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In line for WOC dessert party. CM says it's not really assigned seating, they sort of look at you party size and assign as you get to the podium. Doesn't look like tables, but there are folding chairs.
15 min ago by
46 peeps for FB2!!! What a great group!! Wonder how long this meal will last 3+ hours lol
6:16pm on 10/17/16 by
I might be able to meet up with you in the morning of the 14th. It will depend on my work schedule, but I'll know more in the next couple weeks.
12:47pm by
I'm not in until after 9 pm on the 16th
4:10pm by
14th RD!!
23 min ago by
So when I'm there November 18-20 the Christmas parade is at 1:30 and 4:15. Will it be dark for the 4:15 parade?
4:29pm by
Sun sets at 4:46pm those nights so not quite dark yet
4:49pm by
But not daylight either? Sweet
4:52pm by
Also the parade you want to see for Mickey's birthday has. Even removed from the schedule for now ;(
25 min ago by
8:32am by
WDW wifi was very glitchy in the beginning of magic band use so hoping DLR doesn't have those issues.
4:51pm by
WDW has over over used the FPP and stand by lines are longer than ever. Come on do you really need a FPP for Figment? FPP is just another way to limit rides. I really hope DLR does not go that route.
5:56pm by
Well I was grateful for Ken's hand written FP!!
26 min ago by
Just got back to the hotel after our day in DL! Awesome. I wouldn't say anything super magical happened to report (except my ds9 and ds6 made it 12 hours. They are awesome. Wait times were busy but we went with it. Could have been worse.
9:42pm on 10/20/16 by
That is why Marc / @ralfrick renamed it the Batterhorn. It has always been a horrid ride.
5:58pm by
I'm excited to ride Ghostrider at Knotts since they completely replaced the track & got new trains. It had gone from 1 of the best woodies around to tortuous, almost unrideable, and so far worse than Batterhorn words fail me.
6:42pm by
Right hand side is some what better.... but you won't catch me on it!!! ( unless 4kiddos asks me to say hi to Harold for her again) lol
32 min ago by
Anybody know how Utah Educators Association school recess Oct 20-21 will effect crowd levels?
2:21pm on 10/14/16 by
DLP was at least a 6 today. That explains why I'm seeing all the Utes shirts.
7:20pm by
Oh and 30 mins for Monsters Inc tonight.
7:22pm by
Lol 30 for Monster should come in higher than a 6
36 min ago by
When did they remove the turnstiles and middle benches at Tiki Room? They were there at Labor Day, gone today.
4:09pm by
To be clear, I mean in the queuing area, not in the show itself.
4:11pm by
About a month ago. The HM exit turnstiles are gone too.
4:12pm by
Yes! Very happy to see the HM turnstiles gone. Wish they would get rid of the rest.
5:20pm by
The turnstiles at IASW need to go!
7:03pm by
I've been reading posts on other forums that Monsters Inc ride will be closing, no end date given. Will that area become Marvel-related?
8:53am by
I love roz. Great to see her at laughs floor at wdw.
12:23pm by
We like Monster's too, but it is pretty lonely back there. The theming of that area of the park can best be described as hodge podge. It needs some TLC.
2:04pm by
What's odd is that the MU hat is about the most common hat after ears. But I never see anyone wearing anything Marvel-themed. I know DLR is not a museum but what ever happened to building on what is already there?
6:56pm by
I paid for my rooms at http://www.getawaytoday.com/ for FB2 on 9-22 and it posted on my CC on 9-23. Yesterday I got a 2nd CC charge for same amount from GAT.com. They told me to just dispute it and knew there was a problem with the double bill.
8:27am on 10/20/16 by
What!! I thought you were at Grand Legacy! There was about 4 groups there lol
7:52pm on 10/20/16 by
Clarion is nothing spectacular, but it is cheap and clean - with it being right across the street from Toy Story Lot, not a bad walk back (after using Shuttle of course)
11:54pm on 10/20/16 by
I do love Grand Legacy but with Dave coming I needed 3 beds. We are doing this trip on a budget.
6:03pm by
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