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Best spots to watch the 2 main DL parades? What's the waiting rule? I read something about only taking your place 1 hour before? Does everyone stand around then at 1hour mark grab a seat? And what about for pixar parade in DC?
7:28am by
There is a space by the bathrooms on east side of castle across from MH. I've gotten curb or 1 removed for 2nd MSEP no more than 15 min before the start every time I tried. DCA parade route is the longest of any Disney park, finding good spot shouldn't
21 min ago by
be an issue. For both finding spits gets easier the farther back into the park you go. I've no experience with the new system, but have never waited an hour for a parade anyway.
19 min ago by
If you can wait for the second parade, I highly recommend it. The early parade is where you see people saving curb spots for a long time prior
9 min ago by
Is storytelling at fantasyland similar to the storytelling with belle in WDW where the kids get chosen to be part of the play?
7:34am by
But prioritize the Magical Map!
58 min ago by
Even tho my only princess interest is wildly inappropriate, this is entertaining. We saw BATB, and it's 2 midevil storytellers with a comic slant. Belle is in it as well, piano plyaer accompanies.
23 min ago by
Stay after for a meet and greet!!!!! Just hang around!!
18 min ago by
5:34pm on 4/27/17 by
That's what I am thinking too but I need to try things once. Peg already said no to $45 grapes and crackers.
7:05am by
I could swing it with an adult bevvie. I won't do it for just food :-P
48 min ago by
I wish they gave more information about where you actually sit! Looks like some fun...
24 min ago by
Morning phonies on this freaky Friday! Countdown is at 6 days for me. Arriving on Star Wars day. And I have a new GotG shirt to wear for the 5th. Packed and ready to go I am!!!
6:59am by
Yay! All is right is right with the world, Nay!
50 min ago by
Oh bother Batterhorn offline.
45 min ago by
Woot Debbie!! Not sure when I'm going to make it next week, depends on how I'm feeling. I hit a wall this week. Whoops!
28 min ago by
Couldn't help but wake up with a song stuck in my head, it goes "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." oh wait! That's because it's MY BIRTHDAY!
12:40pm on 4/26/17 by
You are now officially in my phone my friend!! "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dearest Maggie, happy birthday to YOOOUUU!!" Sent from across the ocean with lots of lava!! Cheers!! :)
11:38pm on 4/26/17 by
Happy Birthday Maggie!!!
32 min ago by
Late to the party, but happy birthday!! (I keep forgetting to check chat!!)
28 min ago by
Hi friends, I will be with my wife and two daughter in the June 19 week DLR, excited!! Any advice of a touring plan for 4 days (my kids are 8 and 4) at the parks
6:33am by
I do not use but do not forget the tall shoes for the little one.
7:13am by
Good advice. Check the height of the four year old. 40" is great and 42" is optimal. If the child is a hair shy, tall shoes is a necessity.
58 min ago by
I would make personalized plans instead. Pick what you want to do. You'll get to do everything (most probably several times) in 4 days. Have fun!!!
48 min ago by
I would also plan a lunch at Ariel's Grotto with girls that age. Food is great, and princesses are fun! You could also do Plaza Inn for breakfast one day. Best bang for your buck on char meals. You should see 8-10 char during your ADR.
39 min ago by
I had WiFi in DL today! We were at the Jedi Training and I just checked and it worked! Not sure how long it lasted because I didn't recheck.
6:44pm on 4/27/17 by
Shooting into the 21st century like a.........snail.
6:20am by
I figure the only reason wifi is going in is to support the new fast pass system. It means it's coming soon.
56 min ago by
It's been spotty this morning.
51 min ago by
For those of you that were asking about the wear time for jamberries, here is a pic 10 days later https://www.instagram.com/p/BTbq5xOFlmU/
7:28am by
Jenna they look great
58 min ago by
Need advice liners..we get in to SNA at 6:30 pm tomorrow and fly out at 7 pm on Sat, cheap flights and traveling with my 6 y/o rockstar liner. Tomorrow is TP 7, while Sat is a 9. We can either close down tomorrow night and beach it Sat or RD Sat and sleep
8:03pm on 4/27/17 by
Brea so sad I will must you and you cute Son!!! It was so good to meet ya and visit in the East!! Lol
10:18pm on 4/27/17 by
I know Jules! I'm bummed to, would have been fun to wander around and spend some more time with you. Hopefully it will happen on the next few months.
4:56am by
Crowd get bad around 11am
7:07am by
Happy dance!! Its THORS day! My last work day before SBF3! Finally!!! Can't wait to get there!
7:03am on 4/27/17 by
Oh Jody that is too bad. For some reason I was thinking you guys were going:(
4:04pm on 4/27/17 by
Not only is it still Thorsday, it must be Happy hour for you now Jules!! Cheers my friend! See some of you soon :)
6:00pm on 4/27/17 by
10:26pm on 4/27/17 by
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