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In parks now. Do you get cheap popcorn refills if you buy a souvenir bucket?
34 min ago by
No. It's only been for AP holders in the past.
5 min ago by
California screamin (as we know it ) will cease to exist Jan 8. :-(.
8:48am on 12/16/17 by
I'm guessing possible Memorial Day weekend which is usually the summer kickoff, pending delays of course.
11:47am by
Fingers crossed.
41 min ago by
Just as long as they don't close cars land when were there!
40 min ago by
Good moaning, phonies. Caroline is banished from the kingdom today, so I'm solo waiting for GOTG, got a FP for it @8:40. But the Big News? I used the security checkpoint for people with NO BAGS! It is a Merry Christmas!
7:54am on 12/16/17 by
I still haven't taken a Lyft or Uber, but maybe one day I will be brave and try it! Well worth the reasonable price, I just think bad thoughts and worry too much. :-)
9:41am by
If it makes you feel any better, you can share your route with someone so they can watch your whole ride in progress. Also, you can see the driver's rating, have their license plate no and name. Don't have that with a taxi!
10:37am by
I used Lyft from Ramanda to DTD $5.80
56 min ago by
In the 80's it was peach, now it's apparently "Rose Gold," just saying.
2:10pm on 12/16/17 by
Haha, yes the rose gold iPhone is a major culprit. My work phone is rose gold. I think the woman who assigned it to me thought I would like having a pink phone. Ummm, no thanks. I'm not a very Elle Woods kind of lawyer! :-P Covered it up w/ a case asap!
5:27am by
Sorry... but I need that jersey. I had a 64 Tbird that color in high school.... in the 80s :)
8:39am by
Omg, I think I just became a little in awe of you! ;)
10:38am by
For anyone interested, ten teams are still in the running to complete #wdw47 challenge. All are in their last park-MK. Check out @parkeology on Twitter to follow along and see how many teams pull it off.
6:57pm on 12/6/17 by
I worded that weird, Melanie. I did know you were doing the WDW47. I was then thinking about the DL one and whether it was possible.
9:45am by
Both the Mark Twain and Columbia were running yesterday, would run both on busier days.
9:53am by
Haha, you're good, Karen. Your comment holds for both coasts: crowds are going to be the biggest factor in my success :-/
10:37am by
Which is better, first week of November or December?
6:47am by
Yes Hahahaha! Yes she does!
7:36am by
Dec is slower
8:52am by
This year the first 8 days of November reported lower CLs than the first 8 days of December, though not by much. Early December crowds have increased noticeably over the past 5 years. Still a great time to go. Longer hours and holiday events all running.
10:00am by
Let day five begin!!!
8:02am by
8:07am by
8:19am by
So much fun!!
8:48am by
Okay guys, I am soooo close to the parks I can feel it!! Waiting on my shuttle, planning my solo day. What should I do first? Who wants pictures of what? Think of me as your couch trip cruise director.
8:42am on 12/14/17 by
Have a fun day! I'm excited to follow your adventures!
8:46am on 12/15/17 by
How much does the fuel rod cost in park?
8:13am by
One time fee $30.
8:27am by
WDW pros headed to DLR for the first time Feb 7. We (4 adults) arrive on a Wed at 10am, staying at Marriott Fairfield on S Harbour. What time could I expect to be in the parks? What type of plan should we use on arrival day?
7:57am by
Oh oh oh! Forgot one thing: SR lines in DL/DCA are fantastic!! There are more than WDW, and none as slow as RnRC. Others have reported slow waits for Indy, but I've always had good luck w/ it. RSR, Matterhorn, and it'll be down when you're here but CS too
8:09am by
I have used it on GSS (also on refurb still I think) with good success and alllllways use it for Splash and GRR (but the water rises are often down in Jan and/or Feb). They tested it on Space a while ago, but it didn't ever become permanent.
8:11am by
Rides not rises*
8:11am by
Good Humpday!!! Rise and shine!! I hope you are all blessed this day! Me I have work then DGMa duty :)
7:17am on 12/13/17 by
Christmas week, been there, done that. Before AP blockouts. O_o
9:54am on 12/14/17 by
Gotta do it once, just ONCE! Although I fully reserve the right to change my mind and sleep instead. LOL
2:31pm on 12/14/17 by
This finally posted to photopass. https://imgur.com/a/r14PV
8:03am by
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