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Tomorrow is first day of DDs high school graduation trip. Hitting DL for first day. Any suggestions for best gluten free dining options?
3 min ago by
Haven't been in a while...never gone for only one day, But that's the way it is this time. A couple of quick questions: Can one day tix use fastpass? How does that work with tix on phones (used to room keys)? Is new WoC worth it? Thx
5:39pm by
Agree! PTN and DL FW instead of WOC.
7:37pm by
Yep yep I agree with my phonies @mark and @ wahoo
8:16pm by
I agree with everone, lol
16 min ago by
Almost to 60 days. What time do online ressies start. Stroke of midnight? Also, what time can I call for Frozen Boutique?
7:17pm on 6/20/16 by
Stopped by the Frozen boutique in DTD on my way to the parks this morning. Ressies are 1-60 days in advance.
2:27pm on 6/23/16 by
6:57am on 6/24/16 by
What is the frozen boutique?
37 min ago by
Hi Disney friends! We are going to DL on July 23 for 5 days for our sons 7th bday! Our last Disney trip was 3 years ago, so it's been a while. I'm just starting to plan it out and would love to hear the experts top tips, must see/do, must eat. Thank you!
12:46pm on 5/29/16 by
He liked world of color too but bit as much. His other favorites were the computer screen game thing outside the animation academy where you take the quiz and it tells your what character you are
11:23am on 6/1/16 by
I was trying to decide between WOC and PTN. Glad I saw this because I think my 6 year old would enjoy it more, too!
12:22pm by
56 min ago by
How long is it to disneyland area from LAX vs SNA? Will arrive early September wednesday night 9:30pm in LAX vs 10:30pm SNA. Trying to figure if it is worth the extra $30 per person for SNA
1:46am by
WW shuttle paid with a hug!
4:26pm by
That's our Jules <3<3<3
4:28pm by
8:23pm by
Hi all. I'm a WDW veteran headed to DL for the first time in Jan for the Star Wars race. What are the top need-to-know things I should know about DL?
8:56am on 6/21/16 by
What is ToT?
8:19pm by
8:22pm by
Tower of terror
8:22pm by
Anyone have a Tropicana discount code?
7:55am by
No sorry! But I will be there and can go check em out for you if you like next visit?
4:30pm by
Julie, You are great. I will call to see what they will do for me.
4:56pm by
Okie dokie!
8:17pm by
Julie, no "V" neck for us.
10:02am on 6/24/16 by
4:05pm by
Nope! PIE!
4:25pm by
Haha! Agree not the same effect on lines! PIE!
8:12pm by
If you were to do just one, would you recommend Paint the Night or World of Color?
11:58am by
4:22pm by
If you're not a parade person is ptn worth it?
5:41pm by
Yes. I wasn't a parade person until PTN
7:30pm by
CL Fri 6/24/16 DL 6/4 DCA 8/4 Happy Saturday all.
7:44am by
I need to see your photos--DH has been asking about Gunnison since our kids were toddlers. Now I can trust them to not fall in;) We need to go but I need encouragement (not a fan of mountain driving!)
4:36pm by
Here's my "we're hiking to THAT river?" face. http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m16/ralfrick/20160625_163237.jpg Maybe we'll make it back alive with a pic from the bottom.
6:07pm by
I'm so impressed with your adventurous side. Great pic! Hope you return safely:)
7:12pm by
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