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Good moaning, phonies. Heading home, small consolation that I get to put chains on on a garage. If anyone's interested here's micechat anniv schedule for next weekend. I'll miss some of DCA day to go see Hillbillies, but will be at most everything else.
8:36am by
Snow behind me, ribs inside me, Caroline's turn to drive, countdown til next trip 5.
12:30pm by
Woo hoo! Won't probably make it to parks next weekend, will have to see...
26 min ago by
What's your RD plan at DLR? Seems like most head to PP? Anywhere else?
8:28am by
Unless you are pretty fast and aggressive it can be hard to do PP first without ending up in a significant line that eats up a bunch precious first hour time.
9:52am by
9:55am by
40 min ago by
Where my dlr crew going to wdw end of dec? We are 8 days out and my friend just cancelled :( can't decide if i should postpone, cancel, or go alone
7:09pm on 1/20/17 by
I am not going to Harry Potter this trip, I am only there until 1/31 and not willing to give up WDW on a short trip. Jules, Lisa, Tonya not going either. It's a Disney only trip. I have 2.5 days there end of March with my kids.
12:21pm by
You all going really are the best. Of course all these Disney people are pretty top notch too.
12:26pm by
And I guess Jenna has a trip to keep. I know we like these guys so much we are doing SBF3.
12:27pm by
I have a question. Since you can't get a CD with your images on from the PhotoPass+ package. Is there a way to get your images on a CD? I want to get the $99 photopass package when we go but I would like all the images on a CD. Is there a way to do this?
4:10pm on 1/16/17 by
Just ask the photographer if they do magic shots. If you find Lorenzo, he's awesome. He took 3 of the 4 pics http://m.imgur.com/tEe8qqE The chimney sweep one turned into a video. I saw one pic of the girls at DL center hub with Pascal on Jules's arm,
11:06am by
They're so cute Nay!
11:11am by
Magic shots are the best! I've never had the chimney sweep before!
12:02pm by
Is the Frozenshow worth it? As far as taking the time.
4:12pm on 1/20/17 by
And I think Aladdin as a production is a hard act to follow!!
10:49am by
I would go to DCA and watch Aladdin twice a day. I saw it over 30 times, including its last showing on January 10, 2016. I've seen Frozen three times, and I'm done. Siigghhh....
11:43am by
Yeah, I thought the Aladdin production was amazing. I was surprised when it ended. I thought it was such a great tribute to a film that's been out for a while but is clearly a classic!
12:01pm by
Are there any cheat sheets for DL/CA like the ones for WDW at easywdw? His maps were really easy to read and so helpful.
9:27am by
Not that I know of sorry someone may chime in soon. There is one on the DL app
10:08am by
DL is so much easier to navigate and the planning is easier too, so there doesn't seem to be as much need for those type of things here. Welcome to the DLR side!!
10:20am by
CL Friday 1/20/17 DL 1/2 DCA 2/1 It's squirrel appreciation day. This one was gathering shreds of paper napkins when I was at Sleepy Hollow in MK. :-) http://m.imgur.com/sMOl5Fd
12:56am by
Lol! Freeform channel is currently showing Dumbo. Then Alice, Hercules, Pocahontas, Bugs Life, Incredibles, Frozen, Mulan. Repeating same movies tomorrow.
9:50am by
La, la, la...hmmm...What? Oh! SQUIRREL!! LOL! Julie knows me well! Ha! Super cute pic, Nay! The wind is howling outside. It rained most of the night so it must be blowing it out of here. It's a good day to snuggle up on the couch and watch some Disney!
10:08am by
But sigh... It's off to work I go. Have to be there at 2:00. Heigh ho, ho hum...
10:10am by
Waking up now from my Disneyland hangover. I had soo much fun at the MSEP party. I went live on FB too to share with y'all. That's all I got right now.. I need some caffeine!
9:59am by
Thanks for the trip!
10:05am by
Fireworks on Jan 20th? Delayed or cancelled?
9:47pm on 1/20/17 by
Idk were they? I sadly was not there
7:45am by
I've wondered if there is a site that tracks this! Maybe the DL fireworks have their own facebook page or twitter account where it's tracked? Would be nice for us FW geeks to have a count on annual delays and cancelations!
8:44am by
@disneylandtoday answers tweets if it's cancelled due to weather ie wind. Didn't see anything last night.
9:48am by
did they replace tower of terror with another ride?
9:24pm on 1/19/17 by
The movie is awful. Worst Spielberg movie ever but the comic was amazing. Some of the best satire ever written and now Howard does not have to have have pants. Did I mention pants? So Disney sued Marvel for HtD not having pants. that was Donald's trade
7:27am by
No! It's really funny, but it's campy retro 80s funny. You have to totally let go to get into it, and ignore reality, common sense, plot holes, etc. Definitely worth renting off Netflix.
7:54am by
The music was good. Too bad it was only on vinyl at the time.
8:53am by
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