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Thinking about doing a character meal during my solo time in May...thoughts on the best one?
5:20pm on 2/4/16 by
@Brownesdousa it sounds like the Ariel's may be the better choice as it did seem like the lines to meet princesses in the park were always full. Go to Toontown to see Mickey, get there before the gates open to see other characters, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto..
12:49pm by
Minnie all came out a few minutes prior so we had great interaction...we were also first to see Mickey & I felt like we got a lot of time with him!
12:51pm by
Hi, not sure if you are hitting animal kingdom, but the best character dining we have ever exprienced is Donalds Safari Bfast!
2 min ago by
Gonna be a rough day....have a couple super needy babies today and my normal co-teacher is off today. Here's to surviving!
9:17am by
Well nana, I think you better come clean on that one!!!!
30 min ago by
It's all very G @matterhorn....maybe add a P in front of that ;)
22 min ago by
Hahaha! I just thought you meant a free something something from the drink cart!! This is a better over share than I expected!! ;)
4 min ago by
We made it! Checked into the GC, room was ready :) It's a stunning resort! Unpacked and headed to the parks!
50 min ago by
woo hoo!!!
47 min ago by
47 min ago by
Keep us posted in your adventures!
32 min ago by
Yay!!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Immerse yourself in the magic @kellybelle! :)
24 min ago by
I'm wondering if we will get to see quite a bit or will it be way to crowded. Just want an idea of what to expect
43 min ago by
With EE you are set to go for a great experience. Early mornings are fairly light even in summer. Spend some time here reading threads, asking questions, and you'll get great tips. My advice with 8 is to 'demand' that everyone follow your lead for...
39 min ago by
...the first 3 to 4 hours, then relax and be more flexible. You can involve them in planning so they have been able to give you their priorities and have a basic understanding of the plan. You will lose valuable time if you are negotiating with 8 about...
36 min ago by
...what to do next during those valuable early hours.
36 min ago by
I have a friend heading out there next week and am trying to give her a little solicited advice :) She has 3 kids, under 8, & DH. The 1st thing I am working on is which days where. She has three days, and I am suggesting two at MK and one at DCA.
2:57pm by
Tu-Th are best on crowd calendar, with Monday and Friday following. In WDW, we avoid early entry parks (she is staying at Res. Inn), but does that matter at DCL?
52 min ago by
Early entry will not have a big effect at DCA, definitely OK there. If going to DL without EE you might head to Pirates, HM, Splash and Pooh first on that day (and Indy if doing) because those with EE will be in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.
44 min ago by
Also Toon Town won't open right away, so you'll be on even footing if you head there when it opens--easy to see Mickey and Minnie and ride Gadget and Roger Rabbit with little wait--will be very crowded there by noon.
42 min ago by
So we have 4 kids 9,7,4,1 at time of trip in July and 2 adult friends that will be doing both parks for three days. That's 8 people in total with park hoppers all three days and we are staying at paradise pier so each morning we will have an extra hour.
44 min ago by
Most. Awesome. Rope. Drop. Ever. Maybe 200 people total grouped up at the different lands - strolled right in & are in line for PP. Great start!!!
8:09am by
The lion dancers were fun. They're from an area kung fu studio and were pretty good. They did a good job engaging the kids up close, but I didn't capture a good pic of that. http://imgur.com/n8eBMNJ
2:15pm by
Oooohhh, how colorful!! Any firecrackers?! :)
2:23pm by
No firecrackers, unfortunately, but the percussion for the dancers was authentic and very very loud!
49 min ago by
Word of the day: soarin. Happy Friday everyone!!!
7:17am by
You are too sweet @joonie :)
2:24pm by
Yes, Naomi's OVERSHARES are the best ever!
2:33pm by
We love the Nana
2:55pm by
So we are considering becoming Annual pass holders. For the signature passport I only see the two weeks at Christmas blocked out. Is that correct? Which restaurants are included? And should we upgrade there to get the max amount of days?
11:37am by
Does the discount work on dining packages like the Paint the Night Blue Bayou?
12:30pm by
Yes to discounts. The app says "AP discounts may apply" but people have been getting them.
12:55pm by
2:33pm by
Getting very busy now, potc line longer than I have ever seen. Saved our AP popcorn to eat on the ride then went to cafe Orleans. Had pomme frites only to have room for beignets and bananas foster crepe sooo good. Food coma tho. Glad I made ressies for..
1:14pm by
Carthay tonight before VIP woc, never would have got in by the looks of it
1:15pm by
Yummmm :)
2:25pm by
2:31pm by
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