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Good Magic Monday!! We have phonies in the park again today!!! Let the mini meets begin! Hope you all have a blast!!
6:58am by
Hope they don't send you to level six!!
19 min ago by
We are almost to the shuttle drop off!!!
16 min ago by
Traffic on Harbor is crazy!! Still waiting to get to tge drop off! LOL
1 min ago by
We just returned from our first trip to Disneyland after reading the UG. We steady want to start planning he next! I've been look here for tips, but don't know a lot of the accronyms. For those of you who use a travel agent, who do you use? (con't...)
7:41pm on 3/25/17 by
Try doing a search on the forum.
8:28am by
There is a link to a spreadsheet in the first post. I didn't check how up to date it is.
3 min ago by
March Magic: yesterday's winners were BTMR and RSR. Final four starts today! Space Mountain vs Big Thunder Mountain for DL and Soarin'vs Radiator Springs Racers for CA. Thanks to everyone for voting!!!
8:00am by
BTW and RSR.
12 min ago by
Auto correct! Why! Big Thunder and RSR
11 min ago by
Big Thunder and Racers
4 min ago by
Magic morning parking, first DLR trip from U.K. Next week. We have 3 day hop so MM Tuesday. Seems park opens 7am what time do you think to arrive at M&F parking as we are staying 5 miles south in Santa Ana. We are happy RDers at WDW.
11:12pm on 3/26/17 by
3:13am by
Welcome to the West
5:55am by
Welcome welcome to your first DLR trip! I love 7am MMs! Pixie dust that your parking is smooth for you to make the most of that magical hour! Lots of experienced liners here, so ask away on any & all questions!
30 min ago by
12 days to go! I have made some TPs but not sure we will follow them after RD/first couple of hours. My oldest has ASD and while she is usually ok in the parks we had a bad meltdown in WDW last summer. I'm thinking a little more go with the flow than
5:36pm on 3/25/17 by
..you the pass and have you line up in the exit to load as just groups of 2 to fill in the 3rd row that they often have to send empty when they can't find a party of 2 near the loading area.
37 min ago by
Also, my kids love Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough & all of ToonTown walkthrough attractions (Goofy's, Donald's Boat, Chip n Dale's, the Post Office) to blow off steam, explore, take a break from waiting in lines.
35 min ago by
And I'm sure you know since Animation Academy is her fave, that the Animation Building is a great escape as well. I could sit and draw all day too! So much fun, and just watch cartoons in between :)
34 min ago by
Our company's pension advisor is asking me to advise him on their up coming trip to DL. They are staying on site and I'm assuming money is not an issue. I've always planned on a buget to save money and never stayed on site. I need some things about...
6:53am by
The few times when we've had EE at DCA we've done a modified Gabe that skips the Fun Wheel (since it doesn't open until park open). We've thrown in Little Mermaid and/or Mater's and then either hopped to DL in time for RD (not on a Monday though) or...
51 min ago by
...taken advantage of the fact that we can pull RSR FPs ahead of the crush and gotten our RSR FPs right at the front of the line at RD then straight to Carsland to finish Luigi's/Mater's use RSR FP.
50 min ago by
Then you have so much of your day in front of you to hit up Hollywoodland, Grizzly Peak, Bugsland and even get back to the pier at some point for GSS, Fun wheel & any other pier faves.
48 min ago by
Sorry, I know it has been discussed but.... Best place to sit in ST to avoid nausea? Excited to try @Nana's pressure bands and want to increase theodds of feeling fine!
7:00am by
Front along the aisle.
7:05am by
7:06am by
Alice I never ride it... let me know how it works for you!
7:47am by
@alice, let me know how it goes. I can't ride ST more than once a day (sometimes even once a visit) though I love it! All those 3D attractions get to me now. If it's not nausea, it's the migraines that flare up. Pressure bands do nothing for migraines :(
9:03am by
Hi! Does anyone know what time the Mickey and friends garage opens? I remember someone saying they tried to park there before early mm recently and it didn't open until 7:30?
6:49am by
We are here now and were planning on leaving the car at the hotel all day but they charge $25/hr after 3. Trying to decide when to move the car, now or after lunch.
6:50am by
BTW said 90 mins before reg park opening time
6:52am by
Yes should be 90 mins but opened at 7am instead of 6:30am on the Friday I was meeting Bryan with 8am park open.
7:03am by
Had to save up for a while to get these beauties!! I can't wait to read them! It'll feel just like being at home again. By the way? How are they taking care of the place while I've been gone? Anybody feed that dog yet?
10:05pm on 3/26/17 by
10:59pm on 3/26/17 by
Thanks Nyle! I was trying to get the title via ESP ;) I left after FW tonight, Marc was on his way there. Maybe he packed a few treats?
12:05am by
Someone is feeding him something, he always looks the same never a pound heavier or lighter!!
6:56am by
So do you guys think Fantasmic!! Will be back by the beginning of June? And do you think they will still have the dessert party?
5:04pm on 3/25/17 by
I asked Dusty Sage of micechat.com this very qyestion, and he is saying July. Apparently the new Pirate sequence is heavy on digital mapping, on a moving ship no less, and that is proving problematic.
4:28pm on 3/26/17 by
I also heard July and MSEP will be extended!
10:04pm on 3/26/17 by
Ooh MSEP is being extended!? yesss!!
6:38am by
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