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What one thing do you wish would never leave DL or never have left? I really miss the Skyway!
7:39am on 8/21/17 by
Adventure Through Inner Space?
9:56pm on 8/22/17 by
Another time in Switzerland.
52 min ago by
No Robin that was SFRTH!
< 1 min from now by
Liners, I am just so excited for Halloweentime starting next month!!!
9:07am on 8/22/17 by
Snow & the Dwarfs were spotted in DL over the weekend.
10:53pm on 8/22/17 by
10:55pm on 8/22/17 by
Great pics Nay!
4:58am by
Happy Dance Monday! 2.5 more days of work and it's fun day!! Hope to say hello to those of ya in Park!! Lol
7:03am on 8/21/17 by
Just thinking about you two. Fun times on Saturday, I know you'll be back, gotta use that Premier AP. Safe travels on your way home tonight. Hugs! :-)
1:00pm on 8/21/17 by
Missed riding BTMRR with y'all this trip, we'll need to make up for that.
1:02pm on 8/21/17 by
@nay I'm already scanning the calendar for dates because Bobby and I were talking about missing you on BTMRR, too.
4:49am by
I know Tonya knows this. Talking Mickey meets at Ahwahnee Camp Circle at Redwood Creek Trail in DCA. I don't know the hours he's there. https://www.instagram.com/p/BYE2F01AR69/?hl=en
7:11pm on 8/22/17 by
Oh yes i do. Guess where i will be:)
8:04pm on 8/22/17 by
Can't wait to see your pics!
4:15am by
Dining reservations for my trip are booked! - except WOC Dessert Party. Per CM at DL Dining, October hours are delayed, not sure when they will be posted. Gotta keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue...
6:10pm on 8/22/17 by
Keep at it! How many days out is your trip?
6:21pm on 8/22/17 by
Patience is over rated:)
8:08pm on 8/22/17 by
Yeah, Oct dates are still pretty far away so far as DL is concerned. The wait for things to open up is tough! But you'll be able to get the dessert party no problem
4:15am by
Anyone ever done the dlh afternoon tea?
5:59pm on 8/22/17 by
6:33pm on 8/22/17 by
DW loves tea. Is this similar to the tea room at the grand Floridian? Might have to surprise her in November.
9:11pm on 8/22/17 by
It's not quite the Grand Flo. It's in Steakhouse 55 at DLH. Similar offerings though. I tried to go when it first opened, and I wasn't able to get a table. This was like, the actual first day of it though. So I think you'll be able to get it now. Enjoy!
4:11am by
Has anyone seen the new Rosegold Minnie Ears sequined headband in the parks yet? If so, can you post a pic & the price, please. I didn't see them in the Shop Disney Parks app. Thanks!
7:54am on 8/10/17 by
Who besides Angela wants a pair if we find them ?
10:26pm on 8/22/17 by
@Jules I want a pair so badly. I looked everywhere in DLR not realizing how popular they'd be when I first saw them. I've loved rose gold since before it was "in." I'll PayPal you in advance if you can get a pair for me, please. :)
3:40am by
Sparkles will be in the house of Mouse tomorrow. I will have two wheelchairs, 3 of my assorted children and a Minnie Mouse bow and ears on my backpack. Not sure if I will have sparkly shoes. Flag me down if you see me! Then back thurs/Fri with the girls!!
7:56pm on 8/21/17 by
But he didn't and he did amazingly well. More 'power' to ya ladies! ;)
10:24pm on 8/22/17 by
We are packing snacks, water, and bandaids lol
10:28pm on 8/22/17 by
I'm old and fat:) and get blisters on my feet every trip. I'm excited to have a scooter. So are my feet. And my shoulders. Won't have to carry the big bag o'stuff while going at warp speed.
1:44am by
Let's go fly a kite on National Ride the Wind day. Or you can have some Sponge Cake. CL Tues 8/21/17 DL 4 DCA 6, same CLs two days in a row.
12:11am by
So Disneyland daily reported yesterday that maxpass users are no longer able to grab another fast pass once they redeem an immediate one and must wait until time printed when first one is reserved. Just an fyi!
10:31am on 8/20/17 by
Right after the first time you can use the one I just booked was. Note: this is MaxPass only. Also, found out if you have a FP for one ride, you CANNOT book a later FP for the same ride. Tried to do that for GOTG. LOL.
1:36pm on 8/22/17 by
Let me clarify....you cannot book another FP for the same ride until AFTER you redeem the first. ;)
2:26pm on 8/22/17 by
We got 3 MP within about 40 minutes one right after another on Cal Screaming today. Dd6 was in heaven as she loved it!
8:59pm on 8/22/17 by
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