
< 1 min ago by
Is Roger Rabbit a good ride? I haven't ridden since 1998 and all I remember thinking is I never wanna do that again. But maybe it's time to try again?
10:47pm on 6/28/17 by
Well... I like it. It spins. What's not to like?
49 min ago by
12yo DS and I think it's the strangest ride in the park. (Also, I like to spin but he doesn't.)
41 min ago by
The queue is amazing! I like it but I don't make the car spin anymore than it does by itself
3 min ago by
Need your plan for park hopper. Visiting 1 day both parks for young adults.
11:32pm on 6/28/17 by
Which day of the wk are you going? Are you staying onsite (ie, will you have early entry access)? We can make some suggestions, but with one day, I think the personalized plan is your best bet to do what interests you
4:37am by
Welcome to Chat!! Are you Liz?
48 min ago by
We are trying it today! I can answer questions after :)
12 min ago by
Our home in So Cal closes today. This means I have a shack to stay at only 70 miles away from Disney and I can get a So Cal AP. Not sure I can use one but it is available to me.
51 min ago by
How exciting, Mark! Congrats! I'm eligible for a So Cal AP too, but have never gotten one because they have so many block out dates.
28 min ago by
Are instant FPS a thing of the past now? As of right now I check all of the FP return times and the closest time is 6:20. Im assuming that means the minimum FP time is 30 min.
5:52pm on 6/28/17 by
I'm so jealous :-P I am almost certain Disney will zip this up before I can get back to the parks!
4:40am by
I'm confused by this.. why would they vastly increase FP inventory? Just making the FP line into standby 2? I assume it's because there will soon be significantly less people getting FPs so it's more a front of the line pass.
5:51am by
Or it will slow down SB line a bunch.
31 min ago by
5 min out time FP speculation. On it's face this makes no sense since it will render SB entirely irrelevant, unless this trial is embraced with great acclaim, which it is. Disney is making people love it, then, I believe will take it away. ....
38 min ago by
..... when taken away, they'll happily pay $25 OR MORE per day to get unlimited FPs. There may even be a tiered payed FP benefit system with gold level at $50 per day - or more. With coming Max pass, I believe we're seeing the last days of ANY free FPs.
35 min ago by
5 min return time is not sustainable throughout the day and you will only see it in the morning. Another reason for RD. I believe in pirates.
34 min ago by
The tiered FP system business model is likely. Regular Entry will get you in - standby only. Bronze FP will get you 5 FPs per day and every 2 hours. Silver, up to 10, one per hour. Gold, unlimited, no wait. $50-$100.
31 min ago by
what are the fantasy land hours?
39 min ago by
I am always in FL or that is what Peg says.
34 min ago by
And Welcome to Chat. One of these wonderful people should get back to you soon.
32 min ago by
If anyone is at DLR right now (Nay?) I just saw on Twitter that Bruce Willis is there right now!
6:38pm on 6/28/17 by
I will keep an eye out!
6:50pm on 6/28/17 by
I was SO hoping we'd get a surprise early opening of the RR when we were there 2 weeks ago! <3
7:19pm on 6/28/17 by
I saw him a few years ago. He was getting off a ride as I was getting on.
45 min ago by
For all my liner ladies, I wanted to share my Disney LuLaRoe leggings and mom's shirt. So comfy. I can't remember the last time I wore my jeans since I've been wearing not just my Disney but regular LuLaRoe leggings. They're so soft too.https://imgur.com/
1:48pm on 6/28/17 by
My friend's group on FB is LuLaRoe Pili Thai. She's awesome sauce! I've known her for years. She has some Disney things as well as regular.
7:26pm on 6/28/17 by
Sent a join request! Thank you! My LLR friend is on a summer haitis and has no Disney stuff.
9:29pm on 6/28/17 by
You're welcome!
9:57pm on 6/28/17 by
Is anyone else having trouble with Imgur loading?
3:29pm on 6/28/17 by
I do not use it but I love seeing your pictures.
6:29pm on 6/28/17 by
8:18pm on 6/28/17 by
That is why I switched to google photos
8:20pm on 6/28/17 by
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