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It's been a great 1st day - park opening in Fantasyland, rode in the front if the monorail. Loved my 1st Trip on Hyperspace, saw the new end of ST for the first time. Max Pass is fantastic. Rode SO many rides. Doing single rider RSR (1st ride at night).
8:27pm on 5/21/18 by
Another magical day ... lots of Fantasyland. So fun to watch the little kids in the mornings when everyone's all smiles. A bit of Toontown. Indy ride #1, Had a great Jungle skipper! Bengal BBQ is so yum!
10:22pm on 5/23/18 by
Haunted mansion, a grand circle tour, Pooh. Got 2 multiple experience FPs, so I rode Indy again and Hyperspace. And paid my respects to Walt with Mr Lincoln.
10:24pm on 5/23/18 by
Together Forever. Glad I saw it but it's not my favorite fireworks.
10:25pm on 5/23/18 by
I bought another USH ap from Costco.
8:06am on 5/23/18 by
Ya you! Happy Humpday Mark!
8:10am on 5/23/18 by
Which one? How much was it? I'm missing those butterbeers. I just hate the drive through LA.
8:48am on 5/23/18 by
I am with you on the drive!
8:50am on 5/23/18 by
So Mark?
10:17pm on 5/23/18 by
I have the AT-AT bucket. Has anyone seen other?
12:59pm on 5/21/18 by
I'm so sorry I didn't see your post till I got home.
9:19am on 5/23/18 by
No worries.
9:28am on 5/23/18 by
I'll plan on getting it for u. I'll let u know when I'm going.
10:14pm on 5/23/18 by
Hi, I'm pugcrazee from the East side of chat. starting to plan my dream trip to DLR (my first) and need lots of advice. I love Christmas so I am looking at the week right after Thanksgiving. 11/26-11/30. Thoughts?
5:11pm on 5/20/18 by
I also love the atmosphere they've brought to DCA by adding festive local entertainment that coincides with the Festival of the Holiday food booths. Really makes the park come alive for the season & showcases all different backgrounds/celebrations.
12:45pm on 5/23/18 by
You will be back over and over again. It's in the popcorn, you cannot resist the pull to the castle!! (I'm trying to figure out how I can go this weekend and ditch the family!)
1:32pm on 5/23/18 by
Lorraine is right. The IASW Christmas overlay is the best. Be in front of it around 5:15 for when they turn on the lights. It's MAGICAL!
10:07pm on 5/23/18 by
We just got our school calendar for next year so I started looking at dates on the crowd calendar. There is only one 2 and a handful of 3's in all of January and February. Feb isn't quite as enticing now!
12:34pm on 5/21/18 by
Late Ayg. and Sept are the last hold outs. See you then.
1:38pm on 5/23/18 by
We'll be there the week of Labor Day. Fingers crossed for low crowds. I grew up in Montana - where you measure travel time in miles: 10 miles equals 10 minutes - lol! Crowds are torture.
1:53pm on 5/23/18 by
We in SoCal measure miles in time. As in 10 miles is 10 minutes. It really doesn't make sense we do this since the time can be soooo different depending on when and traffic.
10:02pm on 5/23/18 by
Thinking of doing DL and CA Adv in late Aug with grandkids that are CA residents. What is the cost of an adult and children's ticket (3&6)Do they vary for CA residents? Also, the crowd during that time of the year seems really low. Does that hold true?
7:05pm on 5/23/18 by
Tickets depend on the day. So cal tickets not currently offered at that time. We have gone the last two years end of August and crowds are not terrible.
7:20pm on 5/23/18 by
More and more local school districts are in school mid to late August now. It used to be more crowded as SoCal AP were unblocked but schools still out, but now it's less crowded then.
9:57pm on 5/23/18 by
Looks like mobile ordering is available for passholders!
10:18am on 5/21/18 by
Thank you. I wouldn't have known or thought to reinstall the app if not for you.
6:40pm on 5/23/18 by
We come in handy every now and then. Lol ;)
8:56pm on 5/23/18 by
More often than "every now and then" especially for WW :)
9:54pm on 5/23/18 by
Hi Liners! I was looking of old, old photos of our visits to WDW in the mid-90's. That specific time feels so nostalgic to me - classic 90's Disney! Do you have a particular time or park that just evokes all those nostalgic, Disney feelings?
8:26am on 5/23/18 by
I saw the Party Gras parade from around 91 recently and it was the best parade I have ever seen.(although I have only seen the WDW parades and not DLR).
9:09am on 5/23/18 by
I get that feeling each time I enter DL
2:48pm on 5/23/18 by
Victoria I had a moment (well actually about 15 mins) in WDW when I was able to go on People Movers!! Again and again and....
9:09pm on 5/23/18 by
I miss Peoplemover!!!
9:50pm on 5/23/18 by
I know all school districts are different, but around when in June do you really start seeing crowds increasing because of summer break? I'm assuming somewhere around mid-June since that's when the SL AP's begin blockouts.
8:45am on 5/23/18 by
Another for the block hands down!
8:55pm on 5/23/18 by
Went last year end of June. Have always avoided summer because of crowds but had to go when we went. Was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable crowds were. The block makes a difference for sure.
9:17pm on 5/23/18 by
Thanks guys! We just want to get a good full day in before the summer crowds hit for good.
9:49pm on 5/23/18 by
Flo's new Famos Chicken Fried Chicken did not go over well with us. The garlic mashed potatoes w/gravy was too salty, the chicken had very little meat and way too much fried coating that was also too salty. Nothing like the Plaza and almost as expensive.
7:26pm on 5/23/18 by
Can't improve on good chicken!!!
8:51pm on 5/23/18 by
It seems Flo's menu keeps getting worse. The original menus were my favorite.
9:47pm on 5/23/18 by
Yeah that new menu does not look like an improvement.
9:48pm on 5/23/18 by
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