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March Magic 3/19: yesterday's winners were splash by one vote and soarin'. Today's matchups are Star tours vs space mountain for DL and radiator springs racers vs toy story Midway mania for DCA!
8:05am by
Oh man! Space Mtn / RSR. (So hard to choose, because I love TSMM and choose it over RSR often. But it's hard to beat that theming in Cars Land. RSR is pretty much a perfect ride.)
1:29pm by
2 for Star Tours and 2 for RSR
24 min ago by
Exactly what Dopey said! Space and RSR.
15 min ago by
Robin needs our pin funds by April 1st so if you down for some time is up lol .
7:22pm on 3/16/18 by
No Lisa, no shipping!! COME TO FALL BALL!!!
18 min ago by
So sorry, I meant Missy!!
17 min ago by
Guess I have LISA on my mind! Lol
16 min ago by
Ways that Cartagena Colombia reminds me of DL: people walk in the streets, souvenirs for sale everywhere, I CAN'T GET A PEPSI TO SAVE MY SOUL!!
10:08am by
Lol wow your up early!!!!!
10:10am by
I love Cartagena!!! We have an office there, and I manage our local entity. Pls say you're having a drink at the Santa Teresa hotel tonight!
12:45pm by
Cartagena just makes me think of Romancimg the Stone. :D
21 min ago by
Mattandmaggie, I am totally with you on the Pepsi, Coke just does not satisfy the same way as Pepsi!!
19 min ago by
Disney's 2018 March Magic merchandise are available. The voting brackets are on Facebook, link on attached. https://www.shopdisney.com/march-magic-event
11:47am by
I just peeked, too. Darn it! I really want one of those tumblers!
1:04pm by
I'm also thinking they're not doing the West coast again this year.
1:05pm by
Don't look there are a lot of cute ones!!!!!
1:38pm by
I'm helping my Aunt & Uncle plan their 1st trip to DLR June 3-5. What is the best place to watch F! w/o buying a dinner package or camping out an hour before? Decent view & short wait is the goal. : )
11:50am by
..when they're willing to wait (if they can go at 40 min before it will be better than 30 though) and see what spot they get. If they like it, stay & watch. If not, then bail & do rides. What I love about the dining package is that you do get the best...
12:39pm by
..of everything, view, wait time & not having to be crammed in & waiting with the FP masses along the ROA is a HUGE bonus as well. DH dreads it when I talk about watching F! with a FP.
12:40pm by
Thanks, Loraine! I know there are several threads about the dining packages experiences, I'll try to find them but if you want to bump or write about your experience again that would be greatly appreciated also : )
1:27pm by
Monday, March 19 at around noon - only one theatre was open for Soarin. Stand by line was 120 minutes. Fast pass line was long due to only one theatre open. Later, they opened a second Soarin theatre. This last weekend, all 3 theatres were open.
12:54pm by
DCA has only two theaters. Possibly you wanted to post on WDW chat as Epcot has three.
1:00pm by
At World? I thought there were only two at DCA, one on each side, each with three bays/lifts.
1:02pm by
Hi all knowing Disney family:) I'll be in Anaheim in 8 days with a baseball team & need some guidance. Is there a safe beach we could take the boys to with eating options near by?
2:20pm on 3/17/18 by
...right there at the pedestrian walkway (Denny's too) so either of those bfast places are great for affordable, walkable & roomy enough for a baseball team.
12:34pm by
Be sure they avoid Captain Kidd's buffet. I don't know anyone who has eaten there and reviews are bad.
12:45pm by
There is also a Tony Roma' s by Best Western Plus Anaheim Inn
1:01pm by
Hi liners. So I have a conundrum. My pass expires on April 11 and I have surgery set for April 19. I probably won't be able to go into the parks for another month or two after the surgery. Is there any down sides to letting the AP ...
1:17pm on 3/18/18 by
Hi @lola we all have maxpass added so that takes care of the grandfathered photopass. But I definitely would be motivated to not let it lapse if I would be giving up some ability to hop etc. Definitely doesn't seem to be a quick answer.
12:33pm by
The So Cal AP is eligible for renewal, the So Cal Select AP is not.
12:53pm by
To clarify, the So Cal Select AP is open to new sales, the other is not. Wish there was an edit option here.
12:55pm by
I'm hoping the rainy forecast scares some of the crowds away this week! Any tips for a DL day in the rain??
8:31am by
Probably just the mom in me saying-don't forget small ziplock baggies for cell phones. Though I'm sure my kids would all tell me *I* am the only one who has a cell phone that is not water proof!
11:31am by
Wool socks! And a baseball style cap under your rain poncho or jacket.
11:48am by
Good Moanday am Phonies!! CL's for 3/18 both Parks was a 6 ... not bad at all. Enjoy the day all y'all's!!
6:32am by
Good Morning Disney Crafting Goddess! Everyone enjoy you last day of winter.
8:19am by
Yes! Amen!!
9:13am by
Nurses, Chocolate caramel, Poultry and Let's Laugh day. New PoTC scene opened today at WDW but not at RD. https://twitter.com/blog_mickey/status/975720301924442112 https://twitter.com/blog_mickey/status/975745651299553280
10:34am by
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