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Naomi, my friend that was with me when I met you in February is back over there, and just text me that she saw you! Hope y'all are having a fabulous time!
10:12am on 5/29/16 by
Usually it's others who fall into Nay's super liner radar! ;)
2:05pm on 5/29/16 by
I have always been super proud of my Naydar, lol. I got in line for RSR right behind Nay and Ken and recognized her from the back of her head;) Well, her hat with the pins, and esp her backpack with a liner button. Sept '14.
6:32pm on 5/29/16 by
She wanted to, but was rushing to Hyperspace Mountain :)
48 min ago by
We won't arrive until mid-afternoon. We will be going to DCA that afternoon (we will go for EE another morning to catch the hard to get rides). Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for what rides would be best to hit in the afternoon??
6:51pm on 5/29/16 by
Oh and Pixar Parade too. :-)
12:23am by
Little Mermaid/Cal Screamin usually have short lines, even peak times. If you are going to do GRR, afternoons are best. Redwood Creek has no lines, TOT FP usually still available. Turtle Talk/animation good in afternoon.
12:58am by
Pixar Parade usually at 5:15 on most days.
12:58am by
I ate about a dozen ladybugs.
12:23am by
With syrup or without
12:49am by
If Im doing The Gabe when do you get the fast pass for RSR and WOC? No EE that day
9:21pm on 5/29/16 by
Whoops just realized when you get FP for RSR but what about WOC and also want to do Soarin 2x.
9:25pm on 5/29/16 by
When we are done with TSMM and the rides in that area we head over to Soarin'. On our way we stop to check on the WoC FPs at GRR. If distributing blue FPs, we get them and go on to Soarin', if yellow we pass and come back after Soarin' to get blue.
12:11am by
DH Mezzmouse, to ALL of our Military Men and Women on this Memorial Day, Thank you and God Bless you. Flags are flying today :-)
6:39am on 5/28/16 by
To all who have served, thank you. It's because of your sacrifice (and your family) that we are still a free country.
12:08pm on 5/28/16 by
Today's Flag Retreat https://imgur.com/a/pFIeU
6:15pm on 5/29/16 by
I want to add my thanks to Alan's and the rest here! Thank you to all the men and women that have served and sacrificed to keep our nation free!
11:58pm on 5/29/16 by
Just booked a last second trip to Disneyland In July and knew Frontierland is under construction for Star Wars. What all is closed down?
9:52pm on 5/29/16 by
Hi Disney friends! We are going to DL on July 23 for 5 days for our sons 7th bday! Our last Disney trip was 3 years ago, so it's been a while. I'm just starting to plan it out and would love to hear the experts top tips, must see/do, must eat. Thank you!
12:46pm on 5/29/16 by
Yes she did looked like about 5 pounds worth lol
8:54pm on 5/29/16 by
Yeah, I do them for every holiday. HUGE hit. Takes like 4 hours to slow cook in the oven! I got the recipe online somewhere. I even have the recipe for Club 33 chateaubriand. That plus BB potatoes is BOMB.
9:31pm on 5/29/16 by
I might need that recipe....any chance you're willing to share?
10:13pm on 5/29/16 by
Is there a way to find out EE for specific dates
12:09pm on 5/29/16 by
not for sure until about six weeks out, but they almost never change, except sometimes get swapped on race weekends and doubled up on very very busy days.
12:11pm on 5/29/16 by
Looking at pattern for this week will show pattern for 95 percent of days over the course of a year
12:12pm on 5/29/16 by
DL Tues, Thurs and Sat ....... DCA Sun, Mon, Weds and Fri And in Disney fashion ALWAYS subject to change lol
1:25pm on 5/29/16 by
9:48pm on 5/29/16 by
I read somewhere that contruction is going on for starwars land? What attractions are closed?
4:00pm on 1/27/16 by
Just be prepped for longer lines at the other attractions.
5:05pm on 1/27/16 by
I see you're coming in for the DL half. HM'll be closed for its usual installation of holiday overlay.
5:09pm on 1/27/16 by
Oh no!! That's my fav ride:(
9:23pm on 5/29/16 by
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