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CL Sun 5/1/16 predicted/actual DL 7/9, DCA 8/8. Was fun seeing the Dapper days and Bats Day in the Parks. At least DL didn't close for capacity like last Sept for Dapper Day.
12:07am by
It was a lovely day with you Nay!! Thanks for coming along with us :-) https://imgur.com/a/IdrJj Mini meet up with us all in one photo to prove we met up!!!!!
12:55am by
Thanks for the pic!
1:15am by
Great to see everyone again. Give X & E a hug from me.
1:44am by
Is there any way to find out which restaurants the amazing balloon animal artists are going to be at?
7:20pm on 5/1/16 by
We have our very own balloonist here!!! Each time I see his new work I am impressed!!
9:52pm on 5/1/16 by
Tortilla Jo's and Naples, everyday for lunch at dinner! (I'm one of the balloon artists occasionally :)
10:20pm on 5/1/16 by
Welcome to chat @steamerl!
1:14am by
Anyone have experience with Firefly car rental in LAX? They are the cheapest so far but I don't want to end up in a bait and switch situation and a larger bill than expected or horribly long waits. Last time we used Enterprise but they are 2X the cost
1:27pm on 5/1/16 by
a forum was saying the AD code was getting questioned &/or rejected after mid april dates, saying it's expired at car pick up, even after online check-in. Hopefully anyone who uses them here will have smooth sailing. If anyone does, keep us posted.
11:40pm on 5/1/16 by
@Schirm, I think you're on to something with the AP discount ; ) Thanks for the background info on the codes, funny that at transposing mistake took off like wild fire on some forums.
11:45pm on 5/1/16 by
Okay I booked my Alamo rental we picked up today with the 2 codes mentioned. They would not honor the discounts, said they were expired. I did the straight to car, but to get out of lot you give them your paperwork. My $60 car became a $120 car today. Ugh
11:57pm on 5/1/16 by
7:23am on 5/1/16 by
Thank you! Our Alice photo to share: https://imgur.com/a/9e06M
11:49am on 5/1/16 by
12:53pm on 5/1/16 by
Im late to the tea party! Lol. I can't believe I almost missed my favorite WOD. This is still one of my favorite pictures: https://imgur.com/OefK1fV I have a bug I can't seem to get rid of. My body doesn't hurt anymore but now I can't breathe out my nose!
11:57pm on 5/1/16 by
What's up with the huge difference between predicted and actual crowd levels this year? We go when it's supposed to be a 2 or 3, and see afterwards it measured as an 8,9,10. I'm going through predicted/actual records on the website, happens continuously.
7:53pm on 5/1/16 by
I must be used to these crowds because today has been great for us! We didn't even get here until 1:30 and have had an awesome day. It seems less crowded than Vets Day/Avengers race weekend. Certainly less than Columbus Day was.
10:52pm on 5/1/16 by
Avery and I were just talking...I only got run over by a stroller once all day, and she was only stepped on once, so for us that makes it a 3. :-)
10:53pm on 5/1/16 by
@Wahoo, your crowd assessment cracks me up!
11:00pm on 5/1/16 by
Has anyone eaten at Uva Bar in Downtown Disney? We had dinner there yesterday and it was pretty good! Yummy flatbread and garlic fries!
7:38am on 5/1/16 by
We had the pineapple hard cider on tap...seriously delicious
9:10pm on 5/1/16 by
Wait... There was pineapple hard cider?
9:13pm on 5/1/16 by
Matt we only had one each we were going to return later that night but when we got the bill we thought twice lmao!!
9:51pm on 5/1/16 by
Newbie here so sorry for many questions. Should we plan on entering through main gate or GC's entrance to DCA for EMH if we plan to be in line 45 - 60 mins ahead of EE time? We are staying at PP if that matters.
4:27pm on 4/30/16 by
Welcome! What time of year are you going? I did 60 mins before EE in Jan with great success. But generally the Main Gate is better.
5:42am on 5/1/16 by
We will be staying at the GC- do you still recommend the main gate? (Asking because I have a mom feeling that we won't be at the front of the line!)
7:04pm on 5/1/16 by
Yes. Even if staying at GC, use Main Gate if you don't plan to be there at least an hr before RD. That GC entrance is available to any guests of the 3 onsites, so it clogs quickly. Enjoy your stay @ GC!
7:31pm on 5/1/16 by
I'm trying to set my plans for this coming race weekend. We are going to breakfast after each race before we enter the park. How do I change the start time for the plans. Each time I try to edit the time resets to the opening park time. Thanks!
9:34am on 5/1/16 by
Now I could go and just let the magic tell me what to do next!
1:53pm on 5/1/16 by
Lol or your phonies as in my case lol
3:44pm on 5/1/16 by
Thanks for all the advice!
6:56pm on 5/1/16 by
OMG Dapper Day pictures and videos on IG and YouTube are making my day! Please tell Dapper dress in Sept is allowed :)
1:23pm on 5/1/16 by
Justin's (our favorite DL blogger) GF has on the cutest red with white dress today. One of my IG friends has the cutest vintage Minnie hat. I am in love! The expo looks so awesome too. I so want to be there.
2:41pm on 5/1/16 by
They do look good.
3:31pm on 5/1/16 by
Chyanna why are we not there!! Lol
6:51pm on 5/1/16 by
We are here! And by here, I mean Ontario airport. On way to get rental car as we speak.
12:05pm on 5/1/16 by
Does that ALL exclude Muwaaa?
3:30pm on 5/1/16 by
Exclude?? Never. Yours come with extra sweetness ;);)
3:52pm on 5/1/16 by
Lol WC&C woooohoooo!!! Xoxox
6:50pm on 5/1/16 by
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