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What the heck is up with the weather forecast next week?!?!?!?
12:20pm by
101!! The World Series starts at dodger stadium next week in that weather !! Amazingly I will be hotter there than it is here for me in the central valley
2:17pm by
It's insane! I very reluctantly canceled my M-T trip. We always say we go to Disneyland to escape the Central Valley heat, and realized 7 out of our last 10 trips is was hotter!
2:25pm by
Earlier in the week it was upper 90s. Can't imagine it being hotter - and I love the heat! Today is just lovely - mid 70s and a nice breeze, and the sun is out!
2:50pm by
I'm going the week after that. Hoping for 30-40 degrees cooler
2 min ago by
I'm looking for opinions for our holiday trip. We can either do Nov 27-30 and stay offsite when parks are predicted to be a 3, or go Dec 11-14 and stay at DLH with MM, but parks are a 6. I don't have the hours for Dec yet but I am guessing the MM at DL
1:14pm on 10/19/17 by
7 am is less crowded than the later ones for sure. A dedication person arrives for 7, almost anyone can be there for a 9am EE!
12:37pm by
I woudl do lower crowds if it were me.
12:38pm by
All great points, thanks!
20 min ago by
Maintenance reboot needed at DL. At the park since 8...Matterhorn went down while in line, roger rabbit when we were 5 pp from front, and now stuck on Small World! Gotta get their acts together...
10:32am by
It happens. Been walked off PoTC, HM, RSR 3 times, BTMRR, Splash, Monsters Inc, Alice. Not much you can do.
11:40am by
We had to evacuate the GRR cus some jerk decided to jump out the raft. We were about to go down the first fall and the water started draining. Then a CM helped us out. My mom had a hard time and almost cried cus she thought she was gonna fall. But ...
29 min ago by
...they gave us 3 FPs for any ride of our choice.
29 min ago by
Rise and shine day one no sleep!! Come in RD!! We are ready! Our first business of order is a meet with Kevin and Julie!!! Lisa keeps telling us why we should be asleep NOW lol
1:40am on 10/19/17 by
Thanks everyone! It has been a great trip so far!
3:09pm by
I finally met Julie, Karen, and Tanya. We only had to travel 2500 miles to meet up! Have a great time at the party tonight ladies!
55 min ago by
Thanks Kevin! It was wonderful to meet you and the family!
34 min ago by
Trader Sam's Hitchhiking Ghosts tiki mug available Oct 24 7am. Haven't seen limit per person yet. https://twitter.com/disneylandtoday/status/921488706896384000
2:51pm by
Limit 2 per guest.
3:11pm by
Day 2 begins with breakfast at Bon Voyage... then HS, and HP! We slept last night! Yay sleep is good! WWW.Do?
3:22am by
We are getting on Pooh, Buzz done, COP also
1:42pm by
Mission Complete!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/zNKK2tDaMNEmg9Ku1 Kevin, Julie and family! So nice to get a hug a say hello! See ya soon I hope!
2:07pm by
BTMRR done, in line to get pics with all four Pooh Characters in costumes
3:10pm by
Is it just me or has Indy gotten bumpy as heck! That and Matterhorn I just didn't seem to enjoy as much
10:47am by
Maybe just my imagination but I thought front seat of Batterhorn less rough than back seat only because better able to see what's coming and able to brace for it.
1:00pm by
Nay's recommendation for relaxing on Indy is a good one!
1:02pm by
I don't like the front seat of Matterhorn at all - bar is too low to hold comfortably. It does help if you relax on both rides.
2:52pm by
Nice to see that since my last visit in April they've done minor changes to Frozen: live at the Hyperion. Remains my all time favorite show in any Disney Park!
2:36pm by
Saw it earlier today for the first time and was quite impressed!
2:48pm by
Jetlag has one advantage: you are ready for early entry in DCA! First time GOTG for me!
6:20am by
Can't wait to get all the tunes in Dec, BFF! GotG and GRR marathon! :)
7:07am by
Oh yeah BFF! Can't wait! Xoxox So @StevenRSCA did ya ride it yet?? LOL Hoping we have another GotG convert here ;)
8:26am by
Well let say I am not yet 100% convinced after riding it twice this morning. Will try to get FP for After Dark later tonight :-)
2:34pm by
CRAP, Happy Birthday Tonya!! Many characters to you!!
12:42pm by
1:40pm by
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